Spread The Good Year !

South of Hell, 11.16.2005,

My dear readers,

That’s it, 365 days. Damn, 365 days of blogging (hate the word ‘blogging’ by the way).
Gee, I started this lil’ thing to…..errr, well, I still don’t know why actually.
Ah yeah I remember now, I did start this site because of other blogs ! All the sites you can see on yer right are THEE mighty inspiration. I mean it folks.
Anyway, this year has been sooo great (I mean the site, not my personal life, that’s another story).
So no big words but I just want to thank all you readers and the good folks all around the ‘blogosphere’ – heck, what an awful word again.
Anyway...I hope you dig these holy tunes, and that you’ll stick around for the next year !
Hello, I’m reverend Frost and I’m here to spread the good word.
Gna Gna Gna.

All the best and thanks again,

PS: Dont be sad but I’m going to slow down things a bit ; 2-3-4 posts a week from now on. (no, not 234 posts a week)

PS II : To celebrate, here’s the first song posted on this blog, plus me me me me, plus a song by the fendermen (it’s always good) and the monty holy python’s top from ‘Life of Brian’. (Call me Loretta)

PS III : The Holy-Bloody-Christmas-Mixes are on the way !

The Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush

Rev Frost - Sweet Love On My Mind

The Fendermen - Don't You Just Know It

Monty Python - Look On The Bright Side Of Life

South Of Hell, The Crypt


Anonymous said…
Good Morning Brother Frost,

I believe I'm the first to congratulate you with
yourfirst year in spreading The Good Word.

Which itself tells something about my own, uh, sligh addiction to the (there, I said it:) 'Blogossphere'.

Eversince I hit upon your little missionary-post
I've been enjoying it almost daily for the fine images and music and above all:
The Good Word!

Thanks and Praise!

Kenny Lust,
The Netherlands
mrdantefontana said…
The whole PCL-team wants to congratulate You, dear Reverend, for spreading the good word and for sharing the music that oozes out from all your bodyparts.
One hell of a year we must say. You were missed when you were not here. Now you would be more than missed if you left.
Now, this doesn't - of course - mean that you shouldn't slow down a little bit. Of course you can. As the fairytale goes also the King needs some sleep.

Best wishes.

/mrdantefontana & htmpl prod.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, he's so cute.

Happy Birthday one year old!

Now it's on to the terrible 2's.

The coming year will be your practice year so don't screw up. Remember, we can spank you now.
Brian K Reese said…
happy annibirthderay Padre! May the grace and bounty of the good Word be with you all yr days and supply comfort in the darkest of nights. Or something. Leaves us wondering what our lives were like a year and a day ago. I can't remember.
protogenes said…
I've been saved!
Anonymous said…
Rev, you the man. Best "Blog" in my humble opinion. Why, because you always post great pics,I was a Famous Monsters reader as a kid, and the music you share is from an era when non top 40 music had grit, but not dirt. Thanks, for 365 great "blogs".
Anonymous said…
Encore bravo pour cet excellent blog. En espérant te faire jouer à Annecy courant 2006. On se tient au courant. Pour le fanzine, je te l'envoie le + vite possible. Désolé du retard !
Anonymous said…
you are a sweetheart.
C. said…
Congrats, Rev. You've been posting at such a clip, and offering such fine music, that you ought to win some sort of commendation.

here's to another 365.

yrs, C.
erik hogstrom said…
Happy Anniversary!
You have introduced me to some lost classics that have since become some of my favorite songs.
For that, dear Reverend, I salute you and thank you on your anniversary!
Tuwa said…
Happy Birthday, reverendfrost.blogspot.com! And you, Rev, keep up the good work. :-)

Do you still want one of those mixes? Shoot me your snail mail if so--no obligation to write about it; I know you've got your own writing to do.
Larry Grogan said…
Congrats man! Always a pleasure stopping by.
Keith said…
...And many mooore! :)
Anonymous said…
Only a year?! Feels like you've been around for longer...in a good way you understand. One of the finest blogs I know. 365 days of sheer quality.
Anonymous said…
Dear Rev,
I've only been coming here since August (when I discovered the joy of mp3 blogs) You remain consistantly my favorite and a daily visit. It seems many people out here in the blahgisphere enjoy the same good junk, be it movies or music. Keep up the good work, too bad you can't make a living doing this, huh? Don K.
sleepybomb said…
congrats rev! you provide such a wonderful service, spreading the good word and all. i bow to you vast wisdom and knowledge of all things obscure and rock-n-roll. here's to another few years of making the masses more aware of the power of the righteous sounds you spread around!
Billy K said…
Congrats, Brother Frost!

You've got great taste, a great record collection, and your blog is easily one of the best - nomatter how many continue to sprout up.

Thank you so much for turning me on to so much great stuff.

Should you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

-Billy K.

P.S. The slowing down might not be so bad - I can't keep up with all the great stuff here. I barely get time to hear it all. Again - thank you!
Frunobulax said…
Hey, congratulations. Pump the brake, but never forget your fans.
Anonymous said…
Well done Rev! It takes a lot to try and keep any site open thesedays but yu have proved yur worth and have many more spreadings thru out the years to come...Happy Birthday!!!!
Scott said…
YAY! Congrats man, congrats!
Reverend Frost said…
aaaaaaaaww I'm blushing !
THANX FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS ! (even the spank thing)
Anonymous said…
great blog. talent for picking songs seems to ooze from your reverendly pores.

--Neanderthal Wars
Anonymous said…

You be the real deal--so keep on keepin' on. I love your crazy sounds. They skonkin'!

Mr. Boh from Baltimo'
Michael said…
Bon Anniversaire Reverend!
Reverend Frost said…
Anonymous said…
The guitar work and bass lines on the song "Sweet Love on My Mind" are incredible. How about another song by Rev. Tom Frost. I havent heard anything so rockin in years.

Neanderthal Wars
Reverend Frost said…
Very soon ! Thanx a bunch, it means a lot.
Anonymous said…
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