You Can Have Her

Welcome back everybody. Sorry for yesterday, I was doing an exorcism, a friend of mine was listening to Spandau Ballet. Don’t worry, he’s saved.

Too few people, even music enthusiasts, remember Roy Hamilton. He was a heavyweight Golden Gloves boxer before starting his music career as a member of The Searchlight Singers.In 1953, he was discovered singing in a New Jersey club by Bill Cook, an influential local disc jockey who became the singer's manager. His contribution to soul/r&b has been overlooked, by many. He was a big influence on Elvis,that is evident in Elvis' style. The Epic label treated Hamilton as a major pop star and issued 16 albums by the artist. During the mid-60s, his career sank while recording with MGM Records and then RCA Records, and he died not long after suffering a stroke in 1969. His selection of music is strong and his voice carries each piece. Hallelujah.

Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her

Roy Hamilton - Deep River


guanoboy said…
that spandau ballet comment is beautiful.

even though I'm a's still beautiful.

and keep up the good tunes
John said…
I've been following this blog for a couple weeks now, but I keep forgetting to leave a comment. I have no idea who you are or how you dig this stuff up, but it's fantastic. Thanks a lot.
Reverend Frost said…
All I'm doing is the Lords Work.

Thanx to both of you.

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