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A Bloody '10 New Years Eve Party Mix !!!

Aloha !

So yeah, this is it, another bloody year is almost behind us goddammit !

I think I’ve said quite the same thing last year but I know it's been a difficult year for some, a year of changes for others, a year of absolutely NOTHING for the rest of you, and fortunately for some, it’s been the year of good luck, wheter because your horrible aunt died and left you with a shit load of money, or it’s just because you met the woman of your life. Or the man of your life. Or both.
Anyway, it’s been a change even for this very blog, see, ‘twas a cool tiny blog with a lot of ripped 45 rpm and now pfffff look at this, only mixes, that’s a freakin’ shame. Naaaaaa, just kidding, you love those mixes, and seriously, it’s a good excuse while making a mix to have a drink, smoke 5-10 cigarettes, play those things loud and have a big laugh, so let’s go on shall we !
I’m not supposed to MAKE music all the time for heaven’s sake ! Speaking of that, THANKS a million for your feedback on the free lp a…

Christmaaaaaas (Part 8) !!!

Hey hey everybody, Santa’s got a brand new bag y’know !
Ok, here’s your annual Christmas mix folks !
Yep, the usual rockin’ & rollin’ & twistin’ & shakin’ and yuletidin’ & hohoholin’ treat for your holidays !
Well dear amigos, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and as always, have yourself a ball this christmas, try to send to good cheers to your loved ones, enjoy your family and people who really counts, and you can also wrap a metal ball with snow and throw it hard into the face of people you hate !
Anyway, thanks for still being here, thanks for your support and I’ll catch you with a bloody New years Eve mix just before the end of the year !
And please find the links to the old xmas mixes too just in case !
Yeeeeeeeha & HO HO HO !!!!!

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Christmas Mix, Part 8 ! (69 :00)
Tracklist :
01. Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa
02. The Neptunes - Sleigh Ride In Fresno
03. Jan & Dean - Frosty The Snowman
04. Bobbie & Bobbie - Cool Cool Xmas
05. Al Hirt - Nutty Jingle Be…

Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me !!!

HOHOHOHOHO my dear friends !
Yeaaaaaaah, christmas hostilities are open !!!!

After your special horrible treat for halloween (hey thanks a million for the feedback, the propaganda etc etc, frankly I lost the download count), this is your horrible treat for Christmas - yep, let's be humble, if humanity tended to disappear tomorrow, what will they know about us? PLEASE make this cover be the last thing they'll find ! And SO they will know we were all f***ed up ! For the record, my hands were on blood after this recording - excuse the mix, that was a quick one ! So hell yeah as always, it's my bloody present to you ! And don't worry, you'll have your annual christmas mix as well in a week - it's hot and ready !
So thanks in advance, enjoy the bastard and of course, it's trully really really really dedicated to all my true friends/brothers/sisters & old/new readers/listeners in this poor wide ol'world, anywhere you may be !

Santa Frost.


Rev. Frost Meets Mr. Monsterhead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys & Girls & Ghouls & whatever the hell else, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

'On this perfect day of Halloween 2010, two madmen (known under the pseudos of ‘the infamous Rev.Frost’ for the first, and ‘Mr. Monsterhead’ aka ‘Destroy All Monsters’ aka ‘The Kreature’ aka ‘The Thing’ aka ‘Mr Freeze’ for the second) released and unleashed a free album on this crazy thing they called Internet, just for the guilty pleasure to ‘spread the good word’ – and to f*** about nice Halloween parties too – let’s be honest.
El mondo is loco.'

Yep, it’s a real present, 8 original tracks for freakin’ FREE / NADA (it’s copyrighted though), no seriously it’s free until the end of the year, so that means, if you’re reading this and see no dowload link, boy, you’re too late. No Luck. Muwuwuhahahahahaaaaa.

Oh yeah, it’s free, it’s fun & dark, it’s been hard work too, blood, sweat & tears (no, not the band),
we sincerely do hope you’ll appreciate our little gift !

So here’s your download link –

Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 16) !!!

Yes my friends, this is your second and last Halloween mix for this year !
'tis the night ! 'tis the night !
This one's even more wilder than the previous one !
It even includes a track from my evil twin (with long black hair), [Destroy All Monsters] ! Yeah, the kinda brother you kept in a cave for 150 years, you know, the creepy one !
Boys, it's been a real pleasure to throw those mixes out there once again, and don't worry, I will be here next year (except in case of aliens abduction, murder or whatever the hell else as mentionned before)
Have a good one and thanks for thee bloody comments !!!!!

