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A Bloody Summer Mix '08 !

Howdy folks !
Yep, this is the legenday summer break !
(For those who remember, the last break was short - about 4 months)
So, yeeha it's time to pack (first and second degree), grab your surf board (especially if you're in a country without water), and enjoy all those hurricanes, storms , or simply beaches, as you want.

I'll be back in a month my dear amigos, back to south of hell !
Hooray !

In the meantime, take care of yourselves !!!

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Summer Mix '08
(aka 'The Goin' Home Mix') !
(50 :43)

01. Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings – The Shack
02. Johnny Horton - I'm Coming Home
03. Billy Ward And The Dominoes - Jennie Lee
04. Frank Sinatra - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
05. Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me
06. Harmonica Frank - Rock-A-Little Baby
07. Ronnie Fuller - Do The Dive
08. Hirose Kenjiro - Surfin' In The Underworld
09. Reverend Lofton & His Holy Travellers - Look To Jesus
10. Bob Ridgely - She Was A Mau-Mau
11. The Jayhawks – La Maca…