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Bukka White !

Yeeha Folks ! A quick note, there’ll be no post next week for a good reason then,I’m playing in this sweeet Blues Festival in Switzerland next Sunday, so if you’re near, come check this out and bring yo’ mama ! Speaking of Delta, I was quite sure I did a post about a real master but hell here it is ! Born Booker T. Washington White, Bukka White started his career playing the fiddle at square dances and he claims to have met Charlie Patton early on, regardless, Patton was a large influence on White ! Oh and he's the one who gave his cousin B.B. King, his first guitar ! He first recorded for the Victor Records label in 1930, whom, like those of many other bluesmen, fluctuated between country blues and gospel numbers. His gospel songs were done in the style of Blind Willie Johnson, with a female singer accentuating the last phrase of each line. Nine years later, while serving time, he recorded for folklorist John Lomax. The few songs he recorded around this time became his mo

The New Dimensions !

The New Dimensions ! McFly, we’re back again in 1963 ! On the front cover of the Sundazed Lp, you’ll see a very young Michael Lloyd (who looks about 13) and future Three Dog Night keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon (who doesn't look much older). Yes folks, they were the New Dimensions, and they were all about 13 or 16 !!! And hell yeah, it's all very competently played, especially considering their youth. The history of this obscure group is certainly well documented in the liner notes, however, with the help of many recollections from Lloyd. Anyway, the band never had any singles released. They worked with these hustler types by the name of Robert Hafner and Tony Hilder who had a deal with a tiny budget label called Sutton to issue the New Dimension albums as 'rack jobs.' Essentially that meant their records would be pressed on cheap vinyl normally reserved for placemats, packaged in fairly generic sleeves, and shipped directly to the cut out bins with no hope of promotion,