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 16 ! (61:16)
Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Evan Foster - Hearse Full of Souls
03. The Fuzztones - I'm The Wolfman
04. Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones (Demo)
05. The Moontrekkers - The Bogey Man
06. Jack Starr - Halloween Party
07. [Destroy ALL Monsters] - Kreature (Shears of Fate)
08. The Verdicts - Mummy's…

Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 15) !!!

'The dead, the dead, forgotten this many a day !'

Hooray children of the night !
Halloween's return !

My friends, as I said previously, my favorite season of the year is coming fast, no wait, it's almost here !
I know you've all waited all year for your bloody annual pint of blood, the good ol' bloody halloween mix !
This one's the 15th, no less !
A certain tradition here is to record a special track for the mix - so here it is, an epic & bluesy transfusion of the Tales From The Crypt Tv Theme, errr no less ! Hope you'll like it !
Of course, there'll be one another mix in a couple of weeks - and maybe a sweet surprise ! (yeah maybe, 'cos we never know, we could die for example hehehehehe (witches laughs please))
Anyway, enjoy the mix my dear monster friends, see ya in 2 weeks !
Muwuwuhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Your mad friend,
Rev. Frost !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 15 ! (58:03)
Tracklist :
01. Rev. Tom Frost – Tales From The Crypt…

A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 4 !

Woooheeee !
Hello friends & welcome back, hope you've all had a gooooood summer.
Well, to start this fall on the right foot, here's a new buttshaker mix, yeah baby, time to shake it, baby, shake !
(eerrrr, no, it's not taken from a Beyoncé song, trust me)
Well, turn it to eleven, and as always, take your pants off, and bring the noise yo
(errrrr no, wrong again - anyway, you know what I mean) !
Well, welcome back y'all !!!!!

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part IV !
01. Wade Denning – Batman
02. The Versatones - Don't Darling Don't
03. Wayne Cochran - Goin' Back To Miami
04. Mr. C Funck Junction - Hot Butter 'n' All
05. Koko Taylor - Don't Mess With The Messer
06. Nino De Luca - La Ragazza Con La Pistola
07. Sumpin' Else - Baby You're Wrong
08. Lalo Schifrin - Jim on the Move
09. Isley Brothers – Testify
10. The Spiders - Seishun A Go-Go
11. Four Holidays - Grandma Bird
12. John Kerby - Get Hot Or Go Home
13. John Lee Hoo…

A Bloody Summer Mix 2010 !

Hello my dear friends,
Let’s go on with our program.
So here it is...your favourite summer mix !!!!
An ode to olive oil, surf, sunburns, mini-skirts, rosé wine, bbq, love, friends, Mexican Lime Cactus, empty graveyards, cassis gelati and coffee - in a frosty way, I’m tellin’ you.

Yep, you have a nice summer y’all, mine will be quite busy and sunny !
Btw, there’ll be no post in August, for your pal is recording a new album, locked in a studio for 2 weeks and shooting a video (oh God) – so see you in September or October for a dead leaves Mix !!!
Hooray !

You take care, and stay a lil’ bit mad and odd, that’s the way it oughta be.
And, as always, a toast to you !!!

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Summer Mix (2010) ! (59 :56)
Tracklist :
01. The New Manhattan Philharmonic – Tarantella
02. B.B. King - Army Of The Lord
03. The Jades - Surfin' Crow
04. Joe Clay - You Look That Good to Me
05. Virgil Holmes - Ghost Train
06. Marcello Giombini - Ehi Amico C'e' Sabata
07. Perez Prado - Flight Of The B…

A Bloody Reverend Mix !

Chidren of the night !
My dears !
Ok, first of all, the ‘Blues Rules’ festival was a total blast.
Good friends,good times, good whiskey and a fantastic crowd. So things are getting really good for your host from now on !

And…ok so here’s the thing, I hope you won’t mind too much, but as things are getting tied for me, I can’t find the proper time to choose my records and pick up an unknown genius every week.
So I’m going to keep this blog alive of course (and frankly, I’ve been asking a lot of readers), thee bloody mixes are your favorites, so hell yeah, I’m gonna keep the mixes (maybe I don’t know, once a month, you tell me, sounds good to me anyway) but I have to really slow down things concerning the artists posts !

I truly hope you don’t mind thee big change ! Honestly, I don’t want to close or abandon this very bloody blog, it brings me (and brings you all obviously) some real joy, so let’s keep this little monster alive shall we.
So, to start this new life (hum), this is your monthly m…

Bukka White !

