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HO HO HO kids !
Yes, right on time, I thought I was gonna be a lil' bit short to make this one due to the schedule, but hey, y'know me, I can't miss a goold ol' Xmas Mix - hum.
So here it is, 54 minutes of christmas cheers, blues & beers !
Boy - as always - this year's been pretty frantic, and ho ho ho by the way, sorry for the new album, it'll be out at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to get the bastard in my hands for Christmas (you know, when you don't know what to offer), but it'll be out in January.
Of course, and that goes without saying, due to the end of the world in 2012 and all, please enjoy this enjoy this damn mix, recorded while drinking milk & eating cookies. or something like that.

Merry Christmas folks, enjoy the family, enjoy your wife/mistress or whatever, anyway, anyhow, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Yours truly,
Santa Frost.

Santa Frost Presents...A Bloody Christmas Mix, Part 9!(54:01)
01. Rev. Tom Frost - Santa Bring My Baby Bac…

Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 17) !!!


Yes my zombies friends !
It's the mighty horrific horrible bloody return of the most downloaded mix of the year, I say A BLOODY HALLOWEEEEEEEN MIX, freaking part n°17 !
Holy Bela, it sounds like this blog is 17 years old...but wait !
STGW is already 7 years old !
Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing ! (sorry, there's a bug).

& I know some of you awaited the whole year to hear these 31 bloody bloody songs !
This Rev. frost sure looks strange to me !

(ok ok I wanted to make 2 mixes this year, but aaaaaaaargh, I can't find the proper time - so enjoy this one !) The mix has everything you wanted in it, even a polka !

Ok and while you're here, grag you bloody copy of the Bloody Tomahawks first 7'' 45 HERE ! Children of the night ! What music they make !

And bloody hell (new game, count how many 'bloody' appear on this post), sorry in advance (or really late) to y'all who emailed me those last past months an…

A Bloody Drunken Mix !

Howdeeeeeeee y'all !!!
I hope you all had a good summer ! (or winter if you're living on the other side of the world). Mkay, summer's almost gone !
First of all, the good news of September is...
the new album 'Every Goddam Thing To Hell' is coming ! Crazy.
We're actually working on the new website as well, to welcome the new baby as it should be.
You stay tuned !!!

ok, & I've actually found the time to make this drunken mix during one lost hour !
Damn right, it's a bloody DRUNKEN mix ! Yep, not a mix with only songs about booze (some of you out there did that brilliantly for a few past occasions), but about songs & noises you might hear when you're actually spaced out, & songs & noises you might sing/shout when you're not totally yourself !
And don't deny it !
(ok, humbly, I did the whole thing, that's why I choose those specific songs hahaha)

Awright ! Enjoy !
And bloody hell, next month is Halloween !!!!

Yours truly,
Frostula (hiccu…

A Bloody Summer Mix 2011 !!!


Yes brothers & sisters, it's summeeeeeeer !
As always...Sunburns ! Olive oil ! Pizzas ! Beaches & Sharks ! Hummingbirds dancing ! Whales twistin' ! You know ! SUMMER !!!

For me, it's going to be making music & more making music (the long awaited records hahaha. hum) and...doing nothing back in my good ol' south (which is quite my favorite plan actually).
So ok folks, enjoy your hot summer, and you ever got the blues for any reason at all, this mix's for you ! And if you don't ever got the ol' summertime blues, this mix's for you as well !

Alright then ! See you in September !
(or there'll maybe a shameless self-promotion post soon 'cos of the Tomahawks' debut 7'' 45 release !)
From Frost With Love !!!
Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Summer Mix 2011 ! (64 :41)

01. Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra – Siboney
02. Jan & Dean - Summer Means Fun
03. Chuck Berry - Back To Memphis
04. Johnny Hort…

A Bloody Wiseguys Mix !

Alright you bandits !
This is a long awaited mix (it’s been ASKED many times really), based on a thing that doesn’t exist, a bizness that is more valuable than showbizness itself, and frankly, what two business have traditionally been recession-proof since time immemorial? Certain aspects of show business and this thing...
Okay paesani !
It’s time to load your guns, sharpen you knifes, and put on your best (Armani) suit !
& since I’m no longer on Facebook (eh eh eh), I can totally expose myself here, so yes, this bloody mix is dedicated to my friends, family (dad & dad’s friends), and…
awc’mon, it’s only movies !

