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A Bloody Wiseguys Mix !

Alright you bandits ! This is a long awaited mix (it’s been ASKED many times really), based on a thing that doesn’t exist, a bizness that is more valuable than showbizness itself, and frankly, what two business have traditionally been recession-proof since time immemorial? Certain aspects of show business and this thing... Okay paesani ! It’s time to load your guns, sharpen you knifes, and put on your best (Armani) suit ! & since I’m no longer on Facebook (eh eh eh), I can totally expose myself here, so yes, this bloody mix is dedicated to my friends, family (dad & dad’s friends), and… awc’mon, it’s only movies ! And YES my dears, it’s a good opportunity to hear the new Bloody Tomahawks’ track ‘(I’m gonna) Burn Down Your House !’ And what d’you mean, we can’t sell millions with titles like that ? Remember, there's an old Italian saying: you fuck up once, you lose two teeth. Enjoy ! Rev. Frost Presents… A Bloody Wiseguys Mix ! (73 :54) Tracklist: 01. Takeshi