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Happen Hallowy !!!

Splendid Illustration by Ben ,
used by permission. Thanks bud !

Rev. Tom Frost - Malaguena! (Halloween 2006)

Destroy ALL Monsters -
The Tortured Ghost Who CLaims Vengeance !!!

Yes folks, two songs made especially for your halloween treat !
Thanks to Mr Freeze aka Destroy ALL Monsters (aka my monster bro) to allow me to post this marvellous piece of muwuhahahahaha.

Can't wait until next year.
Life's no fun without a good scare !

Halloweeeeeeeeeen !!! (Part10)

Yup, this is the last one folks !
I hope you enjoyed the mixes as much as I enjoyed making them !
Ok, now you have 10 bloody halloween mixes to dance around without your pants on, and scare all your friendly neighbours at the same time. How cool.

Well, enjoy the last part , and see you next Tuesday for some horrible surprises !

Muwuhahahahahahahahaha (and close the door)

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 10 !

1. Intro
2. The Creatures (Conried, Pearce, Stein) – The Dracula Trot
3. The Boss Martians- Welcome To The Party (The Munsters)
4. Diablito – The Jungle
5. Freddy Fortune & The Four-Gone Conclusions - Dracula's Deuce
6. Round Robin - I'm The Wolf Man
7. Papaya Kings - Zombie Creep
8. The Keytones - I Was A Teenage Monster
9. The Munsters (Cast) - Knock Upon Our Door
10. Sweet Acids - That Creature
11. Graveyard Base Music (Haunted mansion)
12. Southern Culture On The Skids – Werewolf
13. Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer
14. The Deadly Ones – Help
15. Los Pelegninos Negr…

B-Day, B-Day !

Reverend Frost 30th Birthday Limited Edition !

Rev. Tom Frost - I'm Going Back Home

Oh Yeah !

Halloweeeeeeeeen !!! (Part 9)

Well, don’t be afraid, this is not the last one.

Nah, in fact, you should be afraid.

Saturday, Part 10 !!!

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 9 !

1. King Flash And The Calypso Carnival - Zombie Jamboree
2. The Zanies - The Mad Scientist
3. Roy Clark – Spooky Movies
4. Bert Convy - The Gorilla
5. Gene Kardos And His Orchestra - Zombie
6. The Space Cossacks - Transylvanian Orbit
7. Screamin’ Lord Sutch – Dracula’s Daughter
8. Billy Strange – The Munsters
9. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Frenzy
10. Carlos Casal Jr. - Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein
11. Elfman Interlude
12. The Run-A-Ways - Night Creature
13. Leroy Bowman – Graveyard
14. Jupiter Jones - The Spook Spoke
15. Robert Johnson And Punchdrunk - Ali Pang
16. The Barmy Brothers With Novelty Orchestra -
Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead

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What, It's nearly over?
Yes fool, ain't it grand to be bloomin' well dead?

El Monstruo !

Hey boys and ghouls !
Sorry about this week-lack-of-post, but it's pretty damn speed over here !

So until next week allo-ween? part 9, why don't you just go visit those brilliant halloween-related sites?
So go say hi to
Howlin' Reggaexx,
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Creepin' Senses Working Overtime,
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Well, what the heck, go also pay a visit to all the links on your right, I know it'll take you one entire month to read them all but they're all worth it !

Anyway, thanks again for your comments, love letters etc...
I'll see you next week !

From Hell with love,
His Frostiness

Ps: YEAH !

Los Monstruos - El Monstruo

Halloweeeeeeeen !!! (Part 8)

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 8 !
(37 :52)

1. Intro
2. Mardi Gras BB – Munster’s Theme
3. Lavern Baker – Voodoo Voodoo
4. The Castle Kings – You Can Get Him Frankenstein
5. The Mummies – The Fly
6. Jerry Coulston - Caveman Hop
7. Zacherle - Monster Monkey
8. Marty Manning & His Orchestra - Sorcerer's Apprentice
9. Ronald Stein - Song From Spider Baby (Lon Chaney Jr.)
10. The Finks - Haunted Fink
11. Travis Wammack - There's A UFO Up There
12. The Munsters – Munster Creep
13. Archie King - The Vampire
14. The Cords – Ghost Power
15. The Tornadoes - The Phantom Surfer
16. Gene Moss And The Monsters – Frankenstein
17. Club 33 - Grim, Grinning Ghosts

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Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !


