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A Bloody Come Back Mix, Part 2 !

Tada, I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry for this long August hiatus !

Well, I hope everyone’s fine.

Ok, here’s the summer review : did a few gigs, drank a few beers, slept a lot (during the day), went to some fantastic places, swimmed a lot, didn’t lose weight, bought some news maracas, drank a few beers, didn’t stop smocking, missed the Cramps 3 times, bought an Irish tin whistle, recorded 41 new songs, gonna work on an animation film, drank a few beers, blah blah blah…

The thing is : It’s good to be back home.
And it’s good to be the king (count de monet ?)

So here’s a bloody come-back mix (part 2) .
(It’s gonna be the last mix before the long awaited Halloween Mixes by the way ! )

Welcome home guys !

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Come-Back Mix, Part 2 ! (41 :36)
Tracklist :
1. Garry Blake And His Orchestra - Look Out Now
2. Bobby Montgomery & Buddy Holly – Down The Line
3. Little Dady And The Bachelors – Come On Home
4. The Headcoatees – I Gotta Move
5. Little Ritchie Ray - Hump-A-Baby (Hey Shane !)
6. T…

See You In September !

The Tempos - See You In September

Everyone's ok?