The Dead Rocks !

Gosh , I’m still twistin’ and shakin’ all over the place…
I saw an EXCELLENT band last night, and when I say excellent, I mean it !
(call from a friend at 9 o’clock, grab my hat, my dawn of the dead t-shirt, and vamos to Marseille).
So hell yeah, Rev Frost brings you….THE DEAD ROCKS from Brazil!
‘Since 2002 on activity, they have become a great Brazilian Surf Music icon, by playing in several stages in São Paulo, besides a tour over Santa Catarina beachs and perform on 4o. and 5o. Surf Mineiro Championship, in Belo Horizonte city, the biggest Latin America Festival.’
THE DEAD ROCKS is formed by the legendaries Marky Wildstone (drums), Frank Funk (bass) and Johnny Crash (electric guitar) – you can’t find nicer guys by the way.
Well my dear friends, the only thing you have to do is check out their upcoming shows (Europe only , but you can book ‘em anywhere), buy their fantastic first record, enjoy the wild ride,
Brazil Rocks !
The Dead Rocks !

The Dead Rocks - Beach's Bitch
The Dead Rocks - El Condor Pasa
The Dead Rocks - Crash, Crash And Crash Again

Official Site

The 2nd Christmas Mix will be up on Tuesday !


Fire of lovE said…
Its Sunday, Rev
Reverend Frost said…
I couldn't resist, the show was too good !
But I'm going back to bed now ^-^
sadoldpunk said…
New here, I like the way it roll...
Specialy for the collision of the music and the B-movies.
And the hell about Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Eric Von Zipper thanks you!
rockcityagencia said…
Hi, Rev!!

Sooo goood that you liked it!! :)
Thanks to spread the word!
Reverend Frost said…
Thanks !

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