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June Carter !

Valerie June Carter was born June 23, 1929, in Maces Springs, Va., the second of the three daughters of Mother Maybelle Carter of the legendary Carter Family. Her mother taught her to play autoharp (and later guitar) and in 1939, she and sisters Anita and Helen Carter were appearing on Border Radio as members of the Carter Family. When the original Carter Family retired in 1943, she sang and played rhythm guitar in the family group, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters, on various radio stations. From 1950 onwards, for many years, they were regulars on the Grand Ole Opry. Hell, for the rest, go watch ‘Walk The Line’. Or read. June Carter - Juke Box Blues June Carter And Carl Smith - Time's A Wastin' June Carter - The Heel See you tomorrow for yer weekend bonus !

Varetta Dillard !

Varetta Dillard was one of the great unknown blues shouters of the 1950s. Dillard became known for her tribute songs to fallen heroes. She recorded "Johnny Has Gone," in memory of late vocalist Johnny Ace, in 1955 and was pressured to record "I Miss You Jimmy," in tribute to James Dean, after switching to the RCA Victor/Groove label in 1956. Although she subsequently recorded for Triumph and MGM's Club subsidiary, Dillard ended her solo recording career in 1961 and joined her husband's gospel group, the Tri-Odds. Children, read the whole story here Varetta Dillard - Double Crossing Baby Varetta Dillard - Getting Ready For My Daddy

Big Jay McNeely !

Cecil McNeely and his older brother Bob grew up in Los Angeles, where jazz reigned on Watts' bustling nightlife strip. Inspired by Illinois Jacquet and tutored by Jack McVea, McNeely struck up a friendship with Johnny Otis, co-owner of the popular Barrelhouse nitery. McNeely's live shows were the stuff that legends are made of -- he electrified a sweaty throng of thousands packing L.A.'s Wrigley Field in 1949 by blowing his sax up through the stands and then from home plate to first base on his back! A fluorescently painted sax that glowed in the dark was another of his showstopping gambits ! You can read more here Big Jay McNeely - Jay Walk Big Jay McNeely - Just Crazy

Ersel Hickey !

Best remembered for the rockabilly classic "Bluebirds Over the Mountain," singer Ersel Hickey was born June 27, 1934, in Brighton, NY. Inspired by Johnnie Ray, in 1951 Hickey entered a Columbus talent contest and took home top honors, winning $500 and committing himself to a career as a pop singer. After discovering Elvis Presley's landmark Sun recordings, Hickey switched his allegiance to rock & roll and in 1955 cut his debut single, the Fine label effort "Then I'll Be Happy." Epic issued "Bluebirds Over the Mountain" in January of 1958. Despite the label's enthusiasm, the record reached only number 75 on the Billboard pop charts, and would prove Hickey's biggest commercial hit. Later the subject of Bluebirds Over the Mountain, a typically excellent and comprehensive Bear Family retrospective, Hickey died following bladder removal surgery on July 12, 2004. Ersel Hickey - Bluebirds Over The Mountain Ersel Hickey - Goin' Down That R

The Creep Part 2 !

Hello my sweet ducks from outerspace, No music today but something cool too. I don’t know if you remember my review of ‘what-I-call-a-fantastic-movie’ called The Creep, but I just wanted to highlight the whole thing today. Mr Wray & Mr Draeger known as the madmen from Bakersfield made 2 fantastic movies that I do own (gna gna gna) ,and they’re working on 2 others. The point is, they paid me a lot of money to talk about their work (about a million bucks), and you all know I’m a cupid guy, I always think about money all the time. So go check out their trailers on their MyTube Page , bloody brilliant stuff. ("A splendid piece of twisted sick sense of humour in a gorgeous black and white; “The Creep,” atmospherically filmed in Central, South and East Bakersfield is part Twilight Zone, part Mad Magazine.And it's introduced by Famous Monsters of Filmland’s Forrest J. Ackerman !" All you readers, B-Movies fans, weirdos and winos out there, I want you all to buy their stuff

The Velveteens !

Do you like Evil low-E surf song with guitar ,piano, ,hand claps and reverb-b-b-b-b ? Well, to start this week like we should, here comes The Velveteens ! The Velveteens - Dog Patch Creeper The Velveteens - Johnny's Jump (via yousendit until I get my bandwith back)

Happy Paddy's Day !

HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD, PASS ME A BEER WILL YA. Ok what's next? Maybe the sky will definitely fall on my head or something. I'm out of bandwith - again - so SAY HELLO to yousendit, and say hello to Big Willy II !!! This post is dedicated to all the good folks around the blogosphere (eg all the people on your right specially Chris, Mark, Brian, and a thousand others), and to my brothers Sami, Freeze, El Capitan, Felipe Del Clamaro, Morad, Moshe, Fabrice (Niort), Fabrice (Marseille), to that crazy girl I met in the Foggy Dew one night, Sean, Wreckin' Fonzie, Wild Pascal aka Ritchie, Darrell, BBB, Romain, all the geezers who got me drunk in Dublin for 2 years, Ennio-where's my fish baccala-, Shane, to every person who sent me an email while I was down, to every reader of this tiny lil' blog, and of course to Mrs Frost. And Pogue Mahone to the rest. The Pogues Feat The Dubliners - The Irish Rover The Dubliners - The Wild Rover See you next week !


