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The Southern Sons !

The first embodiment of the gospel group known as the Southern Sons appeared in the '30s. Over the years there were changes in the membership, but the music stayed true and strong. Some of the artists that have been part of the Southern Sons are vocalists Clifford Givens, James Walker, Bob Holloway, David Smith, and Roscoe Robinson; saxophonists Sammy Downs, Clarence Hopkins, and Earl Ratliff; guitarists Tim Pruitt and Calvin Hobson; and organist Robert Claybourne.The Southern Sons reached a height of popularity in the '50s. Four decades later, the group was still around, though the lineup had changed a few times. Some artists moved on to other groups, like the Blind Boys of Mississippi and the Dixie Hummingbirds. Come on boys, the water is fine. The Southern Sons : * Rock In A Weary Land * * Live So God Can Use You *

Gene Terry !

Yeeeha ! Gene Terry (Gene DeRouen) was born on January 7, 1940 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1942, his family moved to Port Arthur, Texas. Gene grew up listening to his father and grandfather performing Cajun music and he also attended house and barn dances with his uncle, R. C. DeRouen, a Cajun musician ! His uncle taught him how to play guitar and eventually Gene accompanied him on stage. Gene formed his own group, the Kool Kats in the mid-1950's playing country and western songs. Gradually rhythm and blues began to enter the band's repertoire as Gene became influenced by Little Richard, Elvis Presley and local KTRM deejay J. P. "the Big Bopper" Richardson. The band changed its name to the Down Beats and began attracting a loyal following. Word spread to Lake Charles, LA gaining the attention of local club owners and a five year contract with Goldband Records. Gene Terry and the Down Beats recorded several singles for Goldband including classic "Cindy Lou."

Garnet Mimms !

Oooh Yeah. I realised the other other day that a lotta folks didn’t know Garnet Mimms. Remember, I’m here to spread the word after all. Mr Mimms grew up in Philadelphia, where he sang in gospel groups such as the Evening Stars, the Harmonizing Four, and the group with which he would record his first record (in 1953), the Norfolk Four. He returned to Philadelphia after serving in the military and formed doo-wop group The Gainors in 1958. In 1961 Mimms left The Gainors to form a new group, Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters with Zola Pearnell and Charles Boyer. The group moved to New York and began to work with successful songwriter/record producer Bert Berns. Berns signed them to the United Artists label . Mimms and the Enchanters parted ways in 1964; the group to record separately with a new lead vocalist, while Mimms cut solo sides for UA steadily over the next few years. Anyway, Garnet Mimms' pleading, gospel-derived intensity made him one of the earliest true soul singers ! Enjoy !

Billy Strange !

As Mrs Frost always says : « With Rev. Frost, it’s la fiesta everyday » William E. Strange teamed up with Mac Davis to write several hit songs for Elvis including "A Little Less Conversation", and "Memories" and he wrote "Limbo Rock" for Chubby Checker. He has also recorded many of The James Bond movie themes for GNP Crescendo Records and he has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame for his pioneering contribution to the genre ! He was also recently inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame. Strange played guitar on numerous Beach Boys hit's including "Sloop John B" and on the "Pet Sounds" album. He has also played guitar for Nancy Sinatra, Jan & Dean, The Ventures, Willie Nelson, The Everly Brothers, Wanda Jackson, Randy Newman and Nat King Cole among others ! AND He also has arranged and conducted for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Elvis… WOOF ! How about that ? Billy Strange : * Theme From The Muns

Buck Griffin !

2 Posts a week. Is that ok for you? Ok, let's roll. Buck Griffin has never made it as a star in country music, but not for lack of ability or talent. Described in his prime as a cross between Hank Williams and Red Foley, he was a charismatic performer and a prodigious songwriter who has simply failed to get the right breaks or the right contract at the right time ! (Ah, You know the story) You’re all invited to read a complete bio here ! Buck Griffin : * Stutterin' Papa * * Cochise * * Let's Elope Baby * By the way, d’you remember my post about Larry Donn ? Guess What, he came by and stopped to say hi. You can say hi back ! And he has a new cd out there ! Cheers Larry !

ALL ABOARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FROST TRAIN !!! Folks, let’s start this year with some deep blues shall we ! He called himself Boy Blue, but his real name was Roland Hayes. He played harmonica and delivered the blues with a powerful rasp! The tune "Joe Lee's Rock" involved the misfortunes of his drummer, whose hard-drinking girlfriend evidently was a two-timer ! "Joe Lee's Rock" & the seminal reading of John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chillen" are part of a treasure trove of recordings made in the Deep South (The American South, not the French South ^_^) by the legendary folk music collector Alan Lomax So Boy Blue laid down "Joe Lee's Rock," a composition by his drummer, on Oct. 1, 1959 : "By nine o'clock the stereo machine was sitting on the bar," Lomax recalled. "Forrest City Joe and his two-piece orchestra, Boy Blue and his two accompanists, along with their girlfriends and other connoisseurs of the blues, were lapping up the liquor and

HONEY, I'M HOOOME (Part 2) !!!!!

My dear readers, Wot can I say? After more than 4 months in limbo, I'm back ! Well, at least I hope I'm back 'cos everythime I say 'I'm back', I have a tendency to disappear... Well, that's no the point. This music blog has definetely turned into a diary (no, not diarrhea), so the next post will bring you Rev Frost in his bath, Rev Frost sober etc etc... Blah Blah Blah, did you miss me? Ah well, How can I thank you properly after all you've done to me? Messages, emails, phone calls and all that jazz? (Not to mention the money I did refuse everytime). I will think of something don't worry... Ah yes, I'm fine. I'm always fine. No matter what. People, no big words, we have a blog to rule. Once again, THANK YOU. So this time, it's not a come back mix, it's just one big monster called a bloody bloody bloody mix. Hell yeah. Friends, welcome back. PS: I have a ton of emails to respond, I've missed Halloween & Christmas - Crap, sorry

ARGH 2 !!!!

BROTHERS AND SISTERS, HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR !!!!!!! Yup, your host ain't dead yet, as always, I'm still waiting for internet ! (new song : "IIIII Wait for interneeeeeet") I hope you're all doing good, I'm doing fine out there in the cold, got a lotta presents for you..... please stand by !!!! I wish you all the best for this brand new funkin' year ! Cheers & See you soon !