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Natural Soul Brother !

A lil’ bit of soul brothers and sisters?
Another singer that mythical Allen Toussaint did productions for.
“Natural Soul Brother” was recorded at the end of the 60s and released on the Minit label.
Danny White’s record failed to hit the charts (at the same time other act produced by Toussaint, The Meters, released their album) and so Danny grew disenchanted with the music business and this was his last ever recording.
Damn !

Danny White - Natural Soul Brother
Danny White - Cracked Up Over You

You Can Go Home !

Dear ghouls readers, I’m back.
For good.
The doctors told me ‘You can go home’,so no more sorrows, no more sickness, let’s rock.
Thanks again for all your messages !

Blind Gary Davis :
Lazy, me ???

Blind Gary Davis - You Can Go Home
Blind Gary Davis - O Lord Search My Heart


Yup, it’s me again.
Quickly recorded today, this song is dedicated to my New-Yorker friend Sami.
You're absolutely right, better times will come soon.

Rev Tom Frost - We Shall Be Reunited

See you next week.

The Imperials !

Well that’s it, a few hours left and I’m off to surgery again .
I know they’re all waiting for me with hawaiian flowers, native dances , and some fabulous powerful drug called general anaesthesia . Gee, I can’t wait.
Well, thanks again for your comments & emails. I’ll be home tomorrow anyway.

Me me me.
Always talking about me me me.

Ok today’s my I-dont-like-people-from-great-bands-who-stay-anonymous day special.
So give a waaaarm welcome tooooo…The Imperials, 1960-1961 !!!!!

Jess "Bud" Cooper ~ Drums (yeeeeeh)
Denny Hall ~ Drums (yeeeeeh)
Steve Higgins ~ Guitar (yeeeeeh)
Rob Lind ~ Saxophone (yeeeeeh)
Ray Michelsen ~ Guitar, Vocals, Leader (yeeeeeh)
Gerry Roslie ~ Electric Piano (yeeeeeh)
Jerry Werner ~ Bass (yeeeeeh)

See, I don't need morphine to be a freak. It's natural.

The Imperials - The Slip
The Imperials - Crossfiring

Lewis Boogie !

About Mr Jackie Powers’ New River Train posted last month, this is what I received :
« Some clarification on Jackie Powers. My Dad is Jackie Gotroe aka Jackie Powers. This is NOT the same guy that yodells. Jackie Powers was my Dad's showbiz name when her recorded for Decca in 1960. He only recorded one single under this name. BTW I am looking for a promo copy of this record if anyone has one. Childs Play/Carolina Moon.


Jacques Gautreaux

Thanx Jacques !

Well, back to business.
A friend asked me which was the best Jerry Lee Lewis’ album for me…
Ok, after the original Sun recordings, the live recording at the Star Club, Hamburg, Germany on April 5, 1964. is the killer album to own.
This album, then, catches his star in the ascendant, at least aesthetically. Accompanied by the then-unknown Nashville Teens (who would later score with "Tobacco Road"), he pays tribute to his Sun records pals Roy Orbison ("Mean Woman Blues") and Carl Perkins ("Matchbox") in a…

Rat Fink !

Joke of the day :
I have to go back to the hospital for more surgery next wednesday ! hahaha !
How funny is that?
Do I have to laugh or cry?
Anyway, I said to my doctor : You is a rat fink !

In the Hollywood B-movie industry, Ron Haydock was an actor and screenwriter, working with director Ray Dennis Steckler, and he also worked as a magazine editor. Haydock used a variety of pseudonyms -- Arnold Hayes, Lonnie Lord, Jerry Lee Vincent.
As Vin Saxon, he was the author of adult fiction paperbacks during the 1960s and 1970s.
As Arnold Hayes, he wrote graphic stories for Warren Publishing.
Haydock's life came to an end in 1977, when he was struck by a truck while hitchhiking after visiting Steckler in Las Vegas.(Yup, I love details)
He was buried without any publicity.

Ed Roth here! !

