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A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 !

HOOOOOOWDY ! hey brothers & sistas, it's not too late, we're never too late, so the bad ol' Rev wishes you hap-hap-happy bloody new apocalypse year !!! The end of the world ! Woof ! 'Twas about time ! Ok, in other words, in times of crises like this, and like they were saying in Pompeii, 'all you need is lava'. Enough morosity, hooray for love and depression ! Is there someone in the room who refuse 54 minutes of honest and wild love? Hum? No one? I was sure of that. So, my dear faithful friends, grab this one, play it loud as always, give 'em low kicks, give 'em a real hard time (I'm talking 'bout the moroners here of course), and as Jesus said 'Are you gonna love all each other, you idiots' YEEEEEEHA, it's a blooooody love mix, part 3 ! Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 ! (54:46) Tracklist: 01. John Buck & The Blazers - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair 02. Bobby Freeman - Speedo (The