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A Bloody Reverend Mix !

Chidren of the night ! My dears ! Ok, first of all, the ‘Blues Rules’ festival was a total blast. Good friends,good times, good whiskey and a fantastic crowd. So things are getting really good for your host from now on ! And…ok so here’s the thing, I hope you won’t mind too much, but as things are getting tied for me, I can’t find the proper time to choose my records and pick up an unknown genius every week. So I’m going to keep this blog alive of course (and frankly, I’ve been asking a lot of readers), thee bloody mixes are your favorites, so hell yeah, I’m gonna keep the mixes (maybe I don’t know, once a month, you tell me, sounds good to me anyway) but I have to really slow down things concerning the artists posts ! I truly hope you don’t mind thee big change ! Honestly, I don’t want to close or abandon this very bloody blog, it brings me (and brings you all obviously) some real joy, so let’s keep this little monster alive shall we. So, to start this new life (hum), this is your mo