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ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END. Yes my dear friends/readers, I've decided to end this very blog ! No particular reason to be frank, I've just decided to put this site to bed. So alas, another (fantastic/brilliant/extraordinary, you choose) blog goes away. Well, you all know I'm a (fantastic/brilliant/extraordinary/bad, you choose) musician and that it takes a LOT of my time, that maybe explains the sporadic nature of posting here, so here we go... its' a FAREWELL ! Well, don't be sad my friends, remember what the great Criswell said: ' We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.' ! So, I can't really express myself on HOW MUCH this lil' internet page was important to me, and how much it was fun to make/search/create ! You can't imagine how crazy it was to make those halloween/western/

A Bloody Summer Mix 2012 !!!

HOWDY, ALL YOU SHARKS AND WHALES !  Yes, a bit in advance, but before you all get the summertime blues in September, here's yer annual Summertime Bloody Mix! SHAAAAARKS!  (yes, it's a vicious mix) And I want to thank from the bottom of my heart those hundred and something crazies who bought my last cd the first month, and I don't count the downloads ! MERCI !!! Well, until next time, have a great summer, have some good sunburns ! Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Summer Mix 2012 ! (55:01)   Tracklist:  01. Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks - Surf As Houdini 02. Carl Perkins - Big Bad Blues 03. Johnny Horton - The Train With The Rhumba Beat 04. Johnny & The Hurricanes - Crossfire 05. Gene Lewis - Too Young To Settle Down 06. The Daytonas - Dare Devil 07. Bob Jaxon - Ali Baba 08. Al Casey - Surfin' Blues (Part 2) 09. Annette - The Battle Of San Onofre 10. Cliff Richard & The Shadows - No Turning Back 11. Deane Hawley - Bossman  12. Th


Ladies and gentlemen, your host proudly presents...    THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL !!!   New website (hooray!)   New cd available (hooray!)   HERE !!! (thanks for your time)  Yours truly,

A Bloody Western Mix, Part 6 !

GRINGOS ! Yes, YOU, the holy STGW GRINGOS ! It's time to get back on your horses again (or poneys, or mules, as you want) !!! Remember, when you stop for a break, get off of your horse and loosen the cinch and remove your saddle pack - wait, what I am talking about here... Well, I've lost the count of those who emailed me - or sent me real letters via the Pony Express - for a new yeeeeha-bang-bang-shoot'em-up mix, so what are you waiting for ! The download link is waiting for ya !!! Hope you're all doing well, and yes, YOU TELL 'EM I'M COMING ! Until next, you take care ! YEEEEEEEHAAAAA ! Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Western Mix, Part 6 ! (68:06) Tracklist: 01. Marcello Giombini - Ehi Amico C'e' Sabata (Titoli) 02. Johnny Burnette - Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks 03. Clint Miller - Lonely Traveller 04. Bruno Nicolai - Indio Black (Main Theme #2) 05. Marvin Rainwater - Albino (Pink Eyed) Stallion 06. Ned Miller - Cry Of The Wild Goose 07. Jerry Goldsmith

A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 !

HOOOOOOWDY ! hey brothers & sistas, it's not too late, we're never too late, so the bad ol' Rev wishes you hap-hap-happy bloody new apocalypse year !!! The end of the world ! Woof ! 'Twas about time ! Ok, in other words, in times of crises like this, and like they were saying in Pompeii, 'all you need is lava'. Enough morosity, hooray for love and depression ! Is there someone in the room who refuse 54 minutes of honest and wild love? Hum? No one? I was sure of that. So, my dear faithful friends, grab this one, play it loud as always, give 'em low kicks, give 'em a real hard time (I'm talking 'bout the moroners here of course), and as Jesus said 'Are you gonna love all each other, you idiots' YEEEEEEHA, it's a blooooody love mix, part 3 ! Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 ! (54:46) Tracklist: 01. John Buck & The Blazers - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair 02. Bobby Freeman - Speedo (The