The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet !

The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet has mostly recorded vaudeville tunes from 1921 to 1923 under a different name – Norfolk Jazz Quartet – and more and more spirituals from 1924 to 1929. It was without a doubt the most popular band of this decade.
They only went back to the studios until 1937 but the band split soon after the death of Len Williams in 1940.
(They recorded more than 140 songs !)

Norfolk Jubilee Quartet - Wonder Where The Gambling Man
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet - Didn't It Rain


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Scurvy here,
Reverend this is right up there with some of my favorite tunes you've posted! I can't stop listening to them.
fshurrat said…
You know, I've come to expect some incredible stuff from you, Rev. And you never fail to meet my expectations. But the Norfolks? THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!

First time I heard the Norfolks was when Dr. Demento played 'Jellyroll's First Cousin' on his local (KMET in Los Angeles) radio station. Many years later I found the Document reissues.

And now this.

Reverend Frost said…
Dr Demento? Hmmm Goooooood. Cheers !

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