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Ray Smith !

Yahooooo !
Thanx to all who showed up last night for the gig !
Do you often hear 'me so horny me love you long time' instead of 'if you're really gonna leave me let me love you one more time'?
Anyway, great fun it was !

Ok, a quick friday post with one of my fav artist - Raymond Eugene Smith !
Born 1934 in Melber, Ky and died in 1979.
That’s it ?
No, the rest’s right here !

Ray Smith - Right Behind You Baby
Ray Smith - Rockin' Bandit

Next week - A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 6 !!!!

The Alarm Clocks !

Wild, carefree, and rambunctious, The Alarm Clocks (1966 Ohio) transcend garage rock, implementing R&B and, at times, soul in their search for the perfect rock 'n' roll anthem !
And, believe it or not, they come darn close to rock 'n' roll perfection on choice cuts like "Yeah!"

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah !
The Alarm Clocks - No Reason To Complain

Chuck Jackson !

A lil’ bit of soul folks !
Chuck ‘Mr Emotion’ Jackson was born on July 22, 1937 in Latta, South Carolina, He was "discovered" when he opened for soul legend Jackie Wilson at the Apollo Theater. In 1962, Jackson's recording of "Any Day Now", the Burt Bacharach-Bob Hilliard classic, became a huge hit. In 1967, Jackson moved from Scepter to Motown Records, where he recorded a number of successful singles.
Discography ?
Right here.

Chuck jackson - Any Day Now
Chuck jackson - Any Other Way
Chuck jackson - I Keep Forgettin'

Road Runner !

« You can practically smell the burning rubber and see the smoke, but most of all you will hear the actual hot rod sounds along with getting that surge of speed feeling. This is HOT ROD's new and designed for you, the hot-rodder! »

When Del-Fi owner Bob Keane sensed that the surf wave had crested in the summer of 1963, he latched onto instrumental hot-rod music as the possible Next Big Thing and arranged some sessions with some of LA’s finest to create the scorchin’ tracks you’re about to hear.
This one features session guitar slinger Tommy Tedesco ripping up the track.
Yup, Hot Rod baby !

The De-Fenders - Road Runner
The De-Fenders - Drag Beat
The De-Fenders - Tequila Joe

+Friday Burnin' Bonus !

Gene Moles - Burnin' Rubber

All me sisters say : "You'll Have A Good Weekend !"

Jimmy Crain !

Shortly after his seventeenth birthday (in 1958), Jimmy Crain signed a recording deal with Floyd Whited, owner of the Springfield, Ohio based Spangle label.
Jimmy's first and only release on Spangle was "Shig-A-Shag", which was recorded at Bradley Studios in Nashville.
Crain insists that he wrote the song himself, though the label credit reads "M. Whited / R. Fisher".

Jimmy Crain - Shig-A-Shag
Jimmy Crain - Spooky Village

Floyd Dixon !

Hello Folks !
Hum sorry, I'm out of bandwith again, so you won't be able to listen to the previous posts - but HEY, you should be here everyday, don't you ^_^

Aother thing, I'm doing another bloggy/archives/podcast whatever the hell, it's just a nice place where you can listen all thee bloody holy mixes which are not available anymore.
No rapidshare, no box'out of bandwith'.net.
It's right here

Ok, so let's start this week with some wino songs !

Born J Riggins Jnr., Dixon began playing piano and singing as a child and in Texas he was exposed to a range of blues and gospel influences, as well as a little jazz and hillbilly.
In 1947 Dixon cut his earliest sides for the Supreme label. Playing piano and singing in the "jump" style of early rhythm-and-blues, he subsequently recorded for Aladdin, Modern and Specialty, and made early road forays with B.B. King and Ray Charles, whom he encouraged away from crooning and towards church-based styles.
In the …

Jack Starr !

Jack Starr was both a rockabilly performer and a monster-movie makeup artist and much of his stuff were recorded in his mom's bathroom !
The lack of quality just adds to the magic. Starr was infatuated with monster flicks of the time and set about to make his own, creating his own costumes and, of course, soundtracks.
In other words, a hero.

Jack Starr - Born Bad
Jack Starr - Crazy rock (Bald Headed Woman & A Long Haired Man)
Jack Starr - Gozilla We Love You


Bobby Lee Trammell - New Dance In France

See You Next Week !

Young Jessie !

It's Tuesday !
It's Young Jessie !
Born on Dec 28, 1936 in Lincoln Manor, Texas, Obediah 'Young' Jessie was a member of the Flairs, Hunters, and Coasters, as well as scoring a solo West Coast hit with his 1955 rocker "Mary Lou."
He was a Los Angeles high-school classmate of Richard "Louie Louie" Berry too !
Platters manager Buck Ram took over Jessie's career in time to pen his torrid 1956 rocker "Hit, Git & Split" under the sobriquet of Lynn Paul.
Well, thanks to our international Pete, go check his discography if you want some more !

Young Jessie - Hit Git & Split
Young Jessie - I Smell A Rat
Young Jessie - Mary Lou

Endless Sleep !

Jody Reynolds had a million-seller in 1958 with "Endless Sleep."
The single became a forerunner of death rock classics !
Reynolds charted for the last time that same year with a number titled "Fire of Love."
Reynolds had written ‘Endless Sleep’ in a single afternoon in 1956 in Yuma, AZ. Some of Reynolds' songs give a writing credit to Dolores Nance, but the name is a pseudonym that Reynolds used.
Despite the lack of a string of chart successes, his one big seller was enough to ensure Reynolds' membership in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, which inducted him in 1999.
He left the limelight during the 1970s.
He settled in Palm Springs, CA, where he sells real estate if I’m correct.

Jody Reynolds - Endless Sleep
Jody Reynolds - Fire Of Love


Bailey's Nervous Cats - Devil's Run

Have a good weekend !

Maceo Merriweather !

Major ‘Big Maceo’ Merriweather was already a seasoned pianist when he arrived in Detroit in 1924.
After working around the Motor City scene, he ventured to Chicago in 1941 to make his recording debut for producer Lester Melrose and RCA Victor's Bluebird subsidiary.
His first day in the studio produced 14 tracks -- six of his own and eight more as accompanist to renowned Chicago guitarist Tampa Red. One of his initial efforts, "Worried Life Blues," has passed into blues standard status (Chuck Berry was hip to it, covering it for Chess). Merriweather remained Tampa Red's favorite pianistic accompanist after that, gigging extensively with him and Big Bill Broonzy on Chicago's South side.
He died in 1953 after suffering a debilitating stroke in 1946.
Read a more complete bio here !

Maceo Merriweather - Have You Heard About It
Maceo Merriweather - Worried Life Blues #2

Bertha Lou !

Enter the fantastic world of Bertha Lou !
Dare to ask why they used the same trackband for Snacky Poo !
Hear the slight echo on Burnette’s version !
Know the evil power of Snacky Poo !
Know the dark side of conjugate !
Meet the dude who wrote the song, John Marascalco !
Discover the secret of being so whohoooo !

Clint Miller - Bertha Lou

Dorsey Burnette - Bertha Lou

The Fendermen - Bertha Lou

Johnny Faire - Bertha Lou


The Ring-A-Dings - Snacky Poo
The Del-Mars - Snacky Poo, Part 2