The Premiers !

The Premiers were born in San Gabriel, California in 1962 when the Perez brothers, John and Lawrence, decided to form a band. They scored a hit in 1964 with a revved-up version of Don & Dewey's Farmer John.
By "Louie Louie-izing" the tune, and adding cheers and screams courtesy of the all-girl Chevelles Car Club, they created an infectious dance party anthem. Their sole long-player was supposedly cut "live at The Rhythm Room in Fullerton," but was in fact cut live in the studio like the "Farmer John" single, with friends brought in to give it a "party atmosphere."
And a party it is!

The Premiers - Farmer John

The Premiers - Duffy's Blues


BwcaBrownie said…
Thanks so much for Farmer John - the love of my life was playing that on December 18 1964 when I first saw him, with a little less mariachi and a little more bluebeat perhaps, but the sound was pretty much the same.*sigh*

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