Rev's Special Message #1

Jason says hi !

Lightnin' Slim !

He was born with the unglamorous handle of Otis Hicks in St. Louis, Missouri on March 13, 1913. Taught guitar by his older brother Layfield, Lightnin' Slim was playing bars in Baton Rouge by the late 1940s. He recorded for Excello Records for 12 years, starting in the mid 1950s. Slim often collaborated with his brother in law, Slim Harpo.He’s the perfect blues raconteur, even when reshaping other's material to his dark, somber style. He also possessed one of the truly great voices of the blues; His exhortation to "blow your harmonica, son" has become one of the great, mournful catchphrases of the blues, and even on his most rockin' numbers, as Cub Koda once wrote, Lightnin' always sounded like bad luck just moved into his home approximately an hour after his mother-in-law died.

Lightnin' Slim - I'm Evil
Lightnin' Slim - Mean Ol' Lonesome Train
Lightnin' Slim - Bad Luck

Well, see you next week for you-know-what part 8 !

Halloweeeeeeen !!! (Part 7)

"And on a dark, cold night
Under full monlight
He flies into a fog
Like a vulture in the sky
And they call him Reverend Froooooooost."
Taken From The Nightmare Before Frosty

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 7 ! (34 :15)

1. Intro
2. The Cramps – No Club Lone Wolf
3. The Symbols - Do The Zombie
4. Eddie L. Davis - Teenage Brain Surgeon
5. Satan's Pilgrims – Peter Lorre
6. Bobby Please - The Monster
7. George Barnes – Spooky
8. Ben Vaughn - P-S-Y-C-H-O
9. Bert Convy - The Monsters Hop
10. The One Way Street – Jack The Ripper
11. The Robins – Zombie
12. Jim Burgett - Jekyll And Hyde
13. The Neanderthals - 2000 Pound Werewolf
14. Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster Mash Party
15. Outro

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Willie Mabon !

The sly, insinuating vocals and chunky piano style of Willie Mabon won the heart of many an R&B fan during the early '50s. Mabon was already well-grounded in blues tradition from his Memphis upbringing when he hit Chicago in 1942.
Schooled in jazz as well as blues, Mabon found the latter his ticket to stardom. His first sides were a 1949 78 for Apollo as Big Willie and some 1950 outings for Aristocrat and Chess (including here) with guitarist Earl Dranes as the Blues Rockers.
Mabon sat out much of the late '60s but came back strong after moving to Paris in 1972, recording and touring Europe prolifically until his death.
A complete bio here

Willie Mabon - I'm mad
Willie Mabon - Got To have It

Next week, halloweeeeeen part 7 !

The Avantis !

Everyone enjoyed the boohahaha mix part 6 ?
It's gonna be worse next week !

Ok, in 1963, brothers Pat Vegas and Lolly Vasquez (aka Vegas) released these two surf classics, as The Avantis. These two siblings where also members of ‘The Routers’, ‘The Mar-Kets’, ‘The Darts’, ‘The De-Fenders’ and ‘The Deuce Coupes’.
Not content with being in every decent surf band that was around at the time, they went on to form ‘Redbone’ and had a massive International hit with ‘The Witch Queen of New Orleans’ !

The Avantis - Phantom Surfer
The Avantis - Wax 'em Down

Halloweeeeeen !!! (Part 6)

Samhaïn !!!
Ok people, honestly I’ve been waiting 12 months to bring you the rest of the best of the worst of the best aka the 6th part of thee bloody Halloween mixes !
So yeah here we go, be prepared, there’s a whole lotta creepin’ going’ on !

A mix a week, that’s the deal.

And IN CASE you missed the previous "legendary" halloween specials, don’t miss thee bloody mixes archives, ‘cos they won’t miss you !


Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix Part 6 ! (44 :10)

1. Dick Dale – Death Tube (Halloween 2006 Mix)
2. The Duponts - Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)
3. Tyrone 'A' Saurus And His Cro Magnons - The Monster Twist
4. The Copycats - The Abominable Snowman
5. Johnny Fulller - Haunted House
6. Carl Stalling - The Skeleton Dance
7. Bloodshot Bill - After Dark
8. The Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire
9. The Upperclassmen - Cha-Cha With The Zombies
10. The Shindigs – Wolfman
11. Interlude
12. Jack And Jim - Midnight Monsters Hop
13. Orchestra Lautarii - De la …