The Chantays was comprised of the Californian Santa Ana High School students Bob Spickard (lead guitar), Brian Carman (guitar, saxophone), Bob Marshall (piano), Warren Waters (bass) and Bob Welsh (drums).They formed The Chantays in 1962 and secured immortality with « Pipeline » the following year. Initially released as the b-side to a vocal track, this atmospheric surfing instrumental brought a new level of sophistication to an often one-dimensional genre and deservedly became a hit in the USA and Britain. Competent players who went heavy on the rumbling bass, ghostly reverb, and electric keyboards, they were very much a one-shot act; their repertoire was crowded with rock & roll covers and "Pipeline" sound-alikes, and none of their follow-up singles charted. But who cares, it’s perhaps the most famous riff in surf music and one of the most perfect his tunes.

The Chantays - Pipeline

The Chantays - Tragic Wind


Sune Posselt said…
This is just absolutely awesome, I can't believe I'd never heard this before. Please _please_ keep the surf music coming...

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