Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Don Woody became a disc jockey after attending college at local nightclubs .Soon he met an agent who signed him up on the "Ozark Jubilee" (country-singers show, hosted by Red Foley) to do the "warm-up" for the audience just before the show went on the air... Woody recorded « You’re barking up the wrong tree » (flip side « Bird Dog ») in 1957.The songs were released by Decca at the time and even though "Bird Dog" sold pretty well, probably due to the success of a song with the same title by "The Everly Brothers", Decca couldn't be persuaded to renew Woody's contract. Actually, his song was before the Everly Brothers recorded theirs (He had released his Decca record and about 2 weeks later The Everly Brothers record was released.) .Woody cut another session for Arco in 1958, but did not sustain a career in music. He joined trading company Sears-Roebuck and currently manages a store in Dallas, Texas.

Don Woody - You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Don Woody - Bird Dog


Anonymous Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine said...

Salut reverent.

2 jours de suite des morceaux avec des aboiements.J'adore
En fait je collectionne les morceaux animaliers et j'en cherche en permanence.

Ca serait bien un petit post spécial animaux, avec plein de coin coin, waouf waouf, cuic ui etc.

Voilà petite suggestion.
Sinon continue comme ca c'est super.

Ps: J'ai une liste de tous les morceaux que je possede si ca t'intéresse.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine

Laboratoire de recherches scientifiques sur la fête

12:23 PM  
Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Rah la classe les soirées Chocomix!
Special animaux, pas con ça....

En tout cas, merci beaucoup Amigo!

(je veux bien jeter un oeil sur la liste!)


2:04 PM  

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