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Rev. Frost Meets Mr. Monsterhead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys & Girls & Ghouls & whatever the hell else, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 'On this perfect day of Halloween 2010, two madmen (known under the pseudos of ‘the infamous Rev.Frost’ for the first, and ‘Mr. Monsterhead’ aka ‘Destroy All Monsters’ aka ‘The Kreature’ aka ‘The Thing’ aka ‘Mr Freeze’ for the second) released and unleashed a free album on this crazy thing they called Internet, just for the guilty pleasure to ‘spread the good word’ – and to f*** about nice Halloween parties too – let’s be honest. El mondo is loco.' Yep, it’s a real present, 8 original tracks for freakin’ FREE / NADA (it’s copyrighted though), no seriously it’s free until the end of the year, so that means, if you’re reading this and see no dowload link, boy, you’re too late. No Luck. Muwuwuhahahahahaaaaa. Oh yeah, it’s free, it’s fun & dark, it’s been hard work too, blood, sweat & tears (no, not the band), we sincerely do hope you’ll appreciate our little gift ! So here’s your download

Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 16) !!!

MUWUWUWUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA ! Yes my friends, this is your second and last Halloween mix for this year ! 'tis the night ! 'tis the night ! This one's even more wilder than the previous one ! It even includes a track from my evil twin (with long black hair), [Destroy All Monsters] ! Yeah, the kinda brother you kept in a cave for 150 years, you know, the creepy one ! Boys, it's been a real pleasure to throw those mixes out there once again, and don't worry, I will be here next year (except in case of aliens abduction, murder or whatever the hell else as mentionned before) Have a good one and thanks for thee bloody comments !!!!! Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 16 ! (61:16) Tracklist : 01. Intro 02. Evan Foster - Hearse Full of Souls 03. The Fuzztones - I'm The Wolfman 04. Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones (Demo) 05. The Moontrekkers - The Bogey Man 06. Jack Starr - Halloween Party 07. [Destroy ALL Monsters] - Kreature (Shears of Fate) 08. The Verdict

Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 15) !!!

'The dead, the dead, forgotten this many a day ! ' Hooray children of the night ! Halloween's return ! My friends, as I said previously, my favorite season of the year is coming fast, no wait, it's almost here ! I know you've all waited all year for your bloody annual pint of blood, the good ol' bloody halloween mix ! This one's the 15th, no less ! A certain tradition here is to record a special track for the mix - so here it is, an epic & bluesy transfusion of the Tales From The Crypt Tv Theme, errr no less ! Hope you'll like it ! Of course, there'll be one another mix in a couple of weeks - and maybe a sweet surprise ! (yeah maybe, 'cos we never know, we could die for example hehehehehe (witches laughs please)) Anyway, enjoy the mix my dear monster friends, see ya in 2 weeks ! Muwuwuhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Your mad friend, Rev. Frost ! Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 15 ! (58:03) Tracklist : 01. Rev. Tom Frost – Tales