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Seasons Rockin' Greetings !!!

Howdy Hooo Hoo Hooooo !!!!

Hello folks, Rev. Frosty the fatman here !

A quick word to y'all to wish you a merry merry Christmas, seasons greetings, you know, the whole thing.
Yup, Frosty is still alive, sorry for the lack of posts or answers to emails, but don't worry, Santa is surfing to town this year again !

Ok, all the Christmas Bloody Mixes are uploaded in the archives (December 2005/2006) via rapidshare, enjoy them a lot !

I'll try to be back on tracks on this very blog next year (Santa please, bring me a new guitar, a flat, all my stuff & lots of expensive red wine)

I do hope you're all ok brohers & sis', good will to all mankind and peace on earth (just kidding).

Kiss Hugh Hugh Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

See you soon my dear friends !!!!

Ho Ho Ho !

Boris Karloff :
* How The Grinch Stole Christmas ! *

Vampira !
Betty Page !
Bo Diddley !
Jody Reynolds !
Jimmy Ford !
Jo Stafford !
Odetta !
Forrest J Ackerman !
My Liver !


Howdy Ho dear children of the night !
Ah, sorry again, but I didn't find the time to get all my stuff, so it was pretty hard to make a new mix this year....damn damn damn.
BUT here's a funny game, check out all the archives at the right place, all the old halloween mixes are up again (or back from the dead if you want) !!!!!!!
I hope it's not too late.
Meanwhile, take care, and don't go out tonight 'cos it's bound to take your life, there's a bathroom on the riiiiiiiight (or is it 'bad moon on the rise'?).
Splendid wordgame.

Hum, Happy Halloween !!!

Until next time,

Dean Carter !

Hey people, it's Dean Carter time !
Carter is a singer-guitarist with the heart and much of the sound of a '50s rockabilly wildman, yet recorded music that updated that rockabilly spirit with '60s garage rock and dashes of soul, and even a bit of psychedelia here and there. Carter didn't put out a whole lot of records in the '60s, and those he did put out were heard by few. Yet one of those singles in particular, 1967's "Jailhouse Rock"/"Rebel Woman" (on the small Milky Way label), is highly valued by '60s garage collectors, even if its rockabilly influence made it a little anachronistic.
He recorded for the Ping label in 1961 under his real name, on the more established Fraternity label in 1962 as Arlie Nevil, and then for Limelight as Dean Carter in 1964. That same year, he and Arlie Miller, a member of his band the Lucky Ones, started a home studio in Danville, Illinois to record both Carter and other musicians. The pair also ran the sm…

Wanda Jackson !

Yes !
Grandma Wanda !
Jackson was still in high school when country singer Hank Thompson heard her sing on an Oklahoma City radio show and asked her to record with his band. She dated Elvis Presley, who encouraged her to step away from the country-tinged gospel she had been performing since childhood and try her hand at rock and roll. She developed her own distinctive voice and performed in a variety of styles, from folksy traditional tunes to country twang and high yodels to throaty, suggestive ballads.
Wanda's first records on Decca Records were country records made with Hank Thompson's band, one of which "You Can't Have My Love", a duet with Hank's bandleader, Billy Gray, made the Top 10 on the country charts in 1954. In 1956, she made her solo debut on Capitol Records with "I Gotta Know" which made a one week appearance on the country charts that year. It would be 5 years before she next appeared on the country charts.
Anyway, on 28 October, 2008, J…


People !
I’m back !
Hope everyone’s ok...well let me see, let’s start with dynamite shall we.
Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club ! Yeah !
Sam Cooke is one of my secret hero, I bet he’s one of yours too !
Frankly, most of Sam Cooke's pop hits were sugary, blanched affairs (don’t get me wrong, I love the tracks that way).
But this live album was the real deal, giving us the church-reared R&B singer who liked to tear up the clubs along the Southern chitlin circuit.
Recorded in Florida in 1963, 'Live at the Harlem Square Club' captures the man at his sanctified, sandpapered best ! The voice worshipped by disciples from Otis Redding to Rod Stewart. No syrupy glissandos or polite Hollywood chorales here: this is sweat-drenched, back-to-basics R&B, with Sam tearing up "Chain Gang," !
This set only makes it seem sadder that Cooke never lived to reign in the soul era he inaugurated...
And frankly, if you wanna be my friend, you’d better get this record now !
This is…

A Bloody Summer Mix '08 !

