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A Bloody Western Mix, Part 6 !

Yes, YOU, the holy STGW GRINGOS !
It's time to get back on your horses again (or poneys, or mules, as you want) !!!
Remember, when you stop for a break, get off of your horse and loosen the cinch and remove your saddle pack - wait, what I am talking about here...
Well, I've lost the count of those who emailed me - or sent me real letters via the Pony Express - for a new yeeeeha-bang-bang-shoot'em-up mix, so what are you waiting for !
The download link is waiting for ya !!!

Hope you're all doing well, and yes, YOU TELL 'EM I'M COMING !
Until next, you take care !

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Western Mix, Part 6 ! (68:06)
01. Marcello Giombini - Ehi Amico C'e' Sabata (Titoli)
02. Johnny Burnette - Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks
03. Clint Miller - Lonely Traveller
04. Bruno Nicolai - Indio Black (Main Theme #2)
05. Marvin Rainwater - Albino (Pink Eyed) Stallion
06. Ned Miller - Cry Of The Wild Goose
07. Jerry Goldsmith - 100 Rifles (Ma…