Our Fate !

A quick Friday post !
This is for reader Steven who asked/begged me to post that fantastic "Out Of Fate" song by The Mourning Reign.
Always mentioned in the same breath as the South Bay's hallowed trio-the Syndicate Of Sound, the Chocolate Watchband and Count Five- The Mourning Reign were way ahead of their time and here's the proof !
Enjoy Folks !

The Mourning Reign - Our Fate

The Mourning Reign - Run Run Run
The Mourning Reign - Evil Hearted You


Andrew Sisters - Shortnin' Bread

See you next week !


Fire of lovE said…
Just want you to know !!

You can find me over her Rev


Reverend Frost said…
Yeah ! Welcome back !
G.T. said…
Rev, I was listening to "Evil hearted you" and my first thought has been : "Amazing how it reminds me Such a shame by Talk Talk" !
Most of the time I come here to post stupid jokes... but this time, even if it seems strange, I assure you it's true !
Larry Grogan said…
Great band. 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' is also a killer.
guapo said…
perfection in recorded sound!

and then some!
Reverend Frost said…
Talk Talk? You 80's child you ! errrr wait, me too by the way.
Thanx to you Larry & Mark, always a pleasure to see you hangin' around here !

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