Howdy folks !
Yep, this is the legenday summer break !
(For those who remember, the last break was short - about 4 months)
So, yeeha it's time to pack (first and second degree), grab your surf board (especially if you're in a country without water), and enjoy all those hurricanes, storms , or simply beaches, as you want.

I'll be back in a month my dear amigos, back to south of hell !
Hooray !

In the meantime, take care of yourselves !!!

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Summer Mix '08
(aka 'The Goin' Home Mix') !
(50 :43)

01. Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings – The Shack
02. Johnny Horton - I'm Coming Home
03. Billy Ward And The Dominoes - Jennie Lee
04. Frank Sinatra - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
05. Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me
06. Harmonica Frank - Rock-A-Little Baby
07. Ronnie Fuller - Do The Dive
08. Hirose Kenjiro - Surfin' In The Underworld
09. Reverend Lofton & His Holy Travellers - Look To Jesus
10. Bob Ridgely - She Was A Mau-Mau
11. The Jayhawks – La Maca…

Tales From The Archives, Part 3 !

Yes me dears, as promised, here's a little lost-&-found post from the depths of this very blog !
I tried to get all the requests from the comments, emails and by pigeon, and if I forgot any request, please don't stone me to death.
Well, that's a fine playlist !
Have a good week and thanx again !

B. Bumble And The Stingers :
* The Green Hornet Theme *

Wayne Walker :
* All I Can Do Is Cry *

Papa George Lightfoot :
* When The Saints Go Marchin' In *

Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra :
* Jungle King *

Johnny Western :
* Cowpoke *

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson :
* Gettin' Drunk *

Jess Hooper With The Daydreamers :
* All Messed Up *

Sister Rosetta Tharpe :
* Two Little Fishes And Fives Loaves of Bread *

Little Richard :
* Hurry Sundown *

The Tempos :
* See You In September *

Rev Frost says 'Rev it up and ouch'

Johnny Burnette Rock'n'Roll Trio !

Yes folks ! The legenday Johnny Burnette rock’n’roll trio !
Boy, I can’t believe I forgot to post his avatar after 4 years of blogging (thanks for reminding me in the last comments)!
The band was one of my first musical shock ! Well you know, nobody’s perfect.

So yeah, make room for John Joseph "Johnny" Burnette !
After leaving high school, Johnny tried his hand at becoming a professional boxer, but after one fight with a sixty dollar purse and a broken nose or an encounter with Norris Ray, a top paycheck of $150 and a broken nose, he decided to quit the ring. He went to work on the barges traversing the Mississippi River, where Dorsey Burnette also worked. Johnny worked mainly as a deck hand while Dorsey worked as an oiler. Both of the brothers worked separately, but they would take their guitars on board and write songs during their spare time. After work they would go back to Memphis, where they would perform those and other songs at local bars, with a varying array of sidem…

Chris Kenner !

Born in the farming community of Kenner upriver from New Orleans, Chris Kenner sang gospel music with his church choir, and moved to New Orleans in his teens.
In 1955 he made his first recordings, for a small label called Baton Records, without success, and in 1957 recorded his "Sick and Tired" for the Imperial Records label; Fats Domino covered it the next year and the song became a hit.
Moving to another New Orleans label, Instant, he began to work with pianist and arranger Allen Toussaint; this collaboration produced in 1961 a ton of classics hits.
In 1962 he produced his most enduring song, "Land of a 1000 Dances," which was recorded by Cannibal & the Headhunters, Wilson Pickett and The Action.
Yep, Kenner's recordings were marked by his rough-hewn voice and the elegant arrangements and piano of Toussaint.
Now dance, baby dance !!!

Chris Kenner :
* Sick And Tired *
* You Will Be Mine *
* Land Of 1,000 Dances *
* Don't Make No Noise *

Forbidden Island !

Aloha dear children of the strange !
Beware !
This is music with the hypnotic enchantment of a jungle paradise filled with both the romantic and the forbidden !
This is music of a unique and spicy flavor.
This is the lure and the spell of Exotic Island !

