Wild Instrumental Party !!!

Ok, here’s a hot and wild recipe to warm you up in these cold days of winter.
Yeehhaa, this is the first STGW comp !
15 killer tracks, no big words, just hope that you’ll dig it! (the comp)
/or dig 'em (the tracks) ^_^
Of course, it's another christmas present...

01. Sandy Nelson - Casbah
02. Terry-Tones - Sinner
03. The Scouts - Mr.Custer Stomp
04. Eddie And The Showmen - Squad Car
05. Dave And The Customs - Ali Baba
06. The Devrons- Battle Hymn
07. The Fender Four - Margaya
08. The Playboys - Jungle Fever
09. The Pygmies - Don't Monkey With Tarzan
10. Link Wray And His Raymen - Batman Theme
11. The Nomads - Bounty Hunter
12. The Webs - Blue Skies
13. Dick Dale And His DelTones - Misirlou Twist
14. The Trademarks - Baha-Ree-Ba ! (Part One)
15. The Carnations - Fireball Mail


Michel LeGrisbi said…
AMAZING!!!! Better than anything stuffed in my stocking!
Bruno said…
Fun fun fun!!! Thanks for all the effort you put in your blog :)
Anonymous said…
On a scale of 1-10, I give this 434.

Great, great, great. ~jordan
mrdantefontana said…
I never thought I'd see all my favorite tracks all at once like this. You rock!
Anonymous said…
Terrific stuff. I love all the interstitial movie ads, commercials, etc.

Your great blog makes my drives much more pleasant and easier.

Thanks, Gutterboy
Anonymous said…
Great Blog my Friend...Keep up the great job..Everyday i come here and see something different and entertaining...Charlie (Bill E. Rocker)
rockcityagencia said…
Thanks a lot, Rev. You rock. You NEED to hear Tormentos (From Argentina).
Anonymous said…
Once again the Right Reverend tops himself! The most ROCKIN' Blog ever!
Reverend Frost said…
Hey thanx !
Anonymous said…
Great selection-i was just gonna pinch one but ...i had the lot ta!
Anonymous said…
Awesome stuff Rev.
Your blog rocks! Keep spreading
the good word my friend

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