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A Bloody '10 New Years Eve Party Mix !!!

Aloha ! So yeah, this is it, another bloody year is almost behind us goddammit ! I think I’ve said quite the same thing last year but I know it's been a difficult year for some, a year of changes for others, a year of absolutely NOTHING for the rest of you, and fortunately for some, it’s been the year of good luck, wheter because your horrible aunt died and left you with a shit load of money, or it’s just because you met the woman of your life. Or the man of your life. Or both. Anyway, it’s been a change even for this very blog, see, ‘twas a cool tiny blog with a lot of ripped 45 rpm and now pfffff look at this, only mixes, that’s a freakin’ shame. Naaaaaa, just kidding, you love those mixes, and seriously, it’s a good excuse while making a mix to have a drink, smoke 5-10 cigarettes, play those things loud and have a big laugh, so let’s go on shall we ! I’m not supposed to MAKE music all the time for heaven’s sake ! Speaking of that, THANKS a million for your feedback on the free l

Christmaaaaaas (Part 8) !!!

Hey hey everybody , Santa’s got a brand new bag y’know ! Ok, here’s your annual Christmas mix folks ! Yep, the usual rockin’ & rollin’ & twistin’ & shakin’ and yuletidin’ & hohoholin’ treat for your holidays ! Well dear amigos, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and as always, have yourself a ball this christmas, try to send to good cheers to your loved ones, enjoy your family and people who really counts, and you can also wrap a metal ball with snow and throw it hard into the face of people you hate ! Anyway, thanks for still being here, thanks for your support and I’ll catch you with a bloody New years Eve mix just before the end of the year ! And please find the links to the old xmas mixes too just in case ! Yeeeeeeeha & HO HO HO !!!!! Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Christmas Mix, Part 8 ! (69 :00) Tracklist : 01. Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa 02. The Neptunes - Sleigh Ride In Fresno 03. Jan & Dean - Frosty The Snowman 04. Bobbie & Bobbie - Cool Cool Xmas 05. Al Hirt - N

Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me !!!

HOHOHOHOHO my dear friends ! Yeaaaaaaah, christmas hostilities are open !!!! After your special horrible treat for halloween (hey thanks a million for the feedback, the propaganda etc etc, frankly I lost the download count), this is your horrible treat for Christmas - yep, let's be humble, if humanity tended to disappear tomorrow, what will they know about us? PLEASE make this cover be the last thing they'll find ! And SO they will know we were all f***ed up ! For the record, my hands were on blood after this recording - excuse the mix, that was a quick one ! So hell yeah as always, it's my bloody present to you ! And don't worry, you'll have your annual christmas mix as well in a week - it's hot and ready ! So thanks in advance, enjoy the bastard and of course, it's trully really really really dedicated to all my true friends/brothers/sisters & old/new readers/listeners in this poor wide ol'world, anywhere you may be ! Lov'y'all, Santa