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Ole Sonny Boy !

The folks who-follow-the-shoe say that Ole Sonny Boy is apparently a pseudonym for Papa Lightfoot, and the folks who-follow-the-gourd say that Ole Sonny Boy is in fact J.D. Horton.

Anyone ?
(Cos I’m very sceptical about both)

Anyway, I’ve been playing these tracks for years, they’re real killers !!!!

Ole Sonny Boy - You Better Change
Ole Sonny Boy - Blues And Misery

Maybe? Maybe not?

Ok, I have a game.
A LOTTA tracks have been posted here since the beginning of this blog and A LOTTA people ask me to repost songs, so if you missed something, here’s your lucky day !

Check in the archives on yer right ,I‘ll take the first 5 requests (or 1 if there’s only one request of course, don’t be such an idiot Rev). and post ‘em on friday.

Rule No.1 :April and May of this year don’t count.
Rule No.2 : 1 song per person.
Rule No.3 : Don’t ever ask me to repost « Moskau » again

Suggestion : Buy my first record

A Bloody Evil Party Mix !

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Evil Party Mix ! (42 :03)

Tracklisting :
1. Intro (James Bernard)
2. The’s – Bomb The Twist
3. Dick Dale – A Run For Life
4. Bo Diddley – Down Home Special
5. The Chuck-A-Lucks - The Devil's Train
6. Cem Karaca And Apaslar - Anadolu Oyun Havasi
7. Dave Diddle Day - Blue Moon Baby
8. Washboard sam - Evil Blues
9. Sandy Nelson - And Then There Were Drums
10. Darrel Rhodes - Four O'Clock Baby
11. Big Maybelle - Ocean Of Tears
12. The Blackjacks - Red Dragon
13. Warren Smith - Uranium Rock
14. The Trashmen- Hava Nagila
15. Otis Blackwell - Let The Daddy Hold You
16. Frankie Laine - El Diablo
17. Richard Hayman – Voodoo


A Bloody Evil Party Mix !(via rapidshare)

Trouble !

Hello my dears.
For those who don’t know their story, The Music Machine was an US band headed by singer-songwriter Sean Bonniwell and based in Los Angeles. The group came together as The Ragamuffins in 1965, but became The Music Machine in 1966. The single "Talk Talk" was recorded at RCA studios on July 30, 1966.
Their debut album, (Turn On) The Music Machine, was released in 1966 on the Original Sound label. Seven of the twelve tracks were originals, written by Bonniwell. One of these, "Talk Talk," became a Top 20 hit in the U.S. The follow-up single, "The People In Me," peaked at #66. Bonniwell blamed the weak showing of this single on a supposed feud between the band's manager and a top record executive. Four cover songs were included on this release, due to record company pressure.
After a promotional tour of the U.S., the rest of the original line-up, which included Ron Edgar (drums), Mark Landon (guitar), Keith Olsen (bass) and Doug Rhodes (organ),…

Doktor Combover !

Hello y’all.

Since the whole damn world knows that your host is an
international superstar,
I’m gonna give some credits to an other super-freaky-underground- sleazy band.

From their roots working the strip joints of Las Vegas, Doktor Combover perfected their raw and dirty instrumental sleaze, pumpin' out ass shakin' grooves for the topless dancers' filthy gyrations. Their reputation as the dirtiest and most notorious combo on the strip led to their acclaimed residency at Burlesque joint 'The Go-Go Cage'. Over-indulging in a downright salacious playboy lifestyle resulted in the boys being run out of town by mobsters after running up massive gambling debts. Frantically looking for a new home they chose to flee overseas to Liverpool in England, attracted to its NorthWestCoast scene,its sunny climate and the city's fine surfing action on its world famous River Mersey. The Combover boys saw that this ledgendary city desperately needed a hot sleaze injection due to decad…

A Bloody Psychotic Mix !

A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning.

Rev Frost Presents – A Bloody Psychotic Mix ! (43 :50)
(via rapidshare)

Tracklisting :
1. Larry And The BlueNotes - Night Of The Sadist
2. Tav Falco And Panther Burns - Come On Little Mama
3. Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - Scream
4. Mickey & Sylvia - No Good Lover
5. Swamp Rats - Louie Louie
6. Hasil Adkins - I Want Some Lovin'
7. The Artesians - I'll Go Crazy
8. The Sonics – Psycho
9. Herrmann Interlude
10. Prince Buster – Madness
11. Esquerita – Undivided Love
12. Ronnie Cook - The Goo Goo Muck
13. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
14. Tony Hatch – Out Of This World
15. The Dark Horsemen – You Lied
16. Billy Mize - Planet Named Desire
17. Granger Hunt And The Believers - Motor Mouth
18. Titus Turner - My Lonely Room
19. David Ede & The Go Man Go Men - Obsession

Rev Frost Presents - A Bloody …

Rose, Rose, I Love You !

Ok folks, and now…something for the week-end
One of my all time fav’ song for drinkin’ time ! (and I do have some drinkin’ time, believe me)

Yao Lee possessed a remarkable voice that ensured her reign at the top of the hit parade lasted longer than any other Shangai diva.
The little sister of celebrated composer Tao Min, Yao Lee was making a name for herself on radio at age 14 and achieved enormous success in 1940 with the Rose Rose I love You.
Her career gained new strenght after relocating to Hong Kong. Nicknamed Hong Kong’s Patti Page, she sang covers of American tunes refitted with Chinese lyrics as well as homegrown Madarin ballads.

