Bunker Hill !

Welcome back !
Speaking of Link Wray (one more time), my friend Darrell noticed that no one ever talks or writes about Link& Bunker Hill's affiliation.
So here I am, the good reverend preaching the good one more time…damn job !

Well, I’m not gonna write about Mr Dave Walker (Aka Bunker Hill) because the mighty Butcher Pete at
Wang Dang Dula already wrote the ULTIMATE article !
Enjoy !
Oh be careful, these songs can change your life. I mean it.

Bunker Hill With The Raymen - The Girl Can't Dance
Bunker Hill - Hide And Go Seek (Part I)
Bunker Hill - Red Riding Hood And The Wolf


michelsardou said…
guapo said…
the finest music ever recorded!!!!
Reverend Frost said…
Ooooooh yeah
Anonymous said…
God Bless you, Reverend. I had a couple of BunkerHill tracks on tape from friend Jim way back in the mists of time (early 80s) and needless to say they just wore out. You are my saviour, or at the very least a Righteous Man doing the Good Work. I thank you and WHAT! was Link on those tracks????

Glory Be Thy Name lol

Anonymous said…
I'll get the hang of this one day
Reverend Frost said…
My pleasure :)
Jayster said…
Great tracks – I’ve got all these on various compilations, but it’s always a pleasure to hear them again. The flip side to the Girl Can’t Dance is another beauty. Bit of a slower pace on ‘You Can’t Make Me Doubt My Baby’ but Bunker still growls his way through it malevolently and magnificently, as only he can – if you haven’t already got it check it out. – any idea what the flip of Little Red Riding Hood is? – I’ve only got that on LP.
Reverend Frost said…
Thanx for the tip! The b-side is "nobody knows" (Mala-single (#457)
Oh and thanx Gumbo, your site's really cool !

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