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The Bloody Tomahawks !!!

Hoooowdy dear friends ! As promised, it's time to shake your soul once more ! Yes ! It's the infamous shameless self promotion hour ! Ok, so what do you get when you have a tribe of two consisting of a Growling, (Un)Holy Reverend from The South Of Hell, France and a Shouting Wolf from The Tormented, Primordial Rock & Roll Ohio-Ooze? THE BLOODY TOMAHAWKS! Shouting Thomas Torment & your favorite host concoct a savage & bewitching brew that's filled to overflowing with swirling organ, slicing guitars, tribal pounding, spine-tingling moans and anything else they choose to put their hands, breath (and feet) to ! So, paint your face while saying your prayers and go on the Rock & Roll Warpath with THE BLOODY TOMAHAWKS! Spewing the Hoodoo that takes scalps AND souls... And you may check out the songs and news, HERE ! or HERE ! and after that, burn your clothes, throw away your television, and dance around your favorite tree, naked. We shall release o

A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 !

RIGHT ! Are you ready for your monthly gift? ARE YOU READYYYYYY ! (say it loud ! Hu ! I'm evil & I'm proud !) Yes boys and girls, it's the evil return of the evil party mix ! And talkin' bout evilness, you will HEAR SOON of my b-side project, the evil international superband which vill conker ze vorld hahahahahaha (Bela, get out of this body) C'MON ! Let the sin begins ! Rev. Frost Presents… A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 ! (63 :37) Tracklist: 01. Tielman Brothers – Marabunta 02. Hot Lips Page - The Devil's Kiss 03. Vince Taylor – Jezebel 04. Diablito - The Jungle 05. The Quests - I'm Tempted 06. Davie Allan & The Arrows - Theme From The Unknown 07. The Wanderers - Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego 08. Jack Scott - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho 09. Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Yield Not To Temptation 10. Ronald Stein - The Devil's Partner (Main Title) 11. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Race With The Devil 12. Louis Jordan - Somebody Done