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A Bloody '09 New Years Eve Party Mix !!!

Hell-Ho !!! So this is it ! (no, don't cry, it's not the end of the blog !) Ok wrong start...So this is it, the end of this damned year of 2009 ! (hear the crowd goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) I know it's been a difficult year for some, a year of changes for others, anyway, the whole team at STGW (which means, me, myself & I) would like to thank you one more time for your support in 2009 ! So as I walked down the 'Cimetierre Montparnasse' (my fav place to be), I thought: 'Muwuwuhahaha, let's bury 2009 in style !' Great idea right, let's not celebrate 2010 until we really buried 2009 first ! So there you go my dear readers, my dear friends, another mix in the row, another roll-in-ze-hay ! Frankly, I truly love this one, it's filled with 'hidden' messages, haha a real killer not to be missed ! So...well, it's been a great year here, we had a wondeful halloween time, a perfect christmas time, hope 2010 brings its promises to you all (I know

Bloody-Merry Christmas !!!

Frosty, you've been sooo nice Ho Ho Ho (last chapter) !!! Hey folks, thanks again for your kind words, hope you did enjoy the mixes & the Santa Frost special, have yourself a bloody-merry christmas with your family, loved ones, friends or cats, see you next week for a bloody new years eve party mix (boy, this one's meaaaaaaan) ! Yours truly, Rev.Frost And Bang ! Requested songs ! (With a special mention to Better Off Dead who offered us a drunken xmas song ! Thanks !) It's a tradition here ! Thurl Ravenscroft : * You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch * Otis Redding : * Merry Christmas Baby * Louis Armstrong : * Zat You Santa Claus * Rev. Tom Frost : * God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen * Better Off Dead : * Alcoholiday * Smokey Hogg : * My Christmas Baby * The Cryptkeeper : * We Wish You'd Bury The Missus *

Christmaaaaaas (Part 7) !!!

Ho Ho Ho, Part III ! Dig the christmas songs ? Thanks a bunch ! You didn’t ? I’ll do worst next year I promise ! So here’s our second volume of Thee-Holy-Santa-Claus-Shit-Mix for this end of the year, you know, the usual rockin’ jumpin’ twistin’ & surfin’ sleazy holiday spirit ! There’s even Father Lemmy singing and Jingle Bells in german on this one ! But here on STGW, you get used to it by now! (insert a commercial jingle here please) Oh by the way, stop by and say hello to Mr A The Barber . He’s got the perfect podcast for your holidays here Happy holidays my dear friends !!!! Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Christmas Mix, Part 7 ! (54 :17) Tracklist: 01. The Cryptkeeper – Intro 02. Davie Allan & The Arrows - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 03. Jack Scott - Jingle Bell Slide 04. Nathaniel Mayer - Mr. Santa Claus 05. The Avalanches - Winter Wonderland 06. Ron Winters - Snow Girl 07. The Kustard Kings - Do They Know It's (Snoopy's) Christmas 08. Marlene Paul - I Wanna Spe


Hey Hey Hey !!! Now here’s your real christmas present !!! You’ve been all so good this year, so, boys & girls, we bring you... 3 brand new tracks, a ‘make-it-yourself’ 7’’ by your fav host, Santa Frost ! Fuck yeah, enjoy these 3 traditional tunes in the usual voodoo stew of junkyard trash, drunken choir and Holiday glee !!! Seriously, this is my seasonal gift from me to youuu ! This evil thing is truly dedicated from the bottom of my fat heart to every single reader of this very blog, to my sweeeet sweeeeeet gal, to the Larsson sisters, to my true brothers Mr Freeze, Fred & El Capitan, all my friends all around the world, my weird ol' folks, and all supporters on this goddam earth and beyond !!!! Yer all the best !!!! So fasten your seatbelts and wooooooosh, sleigh ride with me (and don’t forget to bring the old bottle of christmas booze please) Yeeeeeeeha !!! (or in this case, falalalalalalalala ad lib) Rev. Tom Frost : * Santa Claus Is Coming To Town * * Deck The Halls

Christmaaaaaas (Part 6) !!!

Ho Ho Ho !!!! Yep folks, it’s a great great great pleasure to announce… Christmas hostilities are open !!!! Ah, it’s been a while since I didn’t make a proper christmas mix, so hehe fuck the past, here’s a bloody good one ! Here’s the plan, there’ll be 2 xmas mixes this year and a sweeeeet suprise next week, but shhhh keep it secret ! ‘Tis the season !!! And don’t forget to pay a visit to the good folks at ! Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Christmas Mix, Part 6 ! (53 :00) (via rapidshare) Tracklist: 01. Los Straitjackets - Sleigh Ride 02. The Harmony Grits - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 03. Gary Walker - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag 04. Santo and Johnny - Twistin' Bells 05. The Chesterfield Kings - Hey Santa Claus 06. The Granville Williams Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Ska-Ing to Town 07. Chuck Blevins - Sleigh Bell Rock 08. Huey 'Piano' Smith and The Clowns - Silent Night 09. Meshugga Beach Party - Oh Hanukkah 10. Mel Blanc - Yah, Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree