Yes my dear friends/readers, I've decided to end this very blog !

No particular reason to be frank, I've just decided to put this site to bed.
So alas, another (fantastic/brilliant/extraordinary, you choose) blog goes away.

Well, you all know I'm a (fantastic/brilliant/extraordinary/bad, you choose) musician and that it takes a LOT of my time, that maybe explains the sporadic nature of posting here,
so here we go...its' a FAREWELL !

Well, don't be sad my friends, remember what the great Criswell said:
' We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.'!

So, I can't really express myself on HOW MUCH this lil' internet page was important to me, and how much it was fun to make/search/create !
You can't imagine how crazy it was to make those halloween/western/christmas mixes, to rip/select all those 45's, 33's, cd's, dvd's (even vhs!)...
[honestly, I didn't stop in the first place because of you people (it's not bloody demagogic, I mean it), I wanted to do this blog for 2 years in the first place, and look at it, 8 bloody years!]

So I just wanna THANK whoever stopped by and had a read and left a comment, 
thanks for the downloads
-if you wanna everything, the record is still owned by the 11nd halloween mix - 2034 downloads !!!!-,
well, sincerely, from the bottom of my greasy heart, 

Of course, I'll let the blog sit as an archive, you still have a ton of mixes to download !

And If you ever wanna catch up with my music, see ya at, who knows, there'll may be another mix someday !

Well, see you again somewhere !!!


Rev. Frost Presents, for the last time...A Bloody Farewell Mix !!! [Thee Final Mix] (80:10)
01. Bernard Herrmann - Prelude (Mysterious Island)
02. Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock
03. The Twiliters - (Everybody's Goin To) Rollerland
04. Hershell Gordon Lewis & The Amazing Pink Holes - The South's Gonna Rise Again
05. Bunker Hill - Red Riding Hood And The Wolf
06. Bob Jaxon - Gotta Have Something In The Bank
07. Ronnie Dawson - Mule Train
08. Billy Mure - Chopsticks Guitar
09. Rudy Greene - Wild Life
10. Oingo Boingo - Goodbye, Goodbye
11. Benny Bell & The Pretzel Twisters - Kosher Twist
12. Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living
13. The Krew Kats - Peak Hour
14. Ennio Morricone - Duncan's Wild Bunch (Goodbye To Brother Jeffrey)
15. Evelyn Freeman - Didn't It Rain
16. Cozy Cole - Blop Up-Blop Down
17. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Rock Island Line
18. Captain Beefheart - Hard Workin' Man
19. Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me
20. The Tornadoes - Vaquero
21. Roy Acuff - I Saw The Light
22. Jerry Shard And His Music - Can, Can, Can
23. Otis Blackwell - Oh! What A Wonderful Time
24. Joe Clay - Goodbye Goodbye
25. Jackie Wilson - Years From Now
26. Eddie Cochran - Cherished Memories
27. Che-Hong Beck - Blowing The Whistle
28. Ferrante & Teicher - Oye Negra
29. The Southern Sons - Rock In A Weary Land
30. Virginia Vabagonds - Thank You My Friend
31. Werner Müller And His Orchestra - Merry Geishas


Love from Hell,
Rev. Frost


Nicolas said…
Noooo!! Thank you so very much Rev. Without this site I wouldn't have the musical taste I do today. From you, I was exposed to so much great music. I learned about Ronnie Hawkins, Alfred Aholo Apaka, Charlie Rich, Duane Eddy and the Rebels, FRANCE GALL, Wanda Jackson, The Impacts, Johnny Fortune, The Moonlighters, I COULD KEEP GOING! You have vastly improved my library. THANK YOU!
mt said…
Oooo Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Kelly said…
AGH! You'll be sorely missed.
Reverend Frost said…
Thank you so much brothers & sisters !
mrdantefontana said…
Thank You! Hell of a blog! In the future people will refer to music once poster here as Songs the Reverend Taught Us!
Pierre said…
NOOOOOOOOOOO. I practically grew up listening to your mixes, they all mean so much to me. You've opened my eyes and ears to a whole strata of rock'n'roll I most likely wouldn't have stumbled onto otherwise. So for all that and infinitely more, from the bottom of my doggon' heart, thank you Rev.

