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A Bloody Love Mix, Part 2 !

Awoooooooo Ladies & gents !!!! It's good to see you again on this part of the interweb ! Well, to start this new year on the good foot (what? already February? Sorry, I think I fell asleep on the couch and must have rolled off !) and in addition to Valentine's day that's coming in a few days, yep folks, here's your bloody love Mix, Part 2 ! Love ! Hate ! Treason ! Love ! Hate ! Prison ! Love ! Love ! Mistakes ! Love ! pheeew, I'm already exhausted. Yes ! Love ! And as always, it's dedicated to all my brothers & sisters out there, all the good folks I've met or not, well, you got the picture, it goes straight to you all, and especially you the girl in red, oh you ! in white too! you ! in black too ! well, errrrr, to y'all ! And yes, the mix does has some hidden messages, some running gags (Elvis baby, Elvis !), more running gags, and a lot of twistin' & shakin' & bumpin' tracks ! Hope you'll like it ! And if you