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Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 17) !!!

MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA !!!! Yes my zombies friends ! It's the mighty horrific horrible bloody return of the most downloaded mix of the year, I say A BLOODY HALLOWEEEEEEEN MIX, freaking part n°17 ! Holy Bela, it sounds like this blog is 17 years old...but wait ! STGW is already 7 years old ! Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! (sorry, there's a bug). & I know some of you awaited the whole year to hear these 31 bloody bloody songs ! MUWUWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA !!!! This Rev. frost sure looks strange to me ! (ok ok I wanted to make 2 mixes this year, but aaaaaaaargh, I can't find the proper time - so enjoy this one !) The mix has everything you wanted in it, even a polka ! Ok and while you're here, grag you bloody copy of the Bloody Tomahawks first 7'' 45 HERE ! Children of the night ! What music they make ! And bloody hell (new game, count how many 'bloody' appear on this post), sorry in advance (or really late) to y'all who emailed me those last pas