(And don't be afraid to leave the door open if you ever feel like making a mix in the distant future, y'hear?)
Tom said…
Damn, but it is your game. Have a nice time in hell and let the devilettes scream and holler! Bye, Reverend!
Ann ODyne said…
My pal GoAwayPlease was here when you began and we both Thank You My Friend, you Hard Workin Man, oh What a wonderful time, Goodbye Goodbye to STGW, and seeya at Revd Frost.
Reverend Frost said…
aaaaaaah thanks thanks thanks everybody ! STGW !
b said…
I'll be in the UK, early November.. Where can we see you play ?
Reverend Frost said…
no 'shows' planned for the next months I'm afraid...I'm working on two soundtracks simultaneously, WOOHOO !
Reverend Frost said…
Hey Pierre, I thank YOU !
Wastedpapiers said…
Missing you already!
buzz said…
It was a great ride, Rev! I liked your mixes and I loved your own recordings. Have a good life, man.
billfromlex said…

You will be missed. thanks for years of great music
iggy said…
Thanks so much, my friend, and all good wishes for you and yours in the future. Your generosity is only exceeded by your wonderful audacity, and we all appreciate both. Good care, Amigo.

M80 said…
Thanks for everything Rev. You will be missed.
Anonymous said…
Amen, Rev
Hope you may Spread The Word again sometime
The Duke of Hurl said…
Rev. Frost, I was a faithful follower of your blog for as much of your 8-year run as I could manage. Life laid me low last year and this is my first visit since then. And I find you closing up shop! Sorry I haven't visited and commented in so long. Your mixes have been such a blast, I'll miss them and treasure the many you've shared. THANK YOU!
Boab Digi said…
Sorry to hear your ending the blog Rev but you've given us more than enough mixes over the years to fuel the Reverend Frost legend for all future generations! All the best in your upcoming endeavours and we'll see you down the road.
Reverend Frost said…
My friends (bloody friends),
reading these comments warmed my (greasy) heart !!!
Frankly, you're the best, thanx again !
Tom G said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of the music. Needless to say you'll be missed, but good luck with your own music. And let me know if you have stuff to plug. Cheers friend.
Anonymous said…
My dear Rev. It's taken me awhile to get around to this message, so I hope you're still checking these comments out (betcha are).

I discovered Thee Holy Mixes a couple of years ago . Since then I have lived with your Western mixes as the soundtrack to my life. I was 50 years old a couple of weeks back and your mixes, let me rediscover the music that was the soundtrack of my childhood (they showed a lot of westerns on TV back then). To rediscover Gunfight at OK Corral, The Sons of Katie Elder, Morricone was magical, and you also gave me a fistful of music that I knew nothing about and came to love. Your mixes have been the soundtrack to my life the last couple of years, I rarely play anything that doesn't begin with the words 'Thee Bloody....'. Rev, you rarely put a foot wrong with these compilations, OK maybe you allowed Ellis Albert "Al" Swearenge a few too many 'cocksuckers' but other that that these were perfectly judged musical journeys. I have spent loads of time with all the mixes - Halloween - Religion - Buttshaker- Christmas - Come Back - Love - Summer. Hell, I used the Evil Party Mixes as the soundtrack to my 50th Birthday Party. So, here's the thing........ If you ever wondered if anyone was listening, if it was worth the effort or really mattered, then I'm here to tell you it did. I'll continue to treasure the music you made for us and hope that you might give in to flattery and post a few more of you wonderful Bloody Mixes throughout the years to come.

