Rev Lonnie Farris !

Lonnie Farris released 16 songs under his own name between 1962 and 1964.
His recordings are incredibly eclectic and draw from all sorts of musical influences.
Within this body of work, you’ll find booting saxophone solos, syncopated washboard percussion, and soulful vocalists. The one element holding all of these recordings together is Farris’ accomplished Hawaiian guitar.
He plays with an ease and freedom that is sometimes smooth as silk and sometimes bold and fiery.
He is definitely a unique performer in the annals of gospel music !

Rev Lonnie Farris - A Night At The House Of Prayers
Rev Lonnie Farris - The Holy Spirit

Get that bloody record, godammit !

Btw, I might start a new blog dedicated to my crappy shitty music and performances (you know demos, pics – rev frost naked – gig dates etc…), you know, not to mix up with your favorite blog , I mean this one.
This one’s for glory, the other would be for gold, what do you think ? Let me know.


Reverend Frost said…
Wait, the other blog is already done....
Anthony Dolphin said…
Wow! The Rev Lonnie F is a new name to me. I shall seek more. Thanks for the weekly inspiration. Anthony Dolphin (Santa Sprees), Tokyo
Jim Stark said…
AMEN! me some Reverend Farris!
Preach on, Preach on! ...Stay Sleazy!
Anonymous said…
Scurvy here=
Very energetic and unique! I love it. the drum in 'the Holy Spirit' is damn near hypnotic when coupled with the guitar and handclaps.

BTW- the other blog looks great.
Anonymous said…
hey man,

Bert's apple crumble The Quick
As Long As I Have You Garnet Mimms
Stone Soul Candidate Tony Alvon & The Belairs
Sh'mon Mr Dynamite
Who Do You Love The Woolies
Romeo and Juliet Michael And The Messengers
Hey, Put the Clock Back on the Wall C.C. and the Chasers
Hey Hey Hey Hey William Penn And The Quakers
sock it Mitch Ryder
I Got Soul Cato Salsa Experience

you can find it here

let me know what you think
Tuwa said…
Anthony, the Documents Records are all available at emusic. This one's not listed under Lonnie Farris--for that matter, nothing is--but it turns up under a title search. If you're into emusic at all.

Rev, you've knocked another out of the park.
Reverend Frost said…
(ps: the mix is absolutely great)

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