The arrangements in this album were scored by two very capable musical beachcombers—Joe Kuhn and Bob Louden.
The Surfmen include such top west coast musicians as Paul Horn, Roland Bundock, Jimmy Rowles, Al Hendrickson, Alvino Rey, Jack Sperling, Sam Weiss, J. Castonza [sic], Milt Holland, Gene Estes, Ann Stockton, Emil Richards.


(Yeah, I know, I’m tired)

The Surfmen :
* Forbidden Island *
* Taboo *
* Luau *

Warner Mack !

Enough love?
Born 1936 in Nashville, Warner McPherson began his profitable association with Decca, becaming "Mack" thanks to an inattentive secretary.
He wrote his debut single "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)" and scored a Top Ten hit that remained on the country charts for over nine months and crossed over to become a minor pop hit. He later signed with Kapp Records and produced several albums for them. After performing on the Grand Ole Opry, he re-signed to Decca, where "Sittin' in an All Nite Cafe" made it to the Top Five.
Anyway, Warner Mack now records for Bridgewood Music !
Say Hi to Mack !

Warner Mack :
* Rock-A-Chica *
* Too Bashful *

A Bloody Love Mix !!!

ALL YOU NEED IS...hum well, a bloody mix?

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Love Mix !
(51 :11)

01. Joe Houston Orchestra - All Night Long
02. The Phantom – Love Me
03. The Victors – Little Girl
04. Sonny Terry & Buster Brown - I Love You Baby
05. Heavy Trash - Crazy Pritty Baby
06. Kris Jensen - Perfect Lover
07. Sammy Myers - My Love Is Here To Stay
08. The Royal Jokers – You Tickle Me Baby
09. Fire Escape - Love Special Delivery
10. The Del-Rios - There's A Love
11. The Raelets - One Room Paradise
12. Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love
13. Eddie Taylor - I Wanna Love You
14. Johnny Angel - Baby It's Love
15. Ole Miss Down Beats – Geraldine
16. Ronnie Hawkins And The Hawks – Clara
17. Bernie Hardison – Love Me Baby
18. Ric Cartey - Born To Love One Woman
19. Johnny Watson - I Say I Love You
20. The Blues Busters- How Sweet It Is (To Be In Love)
21. Slim Whitman - Indian Love Call

DOWNLOAD THE LOVE MIX ! (via rapidshare)

I'm really really sorry by the way, yep this one's …

Hava Nagila !

Hey folks, some shameless promotion again !

Speaking of Dick Dale/Meshugga Beach Party/and a thousand different covers, here's my humble contribution to Hava Nagila !
I had so much fun recording the track (in 20 minutes), I'm just not sure the neighbours enjoyed it as much as I did.
Thanks to that fine bottle of Bordeaux by the way.

Oh go on, play it loud, dance naked in your living room, dowload it and spread the good word hahaha !

ENJOY !!!!

Rev. Tom Frost :
* Hava Nagila ! *

Thanx Guillaume !

See you on thursday for a mix !

Gary U.S. Bonds !

Born Gary Anderson in Jacksonville, Florida in 1939 , Gary U.S. Bonds moved at a young age to Norfolk, Virginia, where he sang in the Church choir, and with a group called The Turks.
He joined record producer Frank Guida's small Legrand record label and Guida changed Andersons name to U.S. Bonds in hope that it would be confused with a public service announcement advertising the sale of government bonds and thus get more airplay.
His hits had an infectious joyfulness and a unique sound: some have described them as seeming to have been recorded under water !
In the early 80's, rock superstar/Gary U. S. Bonds-fan Bruce Springsteen began to use Quarter To Three as his encore when he performed in live concerts. Together with rocker Miami Steve Van Zandt (sorry, Sylvio), Springsteen helped to revive Bonds' career !
Meanwhile, Gary U. S. Bonds continues to this day to be what he does best, a bloody bloody bloody great r&b singer !!

Gary U. S. Bonds :
* Coconut Woman *
* Minnie Th…

Prince La La !

