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Scotty McKay !

Unfortunately, Max Lipscomb is probably better remembered for the three months or so that he was a member of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps than for his own solo career as Scotty McKay ! Max began his life as a Blue Cap as a backing singer, but was soon moved to rhythm guitar and he ended up playing piano (the first time a piano was used on a Blue Caps session) at the December 1957 sessions. Lipscomb travelled to Philadelphia to look up Frank Slay and Bob Crewe, who agreed to record him, and - apparently at the suggestion of their business partner Dick Clark - changed his name to Scotty McKay. Under the direction of Slay and Crewe, McKay recorded "Rollin' Dynamite"/ "Evenin' Time" for Parkway. In that same year, Scotty was signed to Johnny Vincent's Ace label, on which he had six singles released between September 1960 and October 1962. The first and best of these was "Little Liza Jane", with accompaniment by Fats Domino's band. By 1965, Th

Carl Belew !

Hello Hello Hell-o!!! Carl Belew is one of a long list of performers who moved on from making small rockabilly records to country music fame as both a singer and songwriter. His rockers include 'Cool Gator Shoes' and 'Folding Money' on Four Star for whom he made his debut in 1955 after being brought to the company's attention by Marvin Rainwater. By the following year, he gained his first widespread exposure thanks to appearances on a pair of California-based radio programs, Town Hall Party and The Cliffie Stone Show. In 1957, he performed on the Louisiana Hayride. Our man is best remembered as a songwriter whose work was covered by an eclectic group of artists ranging from Patsy Cline to Gene Vincent to Andy Williams. Carl Belew sadly died of cancer on Halloween in 1990 at the young age of 59. You know me, I love that kind of details ! Carl Belew : * Cool Gator Shoes * * Folding Money *