Yeeha Folks !
A quick note, there’ll be no post next week for a good reason then,I’m playing in this sweeet Blues Festival in Switzerland next Sunday, so if you’re near, come check this out and bring yo’ mama !
Speaking of Delta, I was quite sure I did a post about a real master but hell here it is !
Born Booker T. Washington White, Bukka White started his career playing the fiddle at square dances and he claims to have met Charlie Patton early on, regardless, Patton was a large influence on White ! Oh and he's the one who gave his cousin B.B. King, his first guitar !
He first recorded for the Victor Records label in 1930, whom, like those of many other bluesmen, fluctuated between country blues and gospel numbers. His gospel songs were done in the style of Blind Willie Johnson, with a female singer accentuating the last phrase of each line.
Nine years later, while serving time, he recorded for folklorist John Lomax. The few songs he recorded around this time became his most w…

The New Dimensions !

The New Dimensions ! McFly, we’re back again in 1963 !
On the front cover of the Sundazed Lp, you’ll see a very young Michael Lloyd (who looks about 13) and future Three Dog Night keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon (who doesn't look much older). Yes folks, they were the New Dimensions, and they were all about 13 or 16 !!! And hell yeah, it's all very competently played, especially considering their youth. The history of this obscure group is certainly well documented in the liner notes, however, with the help of many recollections from Lloyd.
Anyway, the band never had any singles released. They worked with these hustler types by the name of Robert Hafner and Tony Hilder who had a deal with a tiny budget label called Sutton to issue the New Dimension albums as 'rack jobs.' Essentially that meant their records would be pressed on cheap vinyl normally reserved for placemats, packaged in fairly generic sleeves, and shipped directly to the cut out bins with no hope of promotion, …

A Bloody Magic Mix !

Magic, sometimes known as sorcery, is the practice of consciousness manipulation and/or autosuggestion to achieve a desired result, usually by techniques described in various conceptual systems. The practice is often influenced by ideas of religion, mysticism, occultism, science, and psychology.

Yes baby, watch me howl and hear my circus coming,
I’m gonna put a spell on you !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Magic Mix !(52 :27)
1. Edvard Grieg - In The Hall Of The Moutain King
2. The Electric Prunes - Dr Do Good
3. Johnny Kid And The Pirates - Casting My Spell
4. Ray Martin - The Flight Of The Bumblebee
5. Elvis Presley – Chesay
6. Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Workin'
7. Patrick Williams - The Magician Theme
8. Takeshi Terauchi And The Bunnys – Hungarian Dance No. 5
9. Johnny Horton - Broken Hearted Gypsy
10. Louis Armstrong - You've Got Me Voodoo'd
11. Ron Thompson & His Rowdy Guitar – Switchblade
12. Mitty Collier - My Babe
13. Jack Scott - I Never Felt Like This

Little Caesar !

Harry 'Little' Caesar was born into a family of steelworkers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 1928 and he grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. Harry’s youth was misspent as a gang member under his knickname ‘Kid Wolf’. He was imprisoned for six months during the 1940s for inciting riots, and upon release became a reformed character, joigning a church choir. Harry migrated from gospel to R&B and from Youngstown to Oakland, California, where he began working with the Peter Rabbit Trio and Que Martyn. His career out of music, which started in the late 1950s, was, if anything, more interesting than his career in music. He was a truck driver and actor in B-movies and TV series, including 'Baretta, Hill Street Blues,' 'Mannix,' ,'Hart To Hart,' and ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ ! Anyway, Caesar's tunes were full of pathos, and on cuts like the eerie, near-suicidal plaint "River," he comes across like a lo-fi Roy Orbison of soul, dripping with broken-hearted …

Jim Waller & the Deltas !

Howdy !
Yeah ok sorry about last week, I was on holidays, I even received complaints by email...You're as mad as me folks !
Ok a lil' bit of sun here...The R&B-inflected surf combo the Deltas formed at Fresno State College in 1961. Eventually billed as Jim Waller & the Deltas, the band featured a lineup of Waller on piano and organ, Terry Christofsen on guitar, Ray Carlson on saxophone, Terry Christenson on drums, and Eddie Atkinson on bass. An R&B-inflected surf combo, Jim Waller & the Deltas formed at Fresno State College in 1961 and featured a lineup of Waller on piano and organ, Terry Christofsen on guitar, Ray Carlson on saxophone, Terry Christenson on drums and Eddie Atkinson on bass, and the band disbanded in 1967. The Deltas released an LP of instrumentals called Surfin' Wild on Arvee Records in 1963 (Sundazed reissued Surfin' Wild on CD in 1995).Raucous and fun, these dozen instrumentals sound more like King Curtis then they do Dick Dale, and the…

Renato Carosone !

Buongiorno !
Ok folks, I promised a friend ! No actually, a lotta friends !

