Gene Pitney 1941-2006


Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity


guapo said…
many kudos for the tribute Rev Tom!
I wuzza 'bout 14-16 when that dude had his day. You get different opinions about his voice and a lotta folks put him in "the guilty pleasure" category...Either way, I bought every album he recorded and still think his singing style was pretty damned original..Tellya what...If you were goin' thru a break-up with a teenage girl at the time...Pitney could bringya to tears.......
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks :)
The ALF said…
one time I was in this porno movie place in Jamacia Queens, NYC. It was built in the 20's and held about 5000 seats and by the 80's it was barely standing, total decrepid, filthy, with skanky girls hanging out in front of the toilets and stuff. there was maybe a hundred people in the theatre- and everyone sat as far away from another as possible- it was a small version of hell- and in the intermission - in the dark, very loud - they played "Town without Pity" - whoever did that should be given a medal

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