Hello Congregation !

Yes, we’re celebrating STGW’s second birthday this week, so here’s a mega-top-hits post with some fine choices taken from the vaults of the crypt.

Just to thank you.

Yup, thanks for tuning in, and thanks for everything !
(Hum, do I sound like I’m going to die or what ?). aaaaw I suck. Well, thanks.

We have readers from the four parts of hell, mental comments, and bloody nice folks all the time, and we’re still doing this job for free.
(ok, with 1000 visitors a day, you might say it’s quite stupid, but it’s my choice ^_^)

So fuck yeah, are you ready for another year ?

Cheers my friends !

Bunker Hill - Hide And Go Seek (Part 1)

Lalo Guerrero - Marihuana Boogie

Moon Mullican - Jenny Lee

Hasil Hadkins - Walk And Talk With Me

Lonesome Sundown - Gonna Stick To You

Eddie Bond And The Stompers - Slip, Slip, Slippin' in

Rocky And His Friends - You Weren't Using Your Head

And one more for the twist !

Takeshi Terauchi - Riders In The Sky

Happy Birthday STGW !

And that goes without saying, search, hunt and buy all the great things you hear on this page !


mrdantefontana said…
Yes. Congrats Reverend! Your blog are just slightly younger than mine. But anyone putting out posts (like you and me) on a more or less daily basis knows damned well that 2 years is a long time. I just like to add: keep it up! This is my fave music blog.
affreuxthom said…
Cher Réverend,

je le dis à voix haute : merci pour ces deux années de découvertes et de joie !
Les selections sont toujours extraordinaires, je me demande où tu trouves tout cela. Avec tes sermons, nous sommes aux racines du grand livre ! Hellfire !

Une année supplémentaire, je signe et resigne.
Anonymous said…
Yep this is my favourite mp3 blog by a street, great tunes as always go Bunker Go Go Go
Anonymous said…
happy 2nd birthday-long may you give us many more-YOU RULE
Anonymous said…

The damn tequila bottle's talkin' again, must be a sin; I love you, man, even tho my wife got fired today!!
Music is a lot like manure, & it needs to be spread evenly. You help even the odds. Thanx!!!
Anonymous said…
100 of these years! Great Super posts.
Particullary Mullican, Eddie Bond and Guerriero.
happy birthday rev!
Anonymous said…
Qu'est-ce que c'est, Rocky and his friends ? Ça date de quand ? Quoi qu'il en soit, ça claque ! Merci aussi pour Hasil. Je ne connaissais pas celle-là...

Mario B
Anonymous said…
Hey man your blog and I share a birthday week. Thanks for all the great tunes! My life is better for having found them. Rock on you dang crazy fucker!!!

L said…
happy birthday.
turn on, tune in, drop out.
turn out, tune on, drop in.
drop on, turn on, tune on.
turn, turn, turn.
do what you want
(but keep posting great music)
Anonymous said…
Heureux anniversaire Révérend !!!!

Et merci pour toutes ces beaux sermons

Allez louia
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks et merci my Amigos, I love you too !!!
~Mario, le titre est de 1965 :)
erik hogstrom said…
Happy Anniversary Rev!
You have a mighty fine blog!
Anonymous said…
(sung to the tune of The Flintstones' anniversary song, of course)

Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,

Thanks for all that you've done,
Reverend Frost said…
Hey thanks ! Happy Birfday My Scurvy !
C. said…
congrats Rev--here's to many more great years!

michelsardou said…
Tous mes vieux!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated anniversary! Keep spreading the MP3 Love. And might I add that I especially love you because you always name your files with the artist name AND song title, love that!:)
Anonymous said…
Congrats and thanks for the great blog. Everytime I hear that Bunker Hill song I gotta dance like they do at Motor Mouth Records in the movie Hairspray ... shake it!
Anonymous said…
What can I say?
just a Happy ,Happy, very Happy Birthday to you!

You're blog has become a basic part of my private life, and I really need to thank you for that.

Reverend Frost said…
ah thank you sisters !
(hum you too brothers :)
Garrincha said…
Happy birthday Rev !
Keep up the good work
Michael said…
Happy 2nd anniversary Reverend!!

keep those groovy tunes coming
Anonymous said…
The Reverend is a God!!
jenny page said…
happy bday, msr frost! your site & the hound are the greatest i know of in offering the coolest primitive R&R R&B discs :) thanks for the link & stay sick - feliz ano nuevo, too!
atomo! said…
YES... This Blog Rules! Happy Birthday and hope to see you around for many more years!

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