Carosone was born in Naples and he studied piano at his hometown's Conservatory and obtained his diploma in 1937, when he was just 17. He soon signed a contract as a band leader for a tour of Africa.
In 1949 he was asked to put together a group for a club's opening night. After some auditions, he signed the Dutch guitarist Peter Van Wood and the Neapolitan drummer Gegè Di Giacomo: so the Trio Carosone was born. The trio became quartet with the Hungarian Gypsy musician Elek Bacsik on bass, guitar and violin.
During 1950s Carosone became more and more popular, his orchestra was on high demand both in Italy and abroad, and records sales were soaring high.
A hint of his worldwide success: some of his songs were translated into 12 languages and no fewer than thirty cover versions were recorded in the United States alone ! On 5 January 1957 Carosone and his band started off a successful American tour with a conce…

Marv Johnson !

Spring !!!
Hooray !!!

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Johnson began his career singing with a doo-wop group called the Serenaders in the mid 1950s. With budding talents not only as a singer but as a songwriter and pianist, he formed in 1958 a partnership with the young Berry Gordy, who was then working as a songwriter and producer for Jackie Wilson. Gordy produced Johnson's earliest releases on Kudo, and launched his Tamla label with Johnson's single "Come To Me", Between 1959 and 1961, Johnson would issue nine Billboard Hot 100 singles !
Johnson's early Motown issued singles would be the precedent to the future sound and success of the label, which by the time Johnson began issuing his Motown records nationally in 1965, had become the biggest independent label in the world.
Meanwhile, with Johnson retiring in 1970 to become a sales ececutive at Motown, after almost two decades working behind the scenes in the music business (& he also wrote songs for Tyrone Davis a…

Phil Phillips !

Philip Baptiste performed with his brothers in a gospel group called the Gateway Quartet and worked as a bellhop before he recorded "Sea of Love" in 1959. Baptiste changed his name to Phil Phillips, and dubbed his backing vocalists The Twilights. After a Baton Rouge disc jockey played the song repeatedly, the recording sold heavily and was leased to Mercury Records. "Sea of Love" went to #2 and spent 14 weeks in the top 40, as well as reaching #1 on the R&B chart. Yes folks, it sold over two million copies in 1959 ! (Nonetheless, Phillips and received no further royalties for the song or its recording…)
Phillips did not release an album to capitalize on his success, due to the unfavorable terms of his deal. "Because I decided to fight for what was rightfully and legally mine, a full album that I recorded was never released. I’m not being paid, nor have I ever been paid, as an artist for 'Sea of Love'. I never received justice and to this day have no…

Buddy Knox !

Tadaaaa, here's our humble introduction to (tadaaaa):
Ok, Buddy Wayne Knox was born in 1933 in the tiny farming community of Happy, Texas .
One fine day, after performing on the same 1956 radio show as fellow Texan Roy Orbison and his "Teen Kings" band, Orbison suggested Knox go see record producer Norman Petty at his studio in Clovis, New Mexico. Knox recorded three songs at Petty's studio, most notably "Party Doll" that later was released on the Roulette label and went to No.1 in 1957 !
In the early 1960s Buddy signed with Liberty Records and released a number of more mainstream pop records, featuring string arrangements and vocal backup singers.
Buddy Knox died of lung cancer in 1999. He is buried in Dreamland Cemetery, in Canyon, Texas.

Buddy Knox :
* Storm Clouds *
* I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself *
* Devil Woman *
+(of course)
* Party Doll *

Lee Moses !

Who’s ready for the great Lee Moses !
I can’t hear you in the back !
Louder !
Ok, Lee Moses (as we like them here, a bit sadly I must say) is a true lost figure in the history of R&B !
He was born in 1941, in Atlanta, GA, and he formed his first band, the Showstoppers, in the 1950s, and the group was an extremely big draw in the Atlanta area. He met New York producer and scene hustler Johnny Brauntly around 1965 and began working as a session guitarist for him (along with another session player, some left-handed guitarist named Jimi Hendrix, don't know if you've heard about him) in the Big Apple.
Moses cut three singles for Musicor Records in 1967, followed by a couple more for Dynamo Records and a nine-track solo LP in 1971 for Maple Records entitled Time and Place, which saw him backed by his own band, now called the Disciples, and various members of the Ohio Players.
He returned to Atlanta in the 70’s and the city remained his home base for the rest of his life. He gigged …

The Routers !