My dear angels, this is the return of the curse of the year of the slug. Like a hairy werewolf, I've been cursed. I'm sitting here on a cyber-thing (yes, they don't have espresso so I don't know why they call that place a cyber-café), just to let you know that Big Willy (my dear computer) passed away this morning. Like his master, I always knew he didn't like mondays. Like a proud soldier, he died without saying a word, not even a beeeeeep. The funeral takes place tomorrow, so everybody should wear black, to pay respect to the best computer in the world. In the tradition of the olders, I'm gonna burn Big Willy and say computers prayers. Ashes to ashes, screwdriver to screwdriver, Rest in peace Big Willy. Amen. You can send your money directly to Rev Frost. Rev Frost, him again, will be return soon. Give him the time to find the money. If your hear in the next few days about some rockin' guy who robbed a bank in France, you'll know what to think.

Machito !

Yup, sorry about the other day, sorry about the hard words (I bet I still have morphine in my brain – Daveyboy ?Morphine ?) So if my bandwith is dead again, there’s nothing I can do about it. Sorry. Hell, it’s just a website after all ^-^ Ok, ready to shake your butt ? The "little tough guy" Francisco Raúl Grillo was born in Florida of Cuban parents who returned to Cuba. Arriving in New York City in 1937, he played in the Xavier Cugat and Noro Morales orchestras before starting his own band. Machito and his Afro-Cubans, including Bauzá, René Hernández, and Chico O'Farrill, along with Dizzy Gillespie, played a pivotal role in the acceptance of Latin rhythms by American jazzmen. These top arrangers were attuned to the leading big bands of the day and rivalled them while breaking new ground in Latin and Latin jazz. This led to an association with Norman Granz, whose recording "experiments" with Machito and Charlie Parker and others became historic achievements. Mac

Don Willis !

Breaking news : Don Willis died in Memphis March 1st. Stop . Maker of one of the all-time great rockabilly record Boppin' High School Baby. Stop . Can’t post the b-side « Warrior Sam », it’s too scratchy. Stop .Bloody year. Stop . DO NOT FUCKING LINK DIRECTLY TO THE SONGS THANKS. Stop . Have a nice day. Stop . Don Willis And The Orbits - Boppin' Highschool Baby

Message !!!

Hello y’all. I’ve just realised that my bandwith was dead (yes, dead - but someone is really nice to me at, so ok, of course, thanks ‘cos it means that the site is running wild BUT , I’ve just found out A LOT of ‘sites’ were linking directly to the songs. Wrong my friends. I pay for my file hosting service to give you the best, or at least what I call the best, in music . So FOR FUCKS SAKE , please stop sucking the bandwidth and link to the site not the files Jesus Fuckin’ Christ. So if it still goes on this way, I will stop posting music. Simple. Thanks for your time. Love from Hell, Rev Frost

Wild Instrumental Party Vol.2 !

To start this week on the good foot, here’s the return of the legendary wild instrumental party ! HOORAY ! HOORAY ! Yup, 15 strange,weird and killer tracks compiled by your favorite ghoul ! Dance !Shock !Thrill ! Tracklist : 01.Teddy And The Rough Riders - Thunder Head/ 02.Black Albinos - Shish Kebab/ 03.The Renegades – Geronimo/ 04.Bill Duzan – Shaften/ 05.Aki Aleong And The Nobles – Torture/ 06.The Starfires - Space Needle/ 07.The Rhythm Rockers – Madness/ 08.The Rally-Packs - Bucket Seats/ 09.The Dee Jays - Sunday Patrol/ 10.The Telstars - Pow Wow/ 11.The Sierras - Party At Taco Towne/ 12.The Hustlers – Migraine/ 13.Jimmy Takeuchi And The Exciters - Diamond Head/ 14.The Zircons – Congawa/ 15.The Sho-Men – Slowly. Here's the whole thing ! Wild Instrumental Party Vol.2! Sorry ‘bout the rapidshare link, but it’s too big for me file hosting service. And just in case you missed it, here’s the link for part 1: Wild Instrumental Party ! ENJOY !

All Messed Up !

Drac says 'Well, I feel like livin' And I feel like dyin' I don't know, I guess I'm all messed up.' Contrary to a widely-held belief, Jess Hooper is not a pseudonym for Charlie Feathers ! Recorded in 1955, the two tracks here are the thin line between blues & country (yeah, that’s what we call rockabilly, stupido – ah ok, sorry). Anyway, it’s an original Meteor Recording! The Meteor label was part of the original Memphis constellation. Started in 1952 by the Bihari brothers to record blues, they soon branched out into C&W and rockabilly and although the label was short lived (gone in 1957) they made their mark. Enjoy your meal. Jesse Hooper With The Daydreamers - All Messed Up Jesse Hooper With The Daydreamers - Sleepy Time Blues FRIDAY BO-BO-BO-NUS ! Bosstones - Mope-Itty Moope + Have a nice weekend !

A Bloody Come-Back Mix !

Folks, to celebrate my ‘real’ home return (I mean, no more medecine, and uuumm no more job, big fuckin’ thanks to our stupid society, don’t be sick or you’ll be fired), here’s a little goodie, a stupid lesson of bric-a-brac, a bloody come-back mix !!! (aaaaaaaaaaaa) Mixed last night with my best friend jack and coke –I know, I shouldn’t-(29 minutes ? 3 Glasses ), this , well, thing is dedicated to you, yes, YOU, my dear soul&roll readers.(do I sound like I’m selling you something ? sorry) Speaking of job and career ( rev frost in an office ? let me laugh/cry), I have a big info for you all…no wait, not now, but VERY SOON I promise. Anyway, someone is working really hard in New York while I’m writing… Meanwhile, enjoy !!! Playlist: 1. Billy May – The Green Hornet Theme 2. The Bangers – Baby Let Me Bang Your Box 3. Davey Jones – The Chase 4. The Swanks – Ghost Train 5. Jackie Lee Cochran – Mama Don’t You Think I Know 6. The Fabs – Dinah Wants Religion 7. Marty Cooper Clan – Happy O