Jack Starr !

Jack Starr was both a rockabilly performer and a monster-movie makeup artist and much of his stuff were recorded in his mom's bathroom !
The lack of quality just adds to the magic. Starr was infatuated with monster flicks of the time and set about to make his own, creating his own costumes and, of course, soundtracks.
In other words, a hero.

Jack Starr - Born Bad
Jack Starr - Crazy rock (Bald Headed Woman & A Long Haired Man)
Jack Starr - Gozilla We Love You


Bobby Lee Trammell - New Dance In France

See You Next Week !


Anonymous said…
what an amazing choice of careers! Bald headed woman is rockin'. Godzilla is a fucking riot. I love this! I never know what yer gonna come up with.
-yer pal Scurvy
Anonymous said…
...but, I wonder:
Does Godzilla really loves us to?

Have a nice weekend
and take care, Rev

Anonymous said…
Revvy my man!! Niiice post today. I found Jack Starr's album awhile back in crappy m4a format. Glad you got some good ol' mp3's. You've been slamming lately with the great content. I missed not having you new posts as part of my nutritional breakfast! Btw, I love fucking "Madman" and can't wait for the new album.
erik hogstrom said…
The Bobby Lee Trammell song is so great. Thanks Rev!
Reverend Frost said…
Scurvy, Kenny, OhShaneyBoyOhShaneyBoyThePipesThePipesAreCalling, Erik,

Oh Shit, I'm out of bandwith agaiiiiiiin.
Gotta find something until tomorrow :)
Anonymous said…
I'm proud to say that Jack Starr is my dad. it makes me really happy to hear y'all say cool stuff about him. thanks
Reverend Frost said…
Angie, thank YOU.
All the best my dear !
Peteski said…
figure you'd have it. thanks.

the Norton label is celebrating 20 years, FMU's been talking it up - I had the LP

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