Yao Lee - Rose, Rose, I Love YouYao Lee - This Love Is Not For Me


Frankie Laine - Rose, Rose, I Love You
Rex Kona - Bushi, Bushi

+ As requested by Princess Leia :

Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me

Oh by the way, don’t believe what they tell you, we’re ok, keep up the fight, and fuck off to those who try to put you down.
See you next week,

Morty Shann And The Morticians !

Fed up with Mtv ?
Fed up with all those super guitar heroes ?
Want some kick-ass-primitive music directly from the vaults of the 60’s ?
Some Frantic screaming 1960 stone age garage rock movers ?
I have your daily medicine.

Morty Shann And The Morticians - Movin' In
Morty Shann And The Morticians - Red Headed Woman

The Victors !

Thanks to Richie Unterberger for the bio !
The Victors were a mid-1960s Minneapolis garage band noted for including two future members of the Litter, Jim Kane (on bass) and Denny Waite (on vocals).
Kane's friend Warren Kendrick recorded five unreleased cover songs with them, eventually issued on the 1993 CD The Scotty Story, which collects 30 Kendrick-produced tracks from several acts.
These five tracks were competent covers of British Invasion tunes by Them and the Yardbirds, as well as a couple of soul songs. They're of interest only as artifacts in the Litter story.
In 1966, Kane and Waite would team with a couple of members of another local band, the Tabs, to form the Litter, which went on to greater and more original things, with Kendrick still the producer.

The Victors - Little Girl
The Victors - Mister You're A Better Man Than I

Baboon Boogie !

Jimmy Murphy is one of the more enigmatic figures to come out of the country/rockabilly scene of the early to mid-1950s.
A virtuoso guitar player and a gifted and inspired songwriter, he always defied categorization.
His influences ranged from Jimmie Rodgers, to rockabilly, to honky tonk and bluegrass !
Murphy passed away in 1981.

Jimmy Murphy - Baboon Boogie
Jimmy Murphy - 16 Tons Of Rock'n'Roll

Arabian Knights - Mo-Rockin'

As always, have a good rockin' weekend.

The Joy Boys !

In South Australia they were born (heave away, haul away).
The band started playing under the name K.J. QUINTET. Jacobsen brothers (Kevin & Colin) changed the name of the band for Colin Joye And The Joy Boys in 1957.
They recorded under Col Joye’s Joy Boys in 1960 and 1961 and as The Joy Boys from 1961.
Enjoy !

The Joy Boys - Sandy The Surfin' Sandfly
The Joy Boys - (Theme From) The Ant Hill

Voodoo Blues !

Joe Williams was born in Cordele Georgia in 1918 and raised in Chicago by his mother. Chicago radio served as a vehicle for Joe to experience the many great jazz and blues artists of that time.
He sang with many bands including Red Saunders, Johnny Long, Erskine Tate, Jimmy Noone, Coleman Hawkins, Lionel Hampton, and of course, Count Basie. That association lasted from 1954 to 1961, when Basie's "Number One Son" left the band with Basie's blessing to become a solo performer.
Anyway, here’s two fantastic tracks from 1951 that ‘Jumpin’’ Joe Williams recorded with the mighty Red Saunders’ Orchestra.

Jumpin' Joe Williams And The Red Saunders' Orchestra - Voodoo Blues
Jumpin' Joe Williams And The Red Saunders' Orchestra - Hey! Bartender

Jambo !

Doing-de-doing-doing-de-doing-HEP, here’s Jaaaaambo !
Ok, it’s impossible and quite stupid to write something about McLin after seeing and reading a webpage like that !
Everything you always wanted to know about Claude McLin !

Claude McLin - Jambo
Claude McLin - Jambo (Instrumental)


Have a good weekend my friends !

Peppermint Harris !

Although Peppermint Harris wrote lyrics for B B King and Etta James, his early success was followed by obscurity before he enjoyed a small revival among blues enthusiasts. By the time he was in his early 20s, Harrison Nelson, Jr. was lucky enough to have found a mentor and friend on the Houston blues front: Lightnin' Hopkins took an interest in the young man's musical development. When Harris was deemed ready, Lightnin' accompanied him to Houston's Gold Star Records. Nothing came of that jaunt, but Harris eventually recorded his debut 78 for the company in 1948 (as Peppermint Nelson). Bob Shad's Sittin' in With label was the vehicle that supplied Harris' early work to the masses -- especially his first major hit, "Raining in My Heart," in 1950. These weren't exactly formal sessions -- legend has it one took place in a Houston bordello! Nor was Shad too cognizant of Pep's surname -- when he couldn't recall it, he simply renamed our ma…

Stomp Fever !

The Denvermen actually took their name from the places that they came from. Dubbo, England, Norway, Villawood, Epping, Randwick. (D-E-N-V-E-R. Get it?)
Anyway, they created Australian touring history at the time by travelling in excess of 400,000 kilometres throughout 1963!

The Denvermen - Stomp Fever
The Denvermen - The Mexican