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Our Fate !

A quick Friday post !
This is for reader Steven who asked/begged me to post that fantastic "Out Of Fate" song by The Mourning Reign.
Always mentioned in the same breath as the South Bay's hallowed trio-the Syndicate Of Sound, the Chocolate Watchband and Count Five- The Mourning Reign were way ahead of their time and here's the proof !
Enjoy Folks !

The Mourning Reign - Our Fate

The Mourning Reign - Run Run Run
The Mourning Reign - Evil Hearted You


Andrew Sisters - Shortnin' Bread

See you next week !

Rev Lonnie Farris !

Lonnie Farris released 16 songs under his own name between 1962 and 1964.
His recordings are incredibly eclectic and draw from all sorts of musical influences.
Within this body of work, you’ll find booting saxophone solos, syncopated washboard percussion, and soulful vocalists. The one element holding all of these recordings together is Farris’ accomplished Hawaiian guitar.
He plays with an ease and freedom that is sometimes smooth as silk and sometimes bold and fiery.
He is definitely a unique performer in the annals of gospel music !

Rev Lonnie Farris - A Night At The House Of Prayers
Rev Lonnie Farris - The Holy Spirit

Get that bloody record, godammit !

Btw, I might start a new blog dedicated to my crappy shitty music and performances (you know demos, pics – rev frost naked – gig dates etc…), you know, not to mix up with your favorite blog , I mean this one.
This one’s for glory, the other would be for gold, what do you think ? Let me know.

Curtis Gordon !

Unlike other artists in the fifties Curtis Gordon started working directly for a major label: RCA-records in 1952.
At the end of 1954 he signed with Mercury, where he recorded some great rock-a-billy songs like: "Draggin' " and "Mobile, Alabama".
He played with the best musicians around: guitar-pickers Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, and Eddie Hill and steel-guitar-players Noel Boggs, Al Murray, Bud Isaacs, Jerry Byrd and the young Buddy Emmons. After his last session for Mercury in 1958 Curtis Gordon worked with smaller companies and kept on writing songs.
He died two years ago.

Curtis Gordon - Draggin'
Curtis Gordon - I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World

Oh and did I say thanks to those who already bought my record?

A Bloody Western Mix !

Ok folks, I promised a friend…and myself.
And don’t worry, I won’t stop posting other stuff since I became the most famous underground rock’n’roll star !
Thanks a miiiiiillion to those who bought the record already, sorry if I didn’t answer your emails yet, I was too busy drinking champagne last night.
This mix is of course dedicated to you all, and to the guy who tried to explain to me how to be original in this business, and thanks to John from Cork :)

Hell’s coming with me.

All together : YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAA !!!

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Western Mix !
(aka Cocksucker Blues)

1. Ennio Morricone – Il Mercenario
2. Johnny Cash – Thunderball
3. Frankie Laine – Gunfight At Ok Corral
4. Franco Bixio/Fabio Frizzi/Vince Tempera - Sella D' Argento
5. Lorne Greene – Ghostriders In The Sky
6. Hank Williams – Ramblin’ Man
7. Luis Bacalov - Parte Nona
8. Hank Thompson – I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
9. Marty Robbins – Big Iron
10. Ennio Morricone - Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu
11. Johnny Western – Geronimo
12. Johnny…

Reverend Tom Frost !!!!!!!!!!!

Dear children of the night,
I’ve been waiting all this bloody time to announce you THEE HOLY good news of the year…
(yup, forget about the hospital shit, the bad temper due to medicine etc etc...)

Ladies and Gentlemen,the noble brand new New-York based label
‘Closed For Private Party Records’ (Sami, you’re the best)
is proud to present…Rev Tom Frost’s First Record !!!!


Ok ok, I know, this is the first and worst shameless-self-publicity I’ve ever post, but HELL, it’s not happening everyday does it ?
So here it is.
My first record.
My first monster.

I just want to thank all my producers whom….no wait a minute, later maybe.

Anyway, the record (cd btw) can be purchased for only (Do I sound like I'm selling you something, sorry, it's the case)8$ (incl. Shipping & all) or 9$ (worlwide) aka 7 Euros !!!!!
So don’t start with : « It’s too expensive etc…» ^_^
Oh and there is a limited hand numbered edition printing of 100, so be quick !

Well, I was planning to write …

Clarence Reid !

Clarence Reid was born 14th February, 1945. During the 60's, Clarence sang with the group the Del Mires, whom, at one point, had Paul Kelly as part of their line-up.
Reid teamed up with Willie Clarke, a fellow Miami songwriter and producer. They decided to pay legendary South Florida record producer Henry Stone a visit. Stone, who had been turning out hits for years, decided to take Reid and Clarke under his wing and show them how to make hit records.
Reid and Clarke, determined to make hit records, spent hours learning the ropes from Stone, which paid off for everybody concerned. As talent scouts, it was Reid and Clarke who first discovered a 12-year-old singer named Betty Wright in a Liberty City record store in 1966. As first-time producers, Reid and Clarke turned out T.K. Records’ first national hit with Betty Wright singing their 1968 single “Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do.”
During the summer of 1969, Reid finally cracked the national charts with the Reid- and Clarke-penned “No…

My Woman !!!