Prince La La born Lawrence Nelson (1936 - 1963) was born into a family rooted in the rich musical tradition of New Orleans. His father, Walter Nelson, was a noted jazz and R&B guitarist who played with R&B pioneer Smiley Lewis. His elder brother, Walter "Papoose" Nelson Jr., played extensively in the 50s and early 60s with Fats Domino and Professor Longhair, and was a featured session guitarist for seminal New Orleans bandlander and producer Dave Bartholomew.
A.F.O.'s publicity photos featured Lawrence in an eccentric yet regal costume drawn from both African and Mardi Gras traditions, and his otherworldly persona deeply impacted up-and-coming New Orleans musician Mac Rebennack, who borrowed much of La La's image in creating his own "Dr. John, the Night Tripper" guise.
Nelson suffering a drug overdose in 1963, he was 27.
It's notable that earlier the previous year, on the 28th February, 1962, Lawrence's brother Papoose died aged 31 in New York,…


Breaking news.

For fucks sake, we all knew he was sick, but I’m sad to hear that my idol Bo Diddley passed away today.
The Originator is gone.
Is there a God somewhere ?
Here's a short bio for those who still live, actually hear, in the dark.

Born in McComb, Mississippi, he was adopted and raised by his mother's cousin, Gussie McDaniel, whose surname he adopted, becoming Ellas McDaniel. The family moved to Chicago when he was seven.He took violin lessons as a youth, but was inspired to become a guitarist after seeing John Lee Hooker.
He worked as a carpenter and mechanic, but also began a musical career playing on street corners with friends, including Jerome Green(c. 1934–1973),as a band called the Hipsters (later the Langley Avenue Jive Cats). In 1951, he landed a regular spot at the 708 Club on Chicago's South Side, with a repertoire influenced by Louis Jordan, John Lee Hooker, and Muddy Waters. He adopted the stage name, Bo Diddley, which is probably a southern black slang p…

Emile Ford !

He was born Emile Sweetman in Castries, St. Lucia in the West Indies and grew up in (Funky) Nassau. Emile came to England in the mid-1950's with the hope of becoming a sound engineer, and his knowledge in that field contributed directly to his subsequent success fronting a band. Changing his name to Emile Ford, he put together a combo called the Checkmates, whose members included his two half-brothers, George Sweetman and Dave Sweetman, on sax and bass, respectively, along with Ken Street, Pete Carter, Les Hart, Alan Hawkshaw, and John Cuffley. As Emile Ford & The Checkmates, they won a talent contest sponsored by Pye Records and were awarded an audition and a contract that resulted in their first single, "Don't Tell Me Your Troubles" b/w "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For", which was produced by the legendary Joe Meek.
The truth is that Ford wasn't really a very good singer (well, who really can tell who’s a good or bad singer ? No wait,…

Rock On Baby !

Hey sorry folks, 'was busy again doing an exorcism for a friend who bought the last Celine Dion cd.
Tough job.

Well, poor Bill Sherrell, I can’t find any information about him...I'm desperate.
Ok, our Bill's from Indianapolis, that’s why maybe ‘Rock On Baby’ sounds like a car-racer with its rippling virtuoso piano solo leading into a hot ride on the guitar fret-board.. Hu.
Ok, his 45s were originally issued on the Tyme label and oh boy, aren’t they grand !

Bill Sherrell :
* Rock On Baby *
* Yes, No Or Maybe *
* Kool Kat *

Meshugga Beach Party !

Now folks, sit down at the bar with a He Brew beer and enjoy the music !
Surf guitar guru, Mel Waldorf has brought together the seemingly unlikely pairing of traditional Jewish songs and instrumental surf guitar into a wonderfully funny and musically relevant CD entitled Meshugga Beach Party: Twenty Songs of The Chosen Surfers !
Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, Mel Waldorf grew up loving the foods and traditions of his Jewish heritage as well as rock and roll music, and surf music in particular. Waldorf explains, "Growing up in Suffern, New York, there was no surf scene - no beach, no waves, and no surficilicious babes - but it was a fantasy more than a few of us shared."
Now settled in northern California, Waldorf continues to play with the Mel-Tones playing with members of several well-known San Francisco area surf bands. In addition to his recording and performing ventures, Waldorf has written orginal surf music for a variety of TV shows and movies including …

Hip Hip Baby !

It's Monday !
It's posting time !

Dennis Herrold was a texas singer and he recorded this terrific single in 1958 for Imperial Records (by the way, he also wrote ‘Stood Up’ for Ricky Nelson).

Hip Hip Babyyy!

Dennis Herrold :
* Hip Hip Baby *
* Make With The Lovin' *