Jack's Madmen !

Everybody enjoyed that horrible song ? Well, 43 people sent me emails telling me that something’s wrong with Bob Landers…Anyway don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to hear the real Bob and Willy Joe this week.

Well well well, what do we have here, Brother Jack from Sweden sent me this fantastic song from this unknown swedish group called The Madmen. They were from a town called Nynäshamn.
And this is what he found on the web :
Alfred E Goes Surfing
(single: Dollar DS-1, 1965)
You just have to read the title to realize that there will perhaps be something special about this song.
To judge from “Alfred E Goes Surfin’” and the Madmen’s second and final single, “Rambler,” the group was Sweden’s answer to surf-music culture and novelty songs. And judging from the unbelievable sound, they must not have had much money for producers and technicans.
The Trashmen would have been jealous.

The Madmen - Alfred E Goes Surfin’
Yeehaa ! Bandwith's back ! Me Happy !

Enjoy folks and thanks again Jack !


guapo said…
It`s a classic!
Tuwa said…
The ooooohs just make it.
mrdantefontana said…
Excellent!!! Thanks.
mrdantefontana said…
Skål! indeed dear Reverend (though my bottles are empty since Saturday night...).
blip said…
that link isn't working for me...am i the only one?
Lee Kitch said…
Buddy!!! My Gawd that was Horrible. I missed the Joke tho, too busy doing taxes on the weekend. I gotta go delete that song now, it's stinking up my hard drive.
Reverend Frost said…
You're right Lee, I did the same.
Still not working Blip?

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