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Brook Benton !

Born Benjamin Franklin Peay in Camden, South Carolina in 1931, Brook Benton found steady work making hundreds of demo records for such established singers as Nat King Cole, Clyde McPhatter, and Roy Hamilton. He co-wrote a number of songs with Clyde Otis. Together they pioneered a lush, violin-studded variation on the standard R&B sound, which beautifully showcased Benton's intimate vocals !
He first recorded under his own name for the Okeh label in 1953.
Benton signed as a solo act with Epic and had his first minor hit with A Million Miles From Nowhere on Vik. He went on to Mercury along with Clyde Otis and arranger Belford Hendricks, and it was at Mercury that he would meet with his greatest success.
He died in New York City in 1988 of complications from spinal meningitis.
Anyway, When Brook Benton sang, you listened.

Brook Benton:
* Hurtin' Inside *
* Lie To Me *
* Still Waters Run Deep *

Mr Benton with someone

Kosher Twist !

(Thanks to for the pic!)

Benny Bell And The Pretzel Twisters:
* Kosher Twist *

A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 2 !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 2 ! (56 :41)

1. Ross Carnegie – Cool Dad
2. J.C. Davis - Sweet Sweet Love
3. The Shifters - Surfin' Anniversary
4. Savage Sisters !
5. Little Juniors Blue Flames - Love My Baby
6. Florence Stamp & Group Of Girls – Satisfied
7. Tami Lynn - Mojo Hanna
8. Carlo Montez – GoGoMobile
9. T.B. And The Germs - Jump And Shout
10. Madd, Inc – Batman
11. Jackie Wilson - Soul Time
12. The Spats - Go Go Yamaha
13. Intermission / Underdog ! / Thunderfist !
14. Alèmayèhu Eshèté - Mèkèyèrshin Salawq
15. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Bite It
16. Little Walter - Come Back Baby
17. Betty James - I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore
18. The Surfaris - Point Panic
19. The Rocketones – Mexico
20. Xavier Cugat - Oye Negra
21. Wallace Johnson - Clap Your Hands
22. Slowianski - Pasona Kolo
23. Prince Buster - Rude, Rude, Rudee
24. Dixie Doodlers - Best Of Friends



GUYS !!!

The Rev is bringing you....HISTORY!!!!!

Ok, this is a repost, but here's the thing. Mad Mike's nephew (Hey Ralph!) sent me this ultra-bloody-rare pic of the band. You know me, this is one of my favorite track in the whole universe, I just couldn't resist of posting it again ! (Btw, in the world of blogs, a year is a century :)
For the record, Ralph (you know, Mad Mike's nephew-do you listen or what) got into music because of his uncle (but that goes without saying), they own a audio/video production studio in New York !
Anyway, THANKS A MILLION Ralph, THANKS A MILLION Mad Mike, and now, get naked and dance crazy baby !!!

Mad Mike And The Maniacs:
* The Hunch *
* Quarter To Four *

photo taken around July 1961 (About the same time "The Hunch" was released to the public).

from left to right:

Warren Nichols - lead guitar
Jimmy Lurschner - bass
"Mad Mike" Porcelli - guitar and vocal
Bobby Columbe - drums
Doug Neale - sax

Walt Benton !

…message control…Walt Benton & The Diplomats…stop…released in June 1959…stop…Big wheel…stop…great googa mooga what a single…stop…actually, released under the name « Walt benton & The Snappers »…stop…tell my readers I’m ok…stop...happy birthday Mrs Frost…stop...end of transmission...stop

Walt Benton And The Diplomats:
* Big Wheel *
* Stuck Up *

Arch Hall Jr !

Arch Hall Jr. is a teen actor and musician who appeared in a number of 1960s films, all of which were produced by his father, Arch Hall Sr.
Most of Arch Hall Jr.'s films feature his musical abilities, particularly a teenage tenor and swamp blues inflected, guitar riffs. Hall was also the frontman for the rock n' roll combo Arch Hall Jr. and the Archers. The band played Sunset Strip clubs such as the Whisky a Go Go and Pandora's Box.
For the most part the films produced by the Halls and their associates, which at one point included cult director Ray Dennis Steckler, are considered B-movies (which means, religion to me).
My fav of course is The Sadist (1963), where Hall portrayed a psychopathic killer based in part on teenage murderer Charles Starkweather.

Arch Hall Jr:
* Archers Theme *
* Konga Joe *
* Watch Your Step *
Bonus !
* Wild Guitar Trailer ! *

Easter Hell !

Reverend Ribbons:
* Sermon (Hell Is A Place) *

Illustration = South of Hell (aka Life is hard)

Mac Curtis !

Rocka-Rocka-Rockabilly legend Mac Curtis was born in Fort Worth, TX, on January 16, 1939. In 1954, he decided to play music with his schoolmates Jim Galbraith and Ken Galbraith. They were enamored with artists like Big Joe Turner, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, wanting to create a similar sound in their group.
The band began playing for their peers, even causing a minor controversy when they were pulled from a stage for lewd and suggestive gyrations !
In 1955, they signed a contract with King Records, and in 1956 recorded their first single, "If I Had Me a Woman." !
Here’s a complete biography for your own culture ^_^
As always, buy his Lp’s, you won’t regret it.

Mac Curtis:
* If I Had Me A Woman *
* Goose Bumps *
* Half Hearted Love *

See you next week my dears.
And don't forget to kill the rabbit.

Frank Frost !

Frank Frost was my dad !
Ok, sorry, I wish he was.
But man, he was born in in Auvergne, Arkansas.
Which is, for you french readers, a good joke.
Well well well.

Frost & his ally Sam Carr were one of the first acts Sam Philips picked up for his newly formed company. Hey Boss Man!, issued on Sun's Phillips International subsidiary as by Frank Frost and the Nighthawks, was a wonderful collection of uncompromising Southern blues.
Pelvis Presley's ex-guitarist Scotty Moore produced Frost's next sessions in Nashville in 1966 for Jewel Records.
Chicago blues fan Michael Frank sought out Frost in 1975. He located Frost playing inside Johnson's Clarksdale tavern, the Black Fox. Mesmerized by their sound, Frost soon formed his own record label, Earwig, to capture their raw, charismatic brand of blues.
In the years following, Frost waxed his own Earwig album (1988's Midnight Prowler) and appeared on Atlantic's 1992 Deep Blues soundtrack -- an acclaimed film that reinforced th…