Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 17) !!!


Yes my zombies friends !
It's the mighty horrific horrible bloody return of the most downloaded mix of the year, I say A BLOODY HALLOWEEEEEEEN MIX, freaking part n°17 !
Holy Bela, it sounds like this blog is 17 years old...but wait !
STGW is already 7 years old !
Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! (sorry, there's a bug).

& I know some of you awaited the whole year to hear these 31 bloody bloody songs !
This Rev. frost sure looks strange to me !

(ok ok I wanted to make 2 mixes this year, but aaaaaaaargh, I can't find the proper time - so enjoy this one !) The mix has everything you wanted in it, even a polka !

Ok and while you're here, grag you bloody copy of the Bloody Tomahawks first 7'' 45 HERE ! Children of the night ! What music they make !

And bloody hell (new game, count how many 'bloody' appear on this post), sorry in advance (or really late) to y'all who emailed me those last past months and to whom I didn't answer yet, it's been some crazy times here, sorry again !

Alright, enough talking (ok, writing I agree), it's time to roll bones and to get outta your graves, enjoy this new gem, brought to you directly from the crypt of Radio Frost !!!!


Bring The Music !

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 17 ! (67:27)
Tracklist :
01. Kenneth Alwyn, Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra - The Devil Rides Out
02. John Zacherley - Happy Halloween
03. Jimmy Oliver - The Sneak
04. Sheb Wooley - Purple People Eater #2 (Ben Colder)
05. Baron Daemon and The Vampires - The Transylvania Twist
06. Gene Sikora & the Irrationals - Tanganyika
07. Cricketone Chorus & Orchestra - The Headless Horseman
08. The Big Bopper - Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor
09. Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians - That Little Old Graverobber Me
10. Jack La Forge - The Cleopatra Kick
11. Edwin Astley - The Phantom Of The Opera
12. The Cavaliers - Haunted House Polka (Thank You Bloody Lee !)
13. The Swingin’ Phillies - Frankenstein’s Party
14. Morgus With The Daringers - Werewolf
15. Dickie Goodman - Dracula Drag
16. Vincent Price - To Raise The Dead (Edit)
17. Nelson Riddle - In The Hall Of The Mountain King
18. Josh Logan - Dinner with Drac
19. Gene Moss And The Monsters - I Want To Bite Your Hand
20. A George Crumb Interlude
21. The Chantays - Space Probe
22. Jimmie Hombs with the Invictas and the Hollywood Rebels - Voo Doo Dolly
23. Thurl Ravenscroft - The Headless Horseman
24. Carl W. Stalling - The Haunted House (Mickey Mouse 1929)
25. John Carpenter - Turn Around
26. The Deep River Boys - Swinging at the Séance
27. Ronald Stein - Dementia 13, Main Title
28. Black Albinos - Ghost Party
29. Bobby 'Boris' Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers - Bella's Bash
30. Outro
31. Douglas Byng - I'm a Mummy


And to those who want to download/hear the previous mixes, click EER !


Monster said…
Anonymous said…
Muhahaha... excellent.
Anonymous said…
Yo, Rev
Have just downloaded your bloody new mix and, as usual, it's bloody brilliant!!
sue said…
Reverend Frost said…
Anonymous said…
I'm a mummyyyyyyyyyyy! Spectacular!

Anonymous said…
rev, you scored again !!!!!!!!!!!
billyclex said…
whew, I was worried you wouldnt have your hallowen mix.

thanks for the great tunes
Reverend Frost said…
my pleasure folks !
Yes Billy, I was a bit afraid too, but hey, I HAD to find the time !!!
Thank you !
MMcC said…
Thank you for putting together another one! Gotta love it!
Ol' Shane Of The Dead!! said…
Yo Revvy Baybee!!!

I came here just hoping to find something like this and sure as hell, you never disappoint!

Can't wait to hear it!
Anonymous said…
Fangtastic! Can't wait to hear it!
Reverend Frost said…
All I have to say is
D. said…
Holy Fester Addams, I've just had a listen and yes yes yes it's bloody fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you very very much
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday STGW, nearly happy birthday Tom (31st right?), and damn, this one's good!
Aussie Jack
Reverend Frost said…
Pauline said…
Thanks Rev, it's awesome-love it! wow that haunted house polka.....
Reverend Frost said…
Thank you sister ! Yes, perhaps the most horrible track of this mix ! along with 'I'm a Mummy' (which already traumatised our friend Rick here)...
and of course, MUWUWUHAHAHAHAHA !
Sarah said…
Hey rev thank you very much for this one, it's a true piece of art :)
Bob A. said…
Since a certain satellite radio company destroyed what used to be a great seasonal Halloween station, your mixes (all 17 now) have been a welcome, and vastly superior, replacement. Thanks so much for your efforts!!!
Chris said…
I was in a vintage store in Camden (London) in 2009, looking for a little bit of lycra with which to complete my John McEnroe costume (as one does), when I first encountered your mix. Thus began one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Don't ever stop Rev. You are a Halloween god.
Reverend Frost said…
A big MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA to you Sarah, MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA to you too Bob (yeah, I know, I loved this station too !) and of course, MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA Chris, you're right, Halloween is all about Lycra. And McEnroe.
Thanks !
Mark said…
Frighteningly good mix! Thx.
Anonymous said…
>I know it has been already said, but I love you man - music, mixes and all - thank you & happy halloween!!!!!!!
Reverend Frost said…
I Dig you two too !!!!!
Anonymous said…
I vant to bite your hand rev !!!!
Reverend Frost said…
Go Avay ! Go Avay !
Anonymous said…
Thank you, good Reverend!
Reverend Frost said…
I bid you velkom !
Anonymous said…
another er.... beauty!! happy halloween!
thank you,
Reverend Frost said…
Happy Camper said…
fuck yeah! every year I wait to hear another installment from the epic world champion!!
Reverend Frost said…
And of course, MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA Mr Dinobyte !!!!!
Anonymous said…
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