Ron Haydock And The Boppers - You Is A Rat Pfink
Ron Haydock And The Boppers - 99 Chicks


Los Psicodelicos Xochimilcas - Susie Q
'Cos it's one of my personal favorite.


'Cos it's…

The Hunch !

Ok, it’s almost 5 am and I’m still awake. (don’t ask, medecine issues).
Fuck, I feel like Ash in Evil Dead.
So what I need is ...« The Hunch ! »
Completely deranged rock n' roll 45 from 1961, Mad Mike & The Maniacs were a group from Long Island discovered by Johnny Power and Trade Martin. It’s just plain crazy ! At under 2 minutes in length its one of those records that'll leave you standing in disbelief at the violation to your senses. "Quarter To Four" is slightly less frantic but still not a wise selection to spin for granny and grandpa.
What time is it now?

Mad Mike And The Maniacs - The Hunch
Mad Mike And The Maniacs - Quarter To Four

Akira Ifukube !

The Godzilla theme composer Akira Ifukube died last Wednesday night in Tokyo of multiple organ failure. He was 91.
Ifukube, best known for his music for Godzilla (1954), was self-taught in music composition and wrote screen music from the 1950s. His more than 300 works include 'Gembaku no ko' (Children of Hiroshima) in 1952 and Daimajin series starting in 1966.
Ifukube received a Person of Cultural Merit, one of Japan's highest honours in 2003.

Here’s an incomplete but good discography.

Akira Ikufube - The Toho Mark Main Title
(From Destroy All Monsters)
Akira Ikufube - Mountaineers Hut At Shirane
(From Frankenstein Conquers The World)
Akira Ikufube - The Mystery of Planet X
(From Monster Zero)
Akira Ikufube - Ending
(From Godzilla)

Andy Iona !

Fed up of Winter ? (and recovery ?)
A member of the Royal Hawaiian steel guitar Hall Of Fame And Museum, Andy Iona was one of Hawaii's most influential musicians.
Material here is from his Islanders' first session with Columbia in 1934.
He may not have invented Hawaiian music, but he certainly played a major role in perfecting the musical style that most people recognise and love as Hawaiian.
His saxophone, clarinet and arranging skills alone would have pushed him to the top of the musical tree, but combined with his mastery of the ukulele, rhythm and steel guitar, they made him a creative force to be reckoned with.
He scored much of the music for the MGM movie 'Honolulu'and contributed to the soundtracks of Universal's 'Rhythm Of The Islands'.

By the way, I’m still looking for the 2 tracks that Louis Armstrong recorded in 1937 with Andy Iona, if someone could help…

Andy Iona And His Islanders - Tahu-Wahu-Wai
Andy Iona And His Islanders - Maui Girl
Andy Iona And…

Packin' Up My Blues !

Did I already say thanks for all your comments ?
No ?
Thanks !

Ok, here’s what I need to recover quickly:
some good ol’songs by Tommy ‘Legs Thompson’ Lee !
God of recovery, hear my plea !!!!!

(ah by the way, morphine is quite funny, it feels like I’m stoned all the time,no wait, I AM STONED ALL THE TIME )

Tommy Lee - Packin' Up My Blues
Tommy Lee - Highway 80 Blues

I'm Going Home !

Well, Rev Frost came back from the hospital.
What doesn't kill me makes me strong.
At least, it fuckin' hurts.

The surgery went well, I enjoyed some morphine (a lot as they told me), 3 nights without sleeping, a real pain in the arse (sorry for the spelling and english mistakes, I'm really fucked up).
Well at least, I'm home.

By the way, what does the good ol' Rev when he's asleep at the hospital?
He sings.
No kidding, they told me I was singing 'I'm going Home' for about an hour (shouting is the right word) and I laughed a lot.

Well kids, I'm going to (try) to get some rest the next few days -
if only I could sleep...

Oh, and THANX A BILLION for all your private emails and comments.
You're all kind.
Peace, and have a good weekend.

Gene Vincent - I'm Goin' Home (To See My Baby)
Prince Conley - I'm Going Home