Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Bloody Tomahawks !!!

Hoooowdy dear friends !

As promised, it's time to shake your soul once more !
Yes ! It's the infamous shameless self promotion hour !

Ok, so what do you get when you have a tribe of two consisting of a Growling, (Un)Holy Reverend from The South Of Hell, France and a Shouting Wolf from The Tormented, Primordial Rock & Roll Ohio-Ooze?


Shouting Thomas Torment & your favorite host concoct a savage & bewitching brew that's filled to overflowing with swirling organ, slicing guitars, tribal pounding, spine-tingling moans and anything else they choose to put their hands, breath (and feet) to !
So, paint your face while saying your prayers and go on the Rock & Roll Warpath with

Spewing the Hoodoo that takes scalps AND souls...

And you may check out the songs and news,


and after that, burn your clothes, throw away your television, and dance around your favorite tree, naked.

We shall release our first 45 in a few months and a EP before the end of the year, so stay tuned !

AND due to popular demand (I'm not even kidding here),
we offer you (for a limited time of course ! So be quick !) a free Mp3 of our own cover of The Cramps' Garbageman !

And yes, if you're reading this and see no download link anymore, you're late !
Do you understaaaaand?

The Bloody Tomahawks :
* Garbageman *
(gooooone !)

Thanx for your time !
Chop Chop !

Rev. Frost

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 !

Are you ready for your monthly gift? ARE YOU READYYYYYY !
(say it loud ! Hu ! I'm evil & I'm proud !)

Yes boys and girls, it's the evil return of the evil party mix !

And talkin' bout evilness, you will HEAR SOON of my b-side project, the evil international superband which vill conker ze vorld hahahahahaha
(Bela, get out of this body)

C'MON ! Let the sin begins !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 ! (63 :37)
01. Tielman Brothers – Marabunta
02. Hot Lips Page - The Devil's Kiss
03. Vince Taylor – Jezebel
04. Diablito - The Jungle
05. The Quests - I'm Tempted
06. Davie Allan & The Arrows - Theme From The Unknown
07. The Wanderers - Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego
08. Jack Scott - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
09. Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Yield Not To Temptation
10. Ronald Stein - The Devil's Partner (Main Title)
11. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Race With The Devil
12. Louis Jordan - Somebody Done Hoodooed The Hoodoo Man
13. Sandy Nelson - Drum Roll 9
14. Lee Denson - Devil Doll
15. Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer
16. Sister Iramae Littleton - Go Devil Go
17. The Shadows - Driftin'
18. Dorothea Fleming - The Devil Is Mad
19. Johnny Jano – Havin’ A Whole Lot Of Fun
20. Jody Reynolds - Devil Girl
21. Jimmy Ricks - Bad Man Of Missouri
22. '22' & Group - It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
23. Dorsey Burnette - Devil's Queen
24. Howlin' Wolf - Evil (Is Going On)
25. Bessie Smith - Devil's Gonna Get You
26. Truett & George - Ghost Dance


HOORAY ! Another evil mix !


woooo sorry, almost forgot this one :
Keep on shaking & dancing with this bloody Mighty Reverend mix!
Yes ! Quick click HERE , a bloody mix at four hands with my friend
DJ Mighty 45 !

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