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Tales From The Archives, Part 3 !

Yes me dears, as promised, here's a little lost-&-found post from the depths of this very blog ! I tried to get all the requests from the comments, emails and by pigeon, and if I forgot any request, please don't stone me to death. Well, that's a fine playlist ! Have a good week and thanx again ! B. Bumble And The Stingers : * The Green Hornet Theme * Wayne Walker : * All I Can Do Is Cry * Papa George Lightfoot : * When The Saints Go Marchin' In * Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra : * Jungle King * Johnny Western : * Cowpoke * Johnny 'Guitar' Watson : * Gettin' Drunk * Jess Hooper With The Daydreamers : * All Messed Up * Sister Rosetta Tharpe : * Two Little Fishes And Fives Loaves of Bread * Little Richard : * Hurry Sundown * The Tempos : * See You In September * Rev Frost says 'Rev it up and ouch'

Johnny Burnette Rock'n'Roll Trio !

Yes folks ! The legenday Johnny Burnette rock’n’roll trio ! Boy, I can’t believe I forgot to post his avatar after 4 years of blogging (thanks for reminding me in the last comments)! The band was one of my first musical shock ! Well you know, nobody’s perfect. So yeah, make room for John Joseph "Johnny" Burnette ! After leaving high school, Johnny tried his hand at becoming a professional boxer, but after one fight with a sixty dollar purse and a broken nose or an encounter with Norris Ray, a top paycheck of $150 and a broken nose, he decided to quit the ring. He went to work on the barges traversing the Mississippi River, where Dorsey Burnette also worked. Johnny worked mainly as a deck hand while Dorsey worked as an oiler. Both of the brothers worked separately, but they would take their guitars on board and write songs during their spare time. After work they would go back to Memphis, where they would perform those and other songs at local bars, with a varying array of si

Chris Kenner !

Born in the farming community of Kenner upriver from New Orleans, Chris Kenner sang gospel music with his church choir, and moved to New Orleans in his teens. In 1955 he made his first recordings, for a small label called Baton Records, without success, and in 1957 recorded his "Sick and Tired" for the Imperial Records label; Fats Domino covered it the next year and the song became a hit. Moving to another New Orleans label, Instant, he began to work with pianist and arranger Allen Toussaint; this collaboration produced in 1961 a ton of classics hits. In 1962 he produced his most enduring song, "Land of a 1000 Dances," which was recorded by Cannibal & the Headhunters, Wilson Pickett and The Action. Yep, Kenner's recordings were marked by his rough-hewn voice and the elegant arrangements and piano of Toussaint. Now dance, baby dance !!! Chris Kenner : * Sick And Tired * * You Will Be Mine * * Land Of 1,000 Dances * * Don't Make No Noise *

Forbidden Island !

Aloha dear children of the strange ! Beware ! This is music with the hypnotic enchantment of a jungle paradise filled with both the romantic and the forbidden ! Rrrrrrrrrrrr This is music of a unique and spicy flavor. This is the lure and the spell of Exotic Island ! The arrangements in this album were scored by two very capable musical beachcombers—Joe Kuhn and Bob Louden. The Surfmen include such top west coast musicians as Paul Horn, Roland Bundock, Jimmy Rowles, Al Hendrickson, Alvino Rey, Jack Sperling, Sam Weiss, J. Castonza [sic], Milt Holland, Gene Estes, Ann Stockton, Emil Richards. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Yeah, I know, I’m tired) The Surfmen : * Forbidden Island * * Taboo * * Luau *

Warner Mack !

Enough love? Born 1936 in Nashville, Warner McPherson began his profitable association with Decca, becaming "Mack" thanks to an inattentive secretary. He wrote his debut single "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)" and scored a Top Ten hit that remained on the country charts for over nine months and crossed over to become a minor pop hit. He later signed with Kapp Records and produced several albums for them. After performing on the Grand Ole Opry, he re-signed to Decca, where "Sittin' in an All Nite Cafe" made it to the Top Five. Anyway, Warner Mack now records for Bridgewood Music ! Say Hi to Mack ! Warner Mack : * Rock-A-Chica * * Too Bashful *