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A Bloody Drunken Mix !

Howdeeeeeeee y'all !!! I hope you all had a good summer ! (or winter if you're living on the other side of the world). Mkay, summer's almost gone ! First of all, the good news of September is... the new album 'Every Goddam Thing To Hell' is coming ! Crazy. We're actually working on the new website as well, to welcome the new baby as it should be. You stay tuned !!! ok, & I've actually found the time to make this drunken mix during one lost hour ! Damn right, it's a bloody DRUNKEN mix ! Yep, not a mix with only songs about booze (some of you out there did that brilliantly for a few past occasions), but about songs & noises you might hear when you're actually spaced out, & songs & noises you might sing/shout when you're not totally yourself ! And don't deny it ! (ok, humbly, I did the whole thing, that's why I choose those specific songs hahaha) Awright ! Enjoy ! And bloody hell, next month is Halloween !!!! Yours truly, Fr