A Bloody New Years Eve Party Mix !!!

I will kill you, 2005

Well well well,
First, I hope you all had a nice christmas (or whatever the hell you celebrate).
Gee, thanx for the kind words on the previous post (i’m telling ya, something’s wicked’s coming your way...thanx Sami)
And yes, here we go, we’re closing 2005 with a long long mix (one hour !) .
Why one hour ? because you’ll be playing this at midnight and I predict that everyone will be drunk at one o’clock. Yup, this year has been a hell of a year, so you can drink a lot (you have my blessing).
Well, I just wanted to thank YOU for keep reading this site and for your support of course, whether I do remember your names or not (and the list is long, believe me), and thanx to all the good people on the ‘blogosphere’ (Shit, I really have to find another word)
2006 sounds really good to me (sorry, can’t explain that) , I hope it sounds good to you too.
So, enjoy this lil’ piece of bric-a-brac (every song has its meaning of course haha),
and see you next year !!!

Love from Hell,
Rev Frost.

Rev Frost presents…A Bloody New Years Eve Party Mix !
(aka Fuck 2005) (63 :16)
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Tracklisting :

1. « Intro : The Imperial Dixie March » (John Williams)
2. « (At The Sign Of) The Swinging Cymbal » (Brass Incorporated)
3. « Saved » – Lavern Baker
4. « Don’t Start Crying Now » – Them
5. « Lovin’ Machine » – Wynonie Harris
6. « Goin’ Back To Orleans » – Jesse And Buzzy
7. « Turn On Your Love Light » – Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
8. « Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee » – Stick McGhee
9. « Bottle To The Baby » – Charlie Feathers
10. « Camelot » - Monty Python
11. « Batman Theme » - Sun RĂ¢ And The Blues Project
12. « Believe Me » - William Penn And The Quakers
13. « High Time » - The Sonics
14. « Country Boy » - Pee Wee Hughes
15. « Break-a-Way » - Irma Thomas
16. « Shortnin’ Bread » - The Ready Men
17. « Get Down With It » - Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band
18. « Gorilla » - The Shandells
19. « I’m A Lover Not A Fighter » - Lazy Lester
20. « Oh What A Wonderful Time » - Otis Blackwell
21. « Come With Me To The Casbah » - Ganimian And His Orientals
22. « Blop Up (Vincent Price Mix) » - Cozy Cole Orchestra
23. « I’m Sittin’ On Top Of The World » - Curtis Gordon
24. « Rose Rose I Love You » - Yao Lee
25. « Cowpoke » - Johnny Western
26. « Deep River » - Roy Hamilton

Rev Frost presents - A Bloody New Years Eve Party Mix



Reverend Frost said…
aaaaaa good to see you in shape Fire ! Happy new year to you too...
Corsica? 1 hour from here!
Because I could not tune in WDVX
today I turned on my computer library. The real old shit posted by you and others is what makes the resulting mix shake like Hamilton Beach.

The awkword word blogosphere brings up chunks for me too. Anything would be better.
BwcaBrownie said…
Happy New Year Rev Frost
2005 can go get lost
'Turn On Your Love Light'
Sounds AllllRight!
This is The Mix
for 2006!

Love Love Love
Anonymous said…
Listen Up People,
The Muthafuckin' Rev has saved my life on more than one occasion & all I got to say is "Amen Brother! Fucking Prefect Mix. May every single day of 2006 be ya'lls."

Some old fucker in California
Wastedpapiers said…
Happy new year to you too Rev! Look forward to more crazy music in 2006.
C. said…
Happy New Year, Rev! 2006 sounds good to me too (well, 2005 was pretty damned rough at times, so there's much room for improvement.)
Anonymous said…
Here's to a great 2006 and with
the mix I know it'll get off to
a great strart!
Larry Grogan said…
Wild mix Rev! Happy New Year to you and yours.
Anonymous said…
have a happy and Frostfurous New Year.....Charlie (Bill E Rocker)
me said…
thanxxxx for the mixxxx!!! have a great year!!!
I'm hooked again, Reverend Frost. Though I've listened a dozen times in the last few days I'm warming up tonight with the damn thing. I jumped the gun because I won't be in control of the music tonight. Happy New Year, I appreciate what you do, and Cheers!

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