Jack Scott !

Despite his snarling rockabilly attitude, Giovanni Sacfone Jr.(yes, jack Scott) hailed from Ontario, Canada, and grew up near Detroit, developing a love for hillbilly music along the way.
Jack Scott sounded tough, like someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley unless he had a guitar in his hands.
When he growled "The Way I Walk," wise men (and women) stepped aside.

Read a very good bio here

Jack Scott - The Way I Walk
Jack Scott - Leroy
Jack Scott - Bella


The DoorKeeper said…
Dang - I've got on vinyl, I've got em on CD

They're on my hard drive and I STILL wanna download em
Reverend Frost said…
That's the spirit !!!
The Rev PAFC said…
Hi Rev,

From one Rev to another, just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you do and enjoy the blog.

I wonder if you can help in a little personal quest?

I have a few bootleg tapes from some John Peel radio shows of Jan-Feb '87. One of the many delights on these is an early (50s?) rock'n'roll number called "Excuses At A Dollar A Throw" by a group called Pink Peg Slacks. Researches on the ole interweb have thrown up precisely nothing. You dont, by any chance, happen to know anything about this combo, or better, know where this and other recordings they made (if any) may be found?

If I ever get around to learning how, I'll try and transfer the cassette to computer. m not very technical, tho!

Many thanks,
Anonymous said…
rev' thanks for the avatar, the songs are splendid.
Anonymous said…
Whew!!! That's the stuff!!
Ontario can rock every now and then.
Reverend Frost said…
Muwuwuhahahahaha !!!
No wait, I have to sto with that, halloween is over godammit.

Rev !
thanks for your comment, I have to check my archives, but it doesn't ring any bell.
Maybe one of my beautiful reader could help?
I'll let you know padre.

And yeah, vive le canada !

Cheers !
Anonymous said…
Jack's Italian roots can be heard in "Bella." Despite the rockabilly topsin it's still Naples at heart.

And I mean that in a good way.

Thanx for the downloads.
Reverend Frost said…
Salute !
Anonymous said…
This is fine rockabilly, no matter how you slice it. A beautiful post! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
"Bella" is great song, with old italy mood, I love these tunes, thanks Rev.
Reverend Frost said…
I knew you'd like this track!
My pleasure :)
Tuwa said…

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