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The Revels !

Howdy-Ho Y'all ! Something perfect for this winter, while dreaming of waves ! The Revels weren’t an actual group, but one of the several surf-hot rod acts of the 1960s that were actually comprised of California session players and songwriters. They released one album, a novelty-concept LP of sorts jammed with songs about the then-hot slot car craze. Masterminded by Gary Usher (who produced the record and wrote most of the songs with Roger Christian). Their recording range from downright cool and fun to modestly interesting. Their impact on the music scene far outweighed their own success, and the legend lives on ! They were formed out of a San Luis Obispo, California high school band in 1957, naming themselves Gil Serna & The Rockets, and being renamed The Revels in early 1959 by leader Norman Knowles. The name reflected the group’s penchant for partying and beer drinking ! The band become known for, in tandem with their own legendary drinking. Some tunes were an allusion to

Hold Me, Squeeze Me, Miss Me !!!

WOOHOOOOOOOOO Oh boy....I'm back. Again. Did you miss me folks, did you, did you? I feel like Dr. Emmett Brown, really. I think I'm the first time-traveler blogger. Time-slippin-a-billy y'know. Hum hum, who cares about another 4 months hiatus? You? Oh Sorry. Anyway, great to be back (for the 65325th time) !!!! Everyone's ok? Anyone for doo-wop? Frankly, my life has been pretty much Doo-Woply lately. The Orioles have been called “the first R&B vocal group !” (yeah, like New Kids On The Boll...hum,Block) Formed in 1947 as the Vibranaires in their hometown of Baltimore, they changed their name to the Orioles (the Maryland state bird) a year later. These five street-corner harmony pioneers imparted a skilled, soulful edge to the standard pop-crooning style of the day, and their appearance marked a shift in popular taste from big bands to small vocal groups. The Orioles established the basic pattern for the doo-wop sound: wordless, melismatic harmonies surrounding

Aloha From Hell