Woohoo ! Let’s Go ! Cheerleaders, Go !
(That's an ancient and obscure ritual to bring cheerleaders straight to your home, just trying sorry...)
Formed in 1962 by Mike Gordon, the Routers recordings were made primarily by session musicians rather than an actual group with the exception of Gordon. The Routers first release in September 1962 was "Let's Go !". Its infectious “clap clap clap-clap-clap clap-clap-clap-clap Let's Go! " chant became a favorite of cheerleaders and crowds worldwide (I mean, even when I walk in the streets of Paris, people always shout that at me).
The recording was instigated by record producer Joe Saraceno and his producing and songwriting partner Mike Gordon. Like many pop instrumentals recorded in Los Angeles, California at this time, such as those by B. Bumble and the Stingers, it involved Mike Gordon, (guitar), Plas Johnson (saxophone) and Earl Palmer (drums), probably with Plas’ brother Ray Johnson on bass guitar.
Later Routers reco…

Elder Roma Wilson !

Elder Roma Wilson was born December 22, 1910, in Tupelo, Mississippi, one of 10 children raised on his parents' cotton farm. When Wilson was 15, he taught himself to play the harmonica, using an instrument that his older brothers had discarded. He was ordained when he was only 17 years old and became an evangelist, preaching at different churches until he was appointed pastor of his own congregation.
When his children were still young, he and three of his sons, whom he had taught to play harmonica, often performed their unique style of religious music on the streets of Detroit. Joe Van Battle, owner of Joe's Record Shop, covertly recorded their street playing in 1948 and sold his recordings of "Lily of the Valley" and "Better Get Ready" to the Gotham label. These now legendary 78 rpm releases introduced the music of Wilson to audiences in Europe and the United States. It wasn't until the 1980s that Wilson learned of these records, and eager g…

A Bloody Western Mix, Part 5 !!!


Bring the horses ! The ropes ! The shovels !
Thee long-long-long awaited new Western Mix is served !

All together once again :

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Western Mix, Part 5 !
(71 :40)
01. Intro
02. Stelvio Cipriani - Un Uomo, Un Cavallo, Una Pistola
03. Johnny Horton - The Battle Of Bull Run
04. Perry Como - Wild Horses
05. Bruno Nicolai - Espanto En El Corazon
06. Marty Robbins - Prairie Fire
07. Leroy Holmes - Hang 'Em High
08. Johnny Western & Richard Boone - The Guns Of Rio Muerto
09. The Outlaws - Husky Team
10. Frankie Laine - The Tarrier Song
11. Ennio Morricone - La Resa Dei Conti (Seconda Caccia)
12. Buell Kazee - A Short Life Of Trouble
13. Ray Evans & Jay Livingston – Bonanza
14. Johnny Burnette - Green Grass Of Texas
15. Brent J. Cooper - Sixty Seconds To What ?
16. Billy Strange - The Battle Of New Orleans
17. Hoyt Ming & His Pep-Steppers - Indian War Whoop
18. Roy Rogers & The Sons Of The Pioneers - Ghost Riders In The Sky
19. …

The Mojo Men !

The Mojo Men !!!
Yeah, a bit of history, The Mojo Men recorded for the Autumn Records label in San Francisco, California. One of their hits, 1965's "Dance With Me", and a number of other records, were produced by Sylvester Stewart, later better known as Sly Stone. (Staaaaand)
One of the first San Francisco psychedelic bands, the Mojo Men began as a British Invasion inspired group, even covering the Rolling Stones' "Off The Hook". But following the arrival of drummer Jan Ashton, the group developed more intricate arrangements and harmonies. They were one of the premier bands that help shape the San Francisco Sound !
Their many singles never fully displayed the band's considerable songwriting and vocal talents, and after changing their name to the Mojo and finally just Mojo, they disbanded in the late '60s.

The Mojo Men :
* Something Bad *
* My Woman's Head *
* Fire In My Heart *

Jim Lowe !

Ah, an old time fav !!!
Missourian Jim Lowe was working in Chicago as a disc jockey, trying to find his niche in music, in 1954. That year, he was signed to Chicago's Mercury label, and wrote and recorded country and western material. One of his songs was the original version of the self-penned "Gambler's Guitar." Lowe soon moved to New York to continue his radio career, and switched to Dot Records in 1955. His first successful attempt with Dot was the novelty "Close the Door (They're Coming in the Windows). A few months later, he recorded another novelty, "Green Door," in a Greenwich Village apartment. This time, it was pure gold, rising to #1. A million-seller and gold record recipient, Lowe's 1956 hit "Green Door" was written by Marvin Moore and Bob Davie. After a few more moderate hits for Dot Records, Lowe concentrated on his radio career. He retired in 2004 at the age of 77, and lives in Southampton, New York.

Jim Lowe :
* The Gree…