With my sincere thanks - Dr. Strongfort S Stearn
AG from Seattle said…
How can we all thank you enough for eight years of brilliant mixes and genius writeups? Much goodness to you, Reverend, and I'll be looking forward to whatever comes next with your own music. Catch you on the other side...
Anonymous said…
Like the previous comments, I too have followed along and come and go through those years with you and have appreciated the time you've put into such great and well done mixes -
Appreciate them and wish you well again = Cheers! CM
Jim said…
Your mixes have propelled me across hundreds of miles of roadway over the past several years. They were more than mixes, they were as vivid as films played against the generally monotonous landscape of the interstate. I am very grateful that you devoted so much effort to creating them.
Batgrl said…
I think I'll miss you most around Halloween - it used to be an annual thing to check out the various Halloween mixes, and slowly those are dropping off. Thank you for all your mixes - I'll be celebrating Christmas again with them! The net will be much duller without your mixes!
Mighty 45 said…
Un TRES GROS MERCI pour toutes ces pépites Révérand, vraiment.
Alvaro said…
Querido Reverendo.
Sorry for my spanish, is very poor.
Me apena profundamente que deje este fantastico blog, que sigo asiduamente desde hace varios años e intentaba no perderme ninguno de sus recopilatorios, supongo que las etapas se queman y quizá esta ya no daba más de si, muchos éxitos en lo que venga después.
Hasta pronto.
Best regards.

dinosaur1972 said…
Rats. Your Halloween mixes were the bloody bomb. I will miss them. Thanks for the great work, good rev.
Reverend Frost said…
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, folks,
I'm frankly overwhelmed by such kind words !
YOU're the best !
(and, hum, since I'm reading all your messages and the ton of emails I received, I MIGHT cook something for this halloween...suspense !) :)

Anne said…
Oh dear Lord!
Rest in Peace STGW & rest assured
your legend will live forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!

Thank ye!
Hal Roman said…
So sorry to see you go. Was looking forward to the Halloween Mix. Really enjoyed your Blog for so many years.
wiley prybar said…
ah, rev, so sad to see you go. your bloody mixes have been so bloody good! was just listening to one of your halloween mixes. well, I'll always have them. best regards and thank you.
Anonymous said…
By Rev i loved your mixes and will remebere them forever hope you pop up somewhere again with more genius mixes. keep in touch if you pop back up.

doug crocco

good luck and best wishes!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
NOOOOOO!!! WHAT IS HALLOWEEN WITHOUT YOU??? STILL MISSING YOU! and thank you, thank you for everything over the years!
DrBob said…
I'm afraid I've reached this announcement much later than most others, and I'm not sure if you'd even get a comment at this point, but just in case, I had to let you know how wonderful your work was. The mixes, as others here have noted, are more than just very well-chosen collections of music (though they're certainly that); they kind of become a universe unto themselves, and they crackle with the energy you brought to them. Thanks so much for hooking us up with such great music. Take a bow, sir. Thank you!
DrBob said…
I'm afraid I've reached this announcement much later than most others, and I'm not sure if you'd even get a comment at this point, but just in case, I had to let you know how wonderful your work was. The mixes, as others here have noted, are more than just very well-chosen collections of music (though they're certainly that); they kind of become a universe unto themselves, and they crackle with the energy you brought to them. Thanks so much for hooking us up with such great music. Take a bow, sir. Thank you!
DH said…
I was a regular listener for ages then my life got shook up a bit and I've been away. Jonesing on some good music tonight, I find the farewell. I'm sorry you're gone - you were the soundtrack to a big part of my life and old downloads of the wonder years still brighten up many a morning on an iTunes random day at work. I decided to download the final one and not every single one I missed, but, well, the downbload link is no longer live. Is there anywhere I might be able to get a hold of the last / previous editions? If not, thanks for the memories and the sounds - your bag is DEEP, man. DH
Anonymous said…
Hey !

I've followed your blog for quite a while, and seriously, keep it up. There are only a
few places where I can find some really rare music, and yours is a reference.

I dunno if you've heard of this website, playlistunes, but for the listening of cool stuff it's pretty fu**ing cool, I think you should have a look.

Here are a few pages I would recommend :

Home, sort of a "best of": Rare Music

Jazzy Beats

Relaxing Playlist

Rare Hip Hop

Rare Reggae

Rare Funk

Energetic Music


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