To the lovely, noble, loyal and faithful Mrs Frost, my true and dear partner in crime:

Woody Car And The El Caminos - My Woman
Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love
Bobby Louis - Fire Of Love
The Duprees - You Belong To Me
Los Lobos - La Pistola Y El Corazon
Carmen Miranda - South American Way

Screw you guys, she's mine...

To y'all, don't worry, I love you too ^_^
Have a good weekend, a happy Easter etc etc....

The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet !

The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet has mostly recorded vaudeville tunes from 1921 to 1923 under a different name – Norfolk Jazz Quartet – and more and more spirituals from 1924 to 1929. It was without a doubt the most popular band of this decade.
They only went back to the studios until 1937 but the band split soon after the death of Len Williams in 1940.
(They recorded more than 140 songs !)

Norfolk Jubilee Quartet - Wonder Where The Gambling Man
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet - Didn't It Rain

A Bloody Zombie Soundtrack Mix !

A friend of mine asked me to choose some songs that I’d put into a zombie movie . Fool ! As I was eating in my fav restaurant with my best friend Johnny Cool Da Mother Mp3 Player, I realised that people around me were actually zombies. I’m half kidding. Look at the way they act, talk, eat…

So here’s the result :
a strange Zombie Mix.
Run for your lives children, and enjoy !

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Zombie Soundtrack Mix ! (47 :13)
(aka They’re coming to get you Barbara)

1. Hillbilly Soul Surfers – Maelstrom
2. The Eyes – When The Night Falls
3. Larry Williams - Heebie Jeebies
4. Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
5. Chackmates Ltd – Do It To Deff
6. The Kinks – Till The End Of The Day
7. Crook Brother’s String Band – My Wife Died Friday Night
8. Duane Eddy – Stalkin’
9. Space Cossacks – Journey To The Stars
10. The Stooges – Down In The Street
11. Rocky And His Friends – You Weren’t Using Your Head
12. Joe Tex – You Little Baby Face Thing
13. The Standells – Why Pick On Me
14. Claude McLin – Jambo
15. The …

Cherokee Dance #2 !

So one week after, are you ready for some good ol’ kickintheass Friday music ?
Are you ready to hear one of the best song ever recorded ?
Are you ready ? Are you ? ARE YOU ? (Gee, why am I shouting like that)
By the way, our good Brian from It’s Great Shakes wrote a niiiiiiiiiice review of the song back in July (oh crap, almost 1 year), so here’s the original review.
Where ?
Oh so here’s some rock’n’roll mystery :
1. Bob Landers or Bob Lenarde (Cd vs 45) ?
2. Willy Joe Or Willie Joe (Cd vs 45) ?

Anyway, enjoy, and have a gooooood weekend my friends.

Bob Landers With Willy Joe And His Unitar - Cherokee Dance
Rene Hall's Orchestra And Willy Joe - Twitchy
(Thanx to the good and loyal BBB !)

(Courtesy of Brian Marshall)


Gene Pitney 1941-2006


Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity

Earl King !

Born Earl Johnson, the youngster considered the platters of Texas guitarists T-Bone Walker and Gatemouth Brown almost as fascinating as the live performances of local luminaries Smiley Lewis and Tuts Washington.
King met his major influence and mentor, Guitar Slim, at the Club Tiajuana, one of King's favorite haunts (along with the Dew Drop, of course) and the two became fast friends.
Still billed as Earl Johnson, the guitarist debuted on wax in 1953 on Savoy with "Have You Gone Crazy" (with pal Huey "Piano" Smith making the first of many memorable supporting appearances on his platters).
More ? here and here !

Earl King - Have You Gone Crazy
Earl King - Beggin' At Your Mercy

Jack's Madmen !

Everybody enjoyed that horrible song ? Well, 43 people sent me emails telling me that something’s wrong with Bob Landers…Anyway don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to hear the real Bob and Willy Joe this week.

Well well well, what do we have here, Brother Jack from Sweden sent me this fantastic song from this unknown swedish group called The Madmen. They were from a town called Nynäshamn.
And this is what he found on the web :
Alfred E Goes Surfing
(single: Dollar DS-1, 1965)
You just have to read the title to realize that there will perhaps be something special about this song.
To judge from “Alfred E Goes Surfin’” and the Madmen’s second and final single, “Rambler,” the group was Sweden’s answer to surf-music culture and novelty songs. And judging from the unbelievable sound, they must not have had much money for producers and technicans.
The Trashmen would have been jealous.

The Madmen - Alfred E Goes Surfin’
Yeehaa ! Bandwith's back ! Me Happy !

Enjoy folks and thanks again Jack !

Cherokee Dance !!!

Folks, here's your weekend bonus !!!

Hypnotic ! Fantastic ! the "Cherokee Dance" has a real down and dirty sound, it's a stabbing kind of sound, and just listen to that gravelly voice of Bob landers!
It's probably one of the best song ever recorded on wax !!!!

Enjoy !

Bob Landers With Willie Joe And His Unitar - Cherokee Dance

See you next week!