And YES my dears, it’s a good opportunity to hear the new Bloody Tomahawks’ track ‘(I’m gonna) Burn Down Your House !’ And what d’you mean, we can’t sell millions with titles like that ?

Remember, there's an old Italian saying: you fuck up once, you lose two teeth.
Enjoy !
Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Wiseguys Mix ! (73 :54)
01. Takeshi Terauchi - Soran Bus…

A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 5 !

April ! Spring ! Time to shake-it-baby-shake-it once more !

Hey btw thanks for the kind words (emails/comments/links/telepathic thoughts) 'bout The bloody tomahawks !
It's....WOOHEE !!!

Ok, as always, download, play it LOUD, take your pants off etc etc...


Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 5 ! (59 :34)
01. Henry Mancini – The Monkey Farm
02. The Righteous Brothers - That Little Girl Of Mine
03. The Shadows - Rhythm And Greens
04. The Coasters - That Is Rock & Roll
05. The Crew - Knocka Knocka Mow Mow
06. Lefty Dizz - We're Gonna Boogie
07. Piney Brown - You Bring Out The Wolf In Me
08. Tarzan Interlude
09. Madeline Bell – I Really Got Carried Away
10. Giuseppe De Luca - Rito A Los Angeles
11. Arthur Brown – Fire
12. Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band - Willy Nilly (Live)
13. Pete Hartfield - Mighty Man
14. Eric Burdon & The Animals - It´s All Meat
15. Sun Ra & The Blues Project - Joker is Wild
16. Dyke & the Blazers …

The Bloody Tomahawks !!!

Hoooowdy dear friends !

As promised, it's time to shake your soul once more !
Yes ! It's the infamous shameless self promotion hour !

Ok, so what do you get when you have a tribe of two consisting of a Growling, (Un)Holy Reverend from The South Of Hell, France and a Shouting Wolf from The Tormented, Primordial Rock & Roll Ohio-Ooze?


Shouting Thomas Torment & your favorite host concoct a savage & bewitching brew that's filled to overflowing with swirling organ, slicing guitars, tribal pounding, spine-tingling moans and anything else they choose to put their hands, breath (and feet) to !
So, paint your face while saying your prayers and go on the Rock & Roll Warpath with

Spewing the Hoodoo that takes scalps AND souls...

And you may check out the songs and news,


and after that, burn your clothes, throw away your television, and dance around your favorite tree, naked.

We shall release our first 45 in a few months a…

A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 !

Are you ready for your monthly gift? ARE YOU READYYYYYY !
(say it loud ! Hu ! I'm evil & I'm proud !)

Yes boys and girls, it's the evil return of the evil party mix !

And talkin' bout evilness, you will HEAR SOON of my b-side project, the evil international superband which vill conker ze vorld hahahahahaha
(Bela, get out of this body)

C'MON ! Let the sin begins !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Evil Party Mix, Part 3 ! (63 :37)
01. Tielman Brothers – Marabunta
02. Hot Lips Page - The Devil's Kiss
03. Vince Taylor – Jezebel
04. Diablito - The Jungle
05. The Quests - I'm Tempted
06. Davie Allan & The Arrows - Theme From The Unknown
07. The Wanderers - Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego
08. Jack Scott - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
09. Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Yield Not To Temptation
10. Ronald Stein - The Devil's Partner (Main Title)
11. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Race With The Devil
12. Louis Jordan - Somebody Done Hoodooed The Hoodoo M…

A Bloody Love Mix, Part 2 !

Awoooooooo Ladies & gents !!!!

It's good to see you again on this part of the interweb !
Well, to start this new year on the good foot (what? already February? Sorry, I think I fell asleep on the couch and must have rolled off !) and in addition to Valentine's day that's coming in a few days, yep folks, here's your bloody love Mix, Part 2 !
Love ! Hate ! Treason ! Love ! Hate ! Prison ! Love ! Love ! Mistakes ! Love !
pheeew, I'm already exhausted.
Yes ! Love !
And as always, it's dedicated to all my brothers & sisters out there, all the good folks I've met or not, well, you got the picture, it goes straight to you all, and especially you the girl in red, oh you ! in white too! you ! in black too ! well, errrrr, to y'all !
And yes, the mix does has some hidden messages, some running gags (Elvis baby, Elvis !), more running gags, and a lot of twistin' & shakin' & bumpin' tracks !
Hope you'll like it ! And if you don't…