Reverend Tom Frost !!!!!!!!!!!

Dear children of the night,
I’ve been waiting all this bloody time to announce you THEE HOLY good news of the year…
(yup, forget about the hospital shit, the bad temper due to medicine etc etc...)

Ladies and Gentlemen,the noble brand new New-York based label
‘Closed For Private Party Records’ (Sami, you’re the best)
is proud to present…Rev Tom Frost’s First Record !!!!


Ok ok, I know, this is the first and worst shameless-self-publicity I’ve ever post, but HELL, it’s not happening everyday does it ?
So here it is.
My first record.
My first monster.

I just want to thank all my producers whom….no wait a minute, later maybe.

Anyway, the record (cd btw) can be purchased for only (Do I sound like I'm selling you something, sorry, it's the case) 8$ (incl. Shipping & all) or 9$ (worlwide) aka 7 Euros !!!!!
So don’t start with : « It’s too expensive etc…» ^_^
Oh and there is a limited hand numbered edition printing of 100, so be quick !

Well, I was planning to write a lot of things and I was going to get
Philosophical, but DAMN, I’m just over excited.

Dear Readers, I love you, May you all be showered with beer and whiskey.

Thanx for your time,

Rev Frost.

Follow the link and spread the good word...
Closed For Private Party, buy it here !!!


Buluc-Chabtan said…
Mira, grabar un disco debe ser complicado, pero: usar la misma ilustracion que el dvd de Nightmare before christmas con la misma tipografia no es para nada original, si quieres que un disco tenga exito, debe estar compuesto por todo un paquete, en donde tanto la imagen como el contenido del mismo se complementen y AMBOS sean originales, ni no, pierdes credibilidad chavo.

Pd: My message is in spanish because I speak spanish jajajajajaja.
Anonymous said…
yeah yeah, we do get your point here shithead, but we don't REALLY wanna hear it.
Congrats Rev, never mind the wankers !!!
~John From Cork
Anonymous said…
Scurvy here,

Rev- congrats on your first album. (yes i know it's not vinyl but they'll always be albums to me dammit) I just ordered a copy. I have been enjoying your site for a while now, and look forward to your album in the mail. If the track of yourself you posted (We shall all be reunited) is any indication, then I have a feeling I will be listening to this quite a bit. Thank you.
Yeeeehawwwww!!! Congrats, Reverend. The wife and i just done ordered a copy ourselves. Looking forward with bated breath.
G.T. said…
Great !

But... I've got no credit cards ! Do I have to steal one to get your album ?

Anyway, congratulations and I hope I could get it as soon as possible !
Anonymous said…
zdrop me a line @:
and we can work something out!

closed for private party records
Reverend Frost said…
I've just bought myself a copy !!!
Nah wait, that doesn't count.
erik hogstrom said…
Great news!!!
Tuwa said…
I got an email yesterday saying it shipped and it hasn't arrived yet! oh noes! what now?


looking forward to hearing it, Rev.
Reverend Frost said…
Soooooon :) The Monster's on his way!
(And Thanx Erik)
Bob said…
When I receive the CD I ll put it on p2p site..........some of us can not buy it........would you mind Rev Tom ?

Special Hugs from RIVIERA CHOPPERS inc.

ok.ok...won't do so........

The DoorKeeper said…
And you said all that without mentioning the title? Jeez. So what's the gizmo, you old gizmo you. I might have to invest in a copy meself having heard a few of your tunes, plus I'm a sucker for a good plug :D

Gumbo - uncorked.
Reverend Frost said…
I will Bob, I will...
Gumbo, it's "STGW vol 1 - I